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  1. Amazed you can tell as much as that from my rubbish pic! Ordered some keys so will see if I can persuade it to work.
  2. so,  did you get my post about Brasso?

  3. So the dust cover simply lifts off revealing this
  4. Fascinating stuff. Thanks for the replies. I guess 1907 would fit with it being with some World War One bits. I’ll have a look on the internet as you suggest. Not sure how to get a peek at the movement yet but think I will buy a set of keys to see if it still works
  5. Promo code doesn’t seem to work anymore. I note they still have some Seiko classics left at £125. Good price as I believe these have the 4r35 movement with handwinding and hacking
  6. When I moved into my current home we found an old pocket watch in the garage left with all sorts of other bits and bobs. It was in with a load of military buttons/cap badges. I suspect this is stuff from World War One but know nothing about pocket watches. It was pretty grubby and I don’t have a key to wind it. Gave it a bit of a light rub with some bras so to get the worst of the grime off. Looks to be a silver case ; has some hallmarks and seems to have been made in Bolton. A bit of enamel has chipped off the dial but that aside it seems to be intact. Thought it might be interesting to try and get repaired? I’ve never owned a pocket watch .Anybody know anything about this type of watch and when it may date from?
  7. The crown is big for a dress watch but wears well and is very easy to use
  8. Hard to capture the beauty of this dial
  9. So managed to bag myself a presage cocktail time which arrived today. Amazing looking dial , handwinding auto with hacking. Large crown which seems to suit the watch and wears really well. Given I paid less than £200 new represents fantastic value for money. Sizing the bracelet was the usual pain... needed 4 links removed but sorted it with a bit of patience (only lost one collar!). Be a lot easier if Seiko used a screw version. Only other negative thus far is the date change does not feel as smooth as it might but I am being picky now! Made up with this which is just as well as I have a green one on the way too.... no more watches for me for a while! what are people’s thoughts on these? I understand they are kind of mid tier for Seiko? Go on .... show me your presages.... here are my pics
  10. Seiko Presage Cocktail Time in blue. Brand new just arrived. Fab dial and a bargain to boot
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