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  1. I’ve got the modern repro great looking little watch for not a lot of money
  2. I had no problems and had received my order within a couple of days... perhaps I was lucky. Although they failed to fill in the warranty card.
  3. Amazed you can tell as much as that from my rubbish pic! Ordered some keys so will see if I can persuade it to work.
  4. so,  did you get my post about Brasso?

  5. So the dust cover simply lifts off revealing this
  6. Fascinating stuff. Thanks for the replies. I guess 1907 would fit with it being with some World War One bits. I’ll have a look on the internet as you suggest. Not sure how to get a peek at the movement yet but think I will buy a set of keys to see if it still works
  7. Promo code doesn’t seem to work anymore. I note they still have some Seiko classics left at £125. Good price as I believe these have the 4r35 movement with handwinding and hacking
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