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  1. Definitely recommend the Reverso, had mine since 2013 and absolutely love it
  2. I think mine is probably my Seiko SLA025. Besides it being limited to 1500 pieces, the monobloc case and hi beat on a diver is relatively unusual.
  3. I have a fair few Seikos of ranging quality and 1 Grand Seiko and it is like a completely different brand (which it is). The finishing is the best of all my watches and that includes Rolex with a higher RRP. Here is mine: If you can definitely go and check them out
  4. Morning all, Back to this big old thing, have a good one
  5. Not that anybody asked or cares but further research has shown that the 6159-7000 was actually not released on tyre tread strap despite the image released by seiko showing it on one. It was just on the chocolate bar or waffle style so ignore everything I said above. Who knew
  6. Hi all, Developed a bit of liking for Doxa and have seen a number of here that look great. Having never owned or handled one, what are your thoughts on the build quality? I know @JoT posted about the new Doxa 300 Carbon chronometer recently. What do you think? Are Doxa worth the money over others at a similar price point? Thanks
  7. At £5k I'd love a Grand Seiko SBGA211. Nice position to be in, let us know what you for for
  8. Morning everyone, Seiko again today (I'm getting boring) with new Uncle Seiko tyre tread strap. Have a good day
  9. I think with the discount pointed out by Roy on this Thread about Seiko discount I would go for an SPB185. With the discount you're looking at £718ish for a watch that started out at £1060. I am of course bias because I have this watch and I absolutely love it Here is mine:
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