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  1. Mirokujames It looks stunning. I like how clean and subtle they look, yet elegant and classy. A watch for those that know :)
  2. I'm new to the forum and i have been doing some research on watches as it's my 30th this week and I want a nice beautiful watch which I'll enjoy in ten/twenty years. A lot of you mentioned the IWC Portuguese, however I discovered the portofino automatic with black face today and instantly fell in love. At £3250 rrp it ain't cheap but I just loved it. What do the watch world think of the Portofino?
  3. Thanks Alex, Some great information. I do spend hours and days researching purchases to limit indecisive purchases lol. I will defo do some research on buying off forums and auctions. Box and papers are essential for me (maybe OCD) as i like everything to be nice and tidy :)
  4. Hi, I have never purchased a watch second hand as i have had the luxury of a friend who gets 40% off at a leading retailer so i have always purchased brand new (as the price between brand new and 2nd hand was not large). Anywhooo, i am considering purchasing either a Tag Heuer Monaco calibre 12 or a rolex datejust the gold/stainless steel version and i would like to know what to look out for when purchasing a 2nd hand watch, but not just these, but in future also. Regards, Paul :)
  5. Thanks Scott, I will do and check them out. And I do like the monaco, but I'll go to a few auctions and see some of these watches in person. The forum has been very useful I must say.
  6. I'm based in Birmingham Scott. I really appreciate all the suggestions so far guys. I shall do my research :)
  7. I have already got the holiday sorted ;). I think I am going to look in into the birth year idea or some of the IWC what you guys have mentioned.
  8. Hi guys, some fantastic ideas. The birth year watch sounds great, also Roy seems to be a great option that i shall also look upon. I do like omega but they have not stood out to me just yet. I was thinking of a second hand Rolex date just. Gosh, watches are like walking into toys r us as a kid, you want everything, theres so much choice and you spend hours looking before deciding on that one toy, and no doubt you will be back tomorrow for another toy... and another....
  9. Hi, I am turning 30 next week and i want to purchase a watch that i shall enjoy wearing for the next 10-15 years, possibly longer. In the past i have made some poor choices with watches that i have lost money on and fell out of love with and i do not wish to make that mistake. I already own a Rolex submariner which comes highly recommended. I was considering a Tag Monaco (the blue one) which i can get brand new for £2800 as i like it because its different to what i already own, plus i love the blue face and strap, however an earlier post in the forum led to people questing my choice of
  10. Hi guys, I have been toying with the idea of purchasing a tag heur monaco calibre 12 for the longest of times, however the price has been putting me off and i feel as though for that price i am paying i can get something a bit more prestige which may hold its value a bit more. My question is, do the monacos hold their value and what reputation do tag command within the watch world? If i was to buy one it would be brand new at £4600 less 40% as i have a friend who works for a retailer so i would be paying £2800 approx. Thank you, Paul
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