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  1. I agree, I have a penchant for dive watches, I have most of the boxes I only just saw the bezel hahahaha, I was wearing it yesterday too
  2. There couple of vintage pieces (if we're talking about age), the Adidas adventure (top row 2nd from right) was a gift from my wife when we first started courting, so that must be 27 years old, sadly it's stopped working properly, I had the battery changed recently but the hands spaz out every few minutes and stop ticking. I don't want to get rid of it as it's of sentimental value! The watch with it's face turned away is also a vintage hand wind but I can't for the life of me remember what brand State of the collection
  3. Thank you, the watch in the centre is a 'Watch Gang' J. Brackett Chios. I dipped my toe in the subscription pool (and the water isn't nice), they have a huge RRP and you think you're getting a good deal but the reality is its cheap Aliexpress tat.
  4. I've been having a bit of a tidy up and although not an expensive collection by any means, this is where I am at the moment. https://i.ibb.co/NmK2br3/watchbox2.jpg
  5. just noticed the lume pip is skewiff! Happy Friday everyone!
  6. 16 for me David Guy - left to me by my late father Adidas Adventure - Present from my wife when we first started courting Tag 2000 series Tag Aquaracer Breitling Colt Steinhart Ocean vintage red 3 x Citizens 2x Seikos Casio world timer Duxot Solicitus Bulova Acutron II Tissot Powermatic and a vintage hand wind of which the name escapes me ATM
  7. Hmmm a bit too dressy for a rugby shirt?
  8. Haven't had this on for about a year, still going though so thought I'd give it a chance to re-charge
  9. Guess who forgot to change the date this morning?
  10. Thank you Guys! @simon2 Please could you forward me your details ( I can't contact you direct due to not having enough posts) Kind regards Damian
  11. I have a couple of Tag Heuers that I need replacement batteries for, are there any watchmakers on the forum who I could give my custom to? Kind regards Damian
  12. It's a nice thought but in the case of my father, he went for an xray to determine the cause of his back ache and the doctors discovered something that looked like it could be lung cancer, he was booked in for a CT scan 10 days later but didn't make it, he died a week after his xray and hadn't put any of his affairs in order. We were left trying to work out what passwords were for what.......... it's made me sit up and take action, now I have a spreadsheet on a memory stick detailing all accounts, passwords, investments, telephone numbers etc
  13. Yeah, I realised they weren't Swiss, when I suggested a Swiss watch I was thinking along the lines of a Steinhart or Tissot, when I was offered my dad's 'expensive watch' I was a little surprised as it was a brand I hadn't ever come across, I didn't have the heart to tell my mum and besides... as it belonged to my father, it's priceless to me!
  14. A few years ago my mother was asking for ideas for a ruby wedding present for my father and I suggested maybe getting him a Swiss watch (Ruby content). Anyhoo...... he passed away last month and my mother asked if I would like his 'expensive' watch, obviously I said yes and I collected it last week. The brand is Guy David and apparently it was purchased whilst they were traveling through Amsterdam, I've never heard of them before but it is quite a nice looking watch, after googling them I can see they are very inexpensive (it obviously holds sentimental value to me), just wondered if any other members have one or have heard of the brand. Apologies for not providing a photo, maybe I'll upload one tonight?
  15. Interesting that this subject cropped up, I lost my dad 5 weeks ago (followed by his brother on Monday) which made me think carefully about providing for my family when I finally kick the bucket. My will was written 30 years ago when I had little to no assets anyway and I never bothered to write a new will even when I got married 24 years ago. We both wrote our wills last week and along with personal gifts of cash to our three daughters, I set about allocating my watch collection to them. I started out detailing who should have what (going from favourite child to least favourite ) but thought about it some more, ultimately deciding that this was ridiculous, I'm more likely to add better watches to the collection and to flip my current collection than stick with the ones I have so just decided to leave a generic 'collection' to them to share equally between them. Chances are they won't have a clue anyway so I will have to give them an idea of value...........
  16. Bought on a whim whilst waiting for my daughters to finish Christmas shopping, this is it's first outing since I have to send my Aquaracer off for a service
  17. Urgh...... need to find a better photo sharing website!
  18. Thanks @JoT Yes I got sucked into this much faster than I expected, trouble is I have too many hobbies
  19. Hi All As per the title suggests, I've been off the radar for a number of years and not in jail before someone suggests it ;-) My watch collecting interest has been piqued so I thought I'd mosey on over again to see what's what! Collection has changed since I first joined this forum and have picked up several Steinharts, Omega PO, speedy reduced & SMP, Tag Heuer, Seikos and a Citizen. Looking forward to chatting with other enthusiasts Regards Damo
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