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  1. I also think that is always better to wait a little and than to buy the watch you really want. :yes:
  2. Hello, Yes he did everything - the case, the dial, the glasses, even the strap... Only the bezel and the movement are not made by him :)
  3. For the lovers of the Russian watchmaking I represent my vintage Poljot Automatic 23 jewels in a very good working condition. I really love this watch because even on more than 40 years, after small service it works and keeps the time very well. I am wearing it on a brown Hirsch Liberty and it looks perfect... Enjoy... :)
  4. Hello, Decided to show you my handmade unique watch. Everything is handmade except the bezel and the movement (even the strap). The dial is carbonic, the movement is a real Russian hand winding Molnia 2602. It keeps the time very well and is in a very good condition. Not water proof. It was made by a very good local watchmaker and there is no second ;) The pictures are showing parts of the process...
  5. Having several Russian watches and many Swiss made, I think that the Swiss don't have any reason to be worried. :big_boss: :taz:
  6. I have had a Black Monster and would say that it's the best watch for its price. And your price is really good!!! I wish you success :)
  7. Thanks to all for the warm welcome :) In fact the Davosa was my last buy so I don't have any new plans. By the way let me share that Davosa Ternos Diver is the perfect watch for its price. Cheers
  8. Wow!!! By the way Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms is one of my favourite watches ever.
  9. Thank you Deco, Btw I have been last year in Dublin, one of the finest places I have ever been and what I remember is one of the biggest watch shops I met before I really envy you of living in this interesting city Regards from cold Sofia ;)
  10. Hello guys, I am new member of your fine watch forum and I decided to post few pictures of some of my watches :) 1) The King: Rolex Submariner 14060 M 2) Omega Planet Ocean 45,5 mm 3) Davosa Ternos Diver: I hope that you will let me in your watch club :)) Regards Stoyan
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