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  1. that's a nice big collection you have there Will, I have always tried to work on 'one in, one out' you have a few similar style sub second dial pieces there that you could "thin" down for a more exclusive piece i guess. But which to choose. I know how you feel, when I've bought a watch it's not because of investment or a requirement, it's because I fall in love with it, that makes it harder to let go. My set and finances have come to the point where I would love something like a 321 speedy or a vintage sub buy that would mean parting with at least three to four if not all of my current watches.
  2. Thanks guys, the watch roll is waxed canvas from Volcano Goods, you can find them on etsy, in hindsight I wish i'd bought a suede/leather roll as the canvas is quite stiff. If you pop it in the tumble dryer for a few minutes it comes out really soft, but the wax stiffens back up again very quickly. It doesn't get much use so maybe over time it will soften on it's own. Watches left to right are my ZentRa 1973 chronograph with a Valjoux 7733 movement (37mm with 19mm lugs). Then the TETRA late 1960's chronograph with a Valjoux 7730 (marked France not Swiss) (37mm with 18mm lugs) Then my 1971 Rolex datejust 1603 with 1570 movement. Then my new Delvina Geneve ETA 2782 from the early 70's I think (37mm with 19mm lugs), my little Russian CTAPT is 1950's to 60's i think, don't know much about this one other than it was cheap, it runs well and it looks cool. Last is my hand built homage which is powered by a 1970's ETA Arnex Swiss 6498. (47mm with 26mm lugs)
  3. I took this today for another forum but thought I would post here too. I love my little collection.
  4. new (old) hands and new hand made strap. After seeing a lot of these Super Compressors with broad arrow hands, I stumbled upon a "not running" old diver on ebay whch had exactly the right hands so I took a gamble and for about thirty quid it was well worth it.
  5. These photos were taken with a really simple setup, a couple of my LED video lights and a couple of white bits of paper (actually a couple of unopened household bills) I have a ton of lighting equipment I use for work but sometimes it's just easier to go cheap and cheerful and keep it simple. Shot on a canon 5D mkIII with a sigma 105mm macro lens.
  6. I've been looking at these for quite a while now, something about the military heritage behind them that grabs me. There are many versions with some of the most well known brands and some with lesser know brands like this Delvina. There was one company that made the cases, one like this, a 37mm and one slightly larger. Companies used the case with the compressor back system and then branded their own watches. I don't know the history of this other than the engravings on the case back are very worn, there is a service mark inside and the dial and hands are quite aged but holding up well. I actually really like the versions that have broad arrow hands but they tend to cost at least twice as much. I have given this a little spring clean, the movement runs well so it was just a case of cleaning up the seal and the dial, the plexi is pitted, i've polished it a bit, but it has seen some action so I'm going to leave it as it is. The movement is a Swiss ETA 2783.
  7. This arrived yesterday and I had to try a selection of straps on and photograph it. Today I took it to my local watchsmith who checked under the hood, despite it coming in it's original box with original bracelet, I had not seen the exact condition of the 1570 movement even though I had a timeograph printout included in the package. I was extremely pleased when the back came off to find a super clean 1570 as well as a etched service date for last month. Happy days. (this is not the original jubilee strap included, it has a little stretch and I'm not fond of the style, so this is a cheap strap i'll use occasionally, but I prefer leather) sorry, forgot to include essential details. It's a 1971 1603 datejust. Original dial and hands, the case has been polished 'correctly' according to my local watchsmith who seemed very impressed with the finish.
  8. bubbleback overkill !!!! I've been following Jason Singer on instagram for quite a while now and I love the watch pictures he posts. He has some absolutely beautiful examples. I'd be tempted myself had they been a bit bigger. I can manage a 36mm case but I feel 34mm or smaller is just lost on my wrist. I'm always excited at new "talking watches" videos some have been better than others and I enjoyed this one....even the dog.
  9. Based in Wales, found the forum and thought i'd sign up and see what you get up to :D I've been a member on some of the 'homage' forums for a while. So is this a strictly genuine watches only forum or is there a homage area, i'm in to modding and building vintage pam homages.
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