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  1. Its been a while, but I did buy a f300 from eBay, but not the one on this link. Found an exact same model for sale and got it for £250. It was on a hideous scrawny black leather woven strap, but otherwise in excellent running order. It was then my mission to get it back to original as the thin leather strap it came on was def not original. I hunted around on forums and checking out old catalogs at http://www.old-omegas.com/ (many thanks, an excellent site) and found that it should have come on a leather strap which fitted flush at the case end and then tapering down towards the buckle end. Managed to source an original through Cousins (£200, ouch). Then after another period of time saving up some money it went off to STS. Ever since owing it it has kept perfect time (way more accurate than my Seamaster Auto Chronometer - wavy dial model). So I was just looking for case refurb as a previous owner somewhere down the line had also had a go at polishing the case and polished it circularly around the face rather than from top/bottom. After a few days got an email back from them to say that the crystal wasn't original as it was acrylic (the one fitted was domed at the edges which raised the surface above the crown of the watch). So had them fit the correct crystal and refurb the case. When it came back I couldn't believe the difference the case polishing made. It is now an outstanding example of a genuine (confirmed by STS) (approx 1972) Omega Constellation Chronometer. I received a letter back with it saying that if I were wanting to replace it in its current condition it would cost approx £1750. So with the original purchase and what I've spent on it to date I am still many quids in!! Though you guys may want to see how she now looks!
  2. Hi all, Just purchased this watch. Has anyone got any info that may help me? Approx age? I'd like any pointers as to how to get it back looking original. Anyone have any ideas how it would have looked new? Strap? Are the hands original? Crown doesn't have the GP initials, should it? I'd like to get it looking as original as possible, but I don't want it to look brand new...loving the dial as is and even the badly scratched glass. The bonus is it's keeping great time without even being serviced. Many thanks to all!
  3. Would any of you guys know where I may be able to source either a new strap or braclet for one of these? It needs an 18mm strap at the lug, but if the strap were to flow from the edges of each side of the watch then the strap would need to be 24mm wide & nothched to 18mm for the fitmet to the lugs. Is this possible? Other than that I'll need to be looking for the integrated bracelet again 24mm wide with 18mm lug fitment...sounds like I may not have too much joy down either root. Suggestions anyone? Cheers
  4. Thanks for this KeithT. I had done as handelhall had done and checked the omega vintage watch database, but I did know that the db is not a complete reference to every single Omega that has been made. I suppose just a bit of reassurance really. If I'm buying an 70's Omega I want it to be as it was when it hit the market and not something that has been chucked together by someone in the past to make some money. Thanks all. DC.
  5. Hi, I am interested in this watch on an auction site found here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OMEGA-CONSTELLATION-DAY-DATE-ELECTRONIC-F-300-HZ-WATCH-/180801309808?pt=UK_Jewelery_Watches_Watches_MensWatches_GL&hash=item2a18990c70 I just can't seem to find a day/date model of f300 in this case elsewhere. Is it a case of a complete f300 movement/face etc being placed in a Megasonic case and having a leather strap fitted? As the case definitely looks like a Mega!?! Anyone have any clues on what model it is? Is says on the face Constellation Chronometer under the red omega symbol at 12 o'clock and then Omega Electronic f300Hz in the lower half of the dial. It looks as if it should have originally been fitted with a bracelet rather than a leater strap. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Thanks pugster for the reply. I wouldn't be collecting ladies watches either...I'm more of a Omega (for sports watches)/Vacheron Constantin (for dress watches) kinda guy :D :D :D One other non-related query. How do I get to post a pic directly on my posting? I can't seem to fathom it. I can see the 'My Media 'button, but when I click it I cannot browse my local storage to attach a jpeg?!?
  7. How do I date a Bucherer ladies 18k gold wrist watch? By the gold markings on the watch? Are there any other identifying marks that I can search for somewhere on the watch? Here's a photo (again not the best): https://plus.google.com/photos/107338305882305419033/albums/5710879606232811233 All I know is that my mother inherited from her sister when she passed away some years ago. On the face it says Bucherer, the company logo and Swiss made. On the case it has its gold markings along with CD 18k 0.750 and CB750 on the gold strap also. The movement is in very good nick (visually) and as soon as its wound, off it goes. The movement also states 17 jewels and 4 adjustments. I cannot see any other markings to identify the movement or its age. Anyone have any clues as to where to look? Again from googling I have found that many of the watches that they made between the 70's and 90's were ok, but not the best as their shop in Geneva was a tourist 'hot spot'. Is this correct? Do certain years/movements command a better resale value? Again though, I doubt that there is much of a market for a ladies dress wrist watch these days. Any info on trying to date it would be appreciated.
  8. Hi, OK I'm new to the forum, so hello to all. I doubt not too many of you are into ladies wrist watches, to be honest neither am I. However my mother has been having a clear out and has found this watch that she would like more info on. I have taken a couple of photo's, though not of the best quality, I'm afraid. https://plus.google.com/photos/107338305882305419033/albums/5710871755882520721 Looking at the case when it is opened (hinged at either top or bottom, cannot remember), the case says Stolkace, GAS, British made and also has 9k gold markings. The metal/gold strap is of the expanding type, gold on the exterior and silver coloured on the inside. The movement is made by the Swiss manufacturer Helvetia, 17 jewels and has what looks to be 106-m printed/stamped around its perimeter, which I assume is the movement number?!? Can anyone guess a date for it? Or would you have to go by the gold markings on the case to work out a roundabout date of its manufacture? I've done a little 'googling' and have found that Stolkace was a Birmingham based company that made watch cases for other British watch brands. However I've not been able to find another ladies Stolkace cased watch with a Helvetia movement. Would the watch have been up put together by Helvetia and they had Stolkace make the case for it, or would it have been the other way around? Stolkace branching out to selling their own watches with other companies movements on board? On the movement front, I know that Helvetia are no more and that they made many men’s military watches. Would making movements small enough for women’s wristwatches have been a side line? As again I've not been able to find other's around on the web. The movement is currently not working. I'm not surprised as it's been sitting around, for only god knows how long. But my question would be would it be worth having someone take a look at it? Or would a good service cost more that the watch would be worth? The face has some wear in it, along with the bracelet and the glass in the case. Any thoughts/comments would be appreciated. Many thanks.
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