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  1. Morning all, JLC today, have a good one
  2. Morning all, Seiko Turtle Dawn Grey, recent change of strap. HAGD
  3. Never! Seen a Hulk a few times but never the (of course much nicer ) Kermit.
  4. Morning all, Kermit today. Have a good day!
  5. I think your tastes are similar to mine based on your collection and preferences. I sadly have no German watches at present but my favourite brand is unquestionably Lange and I have a real soft spot for GO and Moritz Grossman. Hopefully I'll add a couple at some point but I must say it's good to see the German watches and I'm envious of your collection
  6. Morning all, Have a good day.
  7. I am thinking of doing something very similar! Great collection, love the JLC
  8. Morning all! Ballon Bleu today. For aesthetics I do think Cartier are one of the best Can you tell i didn't take the pic today... have a good one!
  9. Morning all, DJ41 today. Have a good one!
  10. GS today and off out on the bike
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