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  1. I was flicking through the TV channels and as always Top Gear was on Dave and they were doing their little bit on the 'Cool' wall of which cars they felt were 'Cool' and which were not. It got me thinking a bit about how this would translate to watches. Do you have any particular models that you would think were 'Cool' or would give the (external or internal) nod of approval if you saw a stranger wearing one? One I can quickly think of for me would be a Nomos Tangente. They are by no means cheap with a lot of alternatives in that price range; they don't have much weight to them or have a significant wrist presence (imo and I don't mean that in a negative way); they are very understated and don't draw a lot of attention and wouldn't be getting any recognition from someone who isn't into watches. Which models do you think? Pic is from Nomos site.
  2. Morning all, I'm a being a bit boring and sticking with the same, Seiko turtle again today. Have a good Saturday!
  3. Morning all, The turtle for me today. Have a good Friday!
  4. Morning! Back to the Seikos today, have a good day!
  5. Agree. Love that JLC and I'm a huge A Lange fan so always going to say add one of them. Great collection, definitely one to be proud of
  6. Hi all, With the Kermit today. @JonnyOldBoy if I wear it enough will I become a chef or do I need to learn to cook too? Apologies for the horrible picture it's an old one.
  7. I chose the presidential because it is a bit of middle ground between oyster and jubilee and I think it looks great. Out of the others I do believe that on a bi metal watch, the jubilee looks better and on a steel, the oyster. I chose to get my DJ41 on an oyster as I thought the fluted bezel with the jubilee was all a bit flashy for me. Maybe that was the wrong decision as it isn't the classic combination but I think it is a bit more versatile even with the polished centre links of the oyster
  8. Morning all, First time out with the Dawn Grey Turtle today. Have a good day!
  9. Really like it. I have it on the standard bracelet but I think it looks great on the leather strap.
  10. From the 2 in your shortlist, I'd go for the Oris everyday. I do however prefer the Oris @JonnyOldBoy has linked and that would save you a bit of cash too
  11. I personally would go for the Seamaster
  12. From my experience I believe people who aren't really into watches, will recognise and appreciate an Armani watch as much as they would a Gucci one and you can get them at a tenth of the price of that Gucci (admittedly they will be quartz). I think some of the above are great suggestions if you do decide on an alternative but anyway, good luck and let us know what you decide
  13. I can see why you wouldn't be too keen on them. I however have become really fond of my blue Samurai and haven't taken it off since I bought it! I think I'm going to sell the Dawn Grey Samurai (as a friend at work has it too) and keep the Dawn Grey turtle and perhaps sell my PADI turtle Cheers for your comments
  14. Hi all, Was out today and as you do, was peering through the windows of a small jewellers near home and spotted both a dawn grey Samurai and Turtle together in the window. Having really liked this model since it came out I ended up buying them both as I know they relatively unusual to come by (2018 pieces of each). Anyway, just thought I would see what you think of these. With my last 2 watches (both bought in the last 2 months) being a PADI Turtle and SRPB49K1 Samurai I am going to sell 1 of my turtles and 1 of my Samurais as I don't need 2 of each. I haven't decided which yet so time will tell. Anyway here they are, sorry for the poor pictures:
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