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  1. Hi Cubby and thanks for the reply. As soon as I figure out how to post pics I will get them on show.
  2. Sounds like you had better start saving. I have just been looking at another Omega but have managed to drag myself away. I have been looking at a Sekonda 3017 for a long time but good examples cost big money. Even poor examples are fetching big money.
  3. Ha ha just shows how much I know. Never heard of those but just looked them up. I love the Omega f300 and have just bought one much to my girlfriends annoyance. I also have Seiko 7a38 which needs an original bracelet. Funnily enough I do like vintage Rados. Did I just hear my girlfriend groan?
  4. Hi Ed. Am a newbie on here too and know exactly what you mean about being all over the place. I too started out buying out on a tight budget but that soon started being stretched to the limit. I am more into electronic ones myself but my tastes are really varied now and its a case of if I like it then I starve and get it. I do love Omegas though :russian:
  5. Hello everyone. My name is Paul and I joined here a while ago but never posted. My main watch interest was vintage LED watches but am finding myself becoming more interested in watches with hands. I have been tempted to the dark side and have just purchased an Omega Constellation f300 (1250 I think but haven't opened it up) that needs some restoration. Also a Seiko 7a38 black face with gold hands which I wear everyday. On my wish list for a long time has been a Sekonda 3017 which seem to be ever increasing in value. Maybe one day :thumbup:
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