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  1. And a welcome from me to you too! Looks like you've got a good collection there! Mine consist of an adidas adventure, a reasonably priced watch back in it's day for a cheapo, but holds sentimental value for me as it was a present from the wife when we first met 17 years ago, a crappy rotary, (I was confused with the 'est Switzerland' moniker) and my newest purchase, a Steinhart OVM, not yet received but hope to be wearing Monday morning! Just got to try and hide my obsession from the wife now............ Any pointers gratefully accepted!
  2. Hi all, Is there a restriction as a newbie regarding viewing member profiles? Do I have to wait until I have reached the hallowed 50 post mark? Regards Damian
  3. Hi everyone, Thanks for validating my membership! I have always worn a watch from the age of 8 when my father bought me a gold plated Casio digital. Since then I have owned your bog standard £20 chuck away Charlie, I wore a CWC G10 during the 90's but I abused them terribly, wearing it caving, climbing, canoeing etc. My wife bought me an Adidas adventure when I first met her in 95, 3 batteries and 2 replacement glasses later I still have it as my everyday watch. I have only just recently become interested in owning a more prestigious watch after being offered some sort of tag (model unknown) from the looky looky men in Spain last year, I was assured it was a 'genuine copy' (whatever that meant). After politely declining his generous offer I thought I would look for something nicer and befitting my age, I bought a Rotary aqua racer and then started researching the plethora of watches out there, I know, I know, I should have researched first but now I find myself trawling the web drooling over the horological masterpieces that are available. I thought I'd start a the tissot end of the market, and work my way up to the seamaster end of the scale, I'm now anxiously awaiting delivery of my first 'real' watch, a Steinhart OVM courtesy of one of the nice chaps on this forum, (some cyberstalking involved but tracked him down to an ebay listing which provided his phone number........ Score!) I would have gone with Socrates' lovely Tissot as a first buy but unfortunately I need to make 50 posts before I can pm members or post on the for sale boards, never mind, if it's still available in a month or so then I can see it joining my small, but loved collection. Looking forward to speaking to you all! Regards Damian
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