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  1. I like them all, but the Stowa in particular with that red seconds hand.
  2. Timefactor's Smiths Navigator PRS-48 I got lucky and managed to order this 36mm watch on the weekend just past. Hopefully it's 'my best small white dial under 1k" watch. Hand wound too, which to me is all the better.
  3. A bit about me. I live down under, have been a member of another watch forum for about 12 years, and finally got around to posting my first post here a little while ago My taste in watches is fairly simple: I love clean dials, don't and won't ever own a chronograph (way too busy for me), and my current "bent" is for Pilot and Field watches. I have never really got into dress watches as I rarely dress up, so tool watches are for me. Of the 8 watches I own my current favourite is a 44mm Steinhart Nav B UHR (with A dial). No print on dial, no date complication, lovely blued hands.
  4. I managed to buy the cream dial version a couple of hours ago on the timefactors site. I look forward to getting it. My only concern is the size, as I normaly wear 40-42 mm watches on my 7" wrist.
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