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  1. Didn't really want to get a new watch but I instantly liked this one.
  2. I'm split (pun intended) between a Sinn 910 a Graham Fudroyante and a Harbing split seconds. I had to have 2 dental implants last week and this drained my budget. There are advantages, the Sinn has a better case and WR100 but it is a 7750 derivative, the Graham has 3 pushers instead of 4 which makes it easier to use, the Harbing is the better looking with a more interesting mechanism but it is a new company so I don't know about long-term reliability. What do you guys reckon?
  3. Almost 2 am here and I'm watching tv a little bit.
  4. Same here. Not everyone has wrists the size of Atlas.
  5. The answer to Universe & Everything is 42. Hope this helps.
  6. Watchbuys.com has some very good prices on Fortis right now but they are AD based in US so there might be some restrictions about shipping.
  7. Maybe because English is the most used language? What ticks me off however is the mixed language of some watches. For example you have Chronometre certifie and Water resistant on the same watch. Or Handaufzug and Made in Germany. Can't stand this stuff.
  8. When it comes to plastic, nothing can beat a Swatch. The only metal part is the battery itself. And of course, as a bonus, it wasn't even cheap. You just can't top a Swatch. Don't know why I bought it.
  9. Yes, smart looking watch. Good choice and congratulations.
  10. A severe case of SHS (short hand syndrome).
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