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  1. Great collection and thanks for taking the time to upload a nice, clear picture of each piece. I particularly like your explorer and the Seiko UFO
  2. Morning all, Kermit today. Have a good one.
  3. Morning all, I'm with the Seiko quartz from circa 1980 today. Have a good day!
  4. I agree, think it's class
  5. Morning all, Wearing the Ballon today as it has not been out in a while. Have a good day!
  6. Hi all, A friend of mine is really keen on one of these and asked me what I thought. As I've never had a Christopher Ward, let alone this one, I said I would try and get some opinions from here. Anyone got one of these or know if they're worth a purchase? Specifically it's the C1 Grand Malvern Worldtimer, pic from the Christopher Ward site and link below: Any info or thoughts appreciated! Cheers C1 Worldtimer
  7. Very interesting, Scott, thanks for posting.
  8. I have the Avenger 2 GMT with Arabic numbers and do (even though I don't like Breitling much and don't know why I bought it) really like it. If you're into them you won't be disappointed and they do have a good wrist presence.
  9. Morning all, The Ronde Solo for me today. This was the first 'proper' watch (or so I thought) I bought as originally it was the Cartier aesthetics that really got me interested in watches. Have a good day!
  10. Morning all, Seiko today, have a great Friday!
  11. Morning all, Wearing the 1980 Seiko Quartz today. The most important watch I have for sentimental reasons Have a good day!
  12. Have never tried either on but I would go for the Longines myself.
  13. I was flicking through the TV channels and as always Top Gear was on Dave and they were doing their little bit on the 'Cool' wall of which cars they felt were 'Cool' and which were not. It got me thinking a bit about how this would translate to watches. Do you have any particular models that you would think were 'Cool' or would give the (external or internal) nod of approval if you saw a stranger wearing one? One I can quickly think of for me would be a Nomos Tangente. They are by no means cheap with a lot of alternatives in that price range; they don't have much weight to them or have a significant wrist presence (imo and I don't mean that in a negative way); they are very understated and don't draw a lot of attention and wouldn't be getting any recognition from someone who isn't into watches. Which models do you think? Pic is from Nomos site.
  14. Morning all, I'm a being a bit boring and sticking with the same, Seiko turtle again today. Have a good Saturday!
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