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  1. Wow!!! Great collection, man! How many do you have?
  2. I think it's really ANNOYING to buy a new watch and to notice that it doesn't work. Please do not stop writing to the seller or may be you have to leave a negative feedback to his eBay profile. :censored:
  3. I had the same watch before and let me tell you that it's perfect on a brown Hirsch Liberty. I found a picture on my hand:
  4. I thought so, because never seen such one.
  5. Hi Miro, Let me tell you once again. Very good watch for the money it costs. Поздрави ;)
  6. Good one Woody. How old is it?
  7. Really good offer! Is it true... :eek:
  8. Good Omega!! What is the strap?
  9. Very quick answer :) It's really Rolex... but ...
  10. Hello, I decided to show you one of my watches movement. It was serviced soon and the pictures came from my watchmaker, who is also a good friend of mine. Let's see who will guess first ;) the movement and the watch I have removed some details from the pictures. ;) Just saw there is typing mistake in the subject. It should be "Let's See If You Will Recognize This Movement" Regards from Bulgaria
  11. hi yes your are right .the bracelet in in many bits my watchmaker is going to see what he can do with it .all the best woody77. I wish you success with it. Regards
  12. Wow!!! The watch of my dreams... I envy you :)
  13. Posting few pictures again but in another hosting:
  14. Very good collection! Really like the Oris with the power reserve. Could you tell me please the name of that model? Regards
  15. In fact I am from Bulgaria and the watch maker too. :)
  16. Congratulations for the new Omega! Waiting for some pictures on arrival :)
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