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  2. Hi guys! Long time not see you! For last Friday this year I wore my special RLT14 with domed crystal and red hand ;)
  3. I did not see this Pratchett adaptation but I agree that most TV/movie adaptations mostly leads to disappointment. I always prefer the books and audio books (unabridged) over the film adaptations. The biggest disappointment for me, from relative recent time, was the Hitchhikers adaptation..what a mess! Some books should simply never been adapted! BTW, for all Pratchett fans..see this.. I must be mad.. http://www.terrypratchettbooks.com/cgi-bin...ic;f=2;t=005606
  4. I have no doubt there are many Skoda "lovers" So here you can see what you can get with enough skills, one "Kaipan 14" kit and one old rusty Favorit.. From this.. to this.. Unbelievable, right? ;) This car is made by a small private owned car factory here in Czech Republic. If you want one, you can get it as a kit (around 5300GBP), which you can put together in your garage. Or you can buy a fully assembled one (around 11000 GBP) but there is a long waiting list for them (currently about half-year). More photos here.. http://auto.idnes.cz/foto.asp?r=auto_testy...253_igcechy_fdv and here is an in-action video.. http://stream.idnes.cz/video/0608/tv_zprav..._DUN_KAIPAN.WMV Other cars from this factory are Kaipan 47 and 57 (replicas of Lotus Seven)..
  5. Still this one for entire week.. I usually don't care about losing or gaining secs in case of mechanical watches (if kept in reasonable bounds) but I'm really impressed with time keeping of this watch. It lost only 4 secs after week of wearing! Seems COSC is not just plain abbreviation ;)
  6. RLT4 for me today.. BTW, Happy Birthday Jon!
  7. to Ian: You are welcome! I'm sure they will look great after replating! to namaste: The left one is original. I don't see the right one very well, but I assume it's also original.
  8. Ooo I completely missed this thread! Sorry guys..too busy and overheated in these sunny days Well done Ian! They appear to be in good condition, except the case, which apparently needs new plating! But it's rare to see the dials and hands in such a good condition! Here are the translated texts and some tech. details.. 15/16 Rubinu = 15/16 Jewels PRACHOTESNE POUZDRO = dustproof case DNO Z OCELI NEREZ = stainless steel case back Left one (central sec. hand) = PRIM cal. 55 in production between 1958 and 1971 Right one (sec. hand at 6) = PRIM cal. 50 in production between 1954 and 1971
  9. A bit late but still..Happy Birthday Paul! ;)
  10. Just today arrived BWC (right one). I already owned the left one and when I saw the right one..you know..I couldn't resist Many lovely watches seen today!
  11. Thanks guys! I'm just visiting my parents, sisters, dog and cat, so I have a good day! to scottishcammy.. Happy Birthday to you too! Well one more year, but I still don't think I'm now wiser..
  12. Thanks ;) I'm not sure I ever saw that Smiths but I'm quite sure it must be a very nice watch Actually, I'm still thinking about modding this noname watch. Maybe the above drafts would be a perfect start for this mod? The diameter of this watch is 43mm but I think the 40mm case would be nice as well. The case on drafts is taken from PRIM Linea watch, which is 40mm.
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