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  1. Here's a couple of mine, love the seiko but love to hate the rotary :yucky: most uncomfortable watch to ware, I think I'll change the original strap, any thoughts ?
  2. Many thanks for the info guys, I suspected the same, I know the value is minimal but it's minty and works just dandy, just one for my collection. Regards Richard
  3. Hi Guys, need help to identify stop watch, I know it's Swiss and is Chrome, thats all the info I know. Have searched internet for info and it appears that it is not well known, but it's in mint nick and works a treat, so any help, date etc. would be great, it's stamped 7 jewells and has the number 74799 and Metal Chrome stamped inside back cover. Regards Richard.
  4. Thanks for reply Rog, I love that sovereign case, that's given me a few more ideas to go on. Oppologies for posting my photo twice, not sure how to delete one.
  5. Thought I would post my humble 2 watches, but I'd love to know what would fit on baby stand, any ideas ? it's only 33 mm between posts.
  6. Many thanks Rog, i will get the hang of this photo mallarky one day, any way I have taken a few more snaps of the watch that I would like identified, it's not worth much but its condition is very good, here goes !!!
  7. Many thanks seemore, I will take photo of the movement and post. Regards Richard
  8. Hi everybody, just to say hello and introduce myself, my name is Richard and live on the Isle of Wight, I'm now retired and am very interested in general antique pocket watches, only have 2 at the moment, a Waltham open faced and a Swiss ladies fob, I would like to ask for some help in identifying the hallmark of the Swiss fob as I am trying to find the date of it, it's the numbers at the top i'm stuck on, 9772 with what looks like a number 1 on its side underneath, hope somebody might know. Regards Richard
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