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  1. 8 hours ago, Always"watching" said:

    Dear @soundfanz, that herringbone strap is a bit different, and rather nice. The only thing I don't like about this watch is the hour hand; I just wonder if it is reproducing an old Smiths model exactly, or is that hand a modern idea?

    The watch is a homage to the IWC MK 11, which had a similar hour hand. So obviously not a modern idea. To be honest, I initially didn't like the hour hand either but it has grown on me. 

    The strap is temporary, I have a Nato 6B/2617 strap incoming, as well as a brown leather bund strap.


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  2. I finally got my Navigator today, a month and day since I was lucky enough to order one on Feb 7.
    I absolutely love this watch, and I am normally wearing 42 to 44 mm watches on my 7" wrist.
    Not a fan of straps with deployment clasp though, so swapped it out for an RSM Herringbone Twill field gray strap.
    And recently ordered a leather bund strap to try with the watch.

    And this is the first watch I have owned with a hand wound movement since I was a teenager nearly 40yrs back. 




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  3. A bit about me. I live down under, have been a member of another watch forum for about 12 years, and finally got around to posting my first post here a little while ago

    My taste in watches is fairly simple:

    I love clean dials, don't and won't ever own a chronograph (way too busy for me), and my current "bent" is for Pilot and Field watches. I have never really got into dress watches as I rarely dress up, so tool watches are for me.

    Of the 8 watches I own my current favourite is a 44mm Steinhart Nav B UHR (with A dial). No print on dial, no date complication, lovely blued hands. And reliable.

    But... I purchased a new Hanhart - Pioneer One (grey dial) a couple of weeks ago and it arrives in 2 days. I can't recall ever being so excited about getting a new watch, and it's the most funds I have ever spent on a watch too.

    And just tonight I ordered a Timefactors Smiths PRS-48 watch, so look forward to it too.


    Anyway, I hope to contribute here and enjoy the site.




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