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  1. Thanks, Miro! The case is cleaning up beautifully and although the watch winds and runs faithfully, the hands do not move. I'm assuming this could be fixed by a competent serviceperson? Sherry
  2. I came across this ladies' watch while cleaning out my grandparents' house. There are items from four generations in this house so I really have no idea how old this watch might be, although I have spent an hour or so researching around the internet. I've posted two pictures here, and there's an album of pictures of the watch at http://smg.photobuck...intage%20watch/. Here are the markings I've found: The face says ROLEX. On the back of the case is a swirly engraved logo (shown in one of the photos) and the numbers 9-4-25. I carefully opened the case and these are the markings from inside the back: R.W.C.Ltd What I think is the 'F' and reversed 'F' for the Glasgow assay office, and a lowercase letter 'a' 9.375 running vertically ROLEX 7 WORLD'S RECORDS GOLD MEDAL GENEVA-SUISSE 3889 A mark on the side of the metal strap reads 9c C.D.B. Any and all information would be appreciated! Sherry P.S. If I should post all the pictures directly into this thread, please let me know. I thought linking to the album would be more efficient but I'm happy to do either.
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