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  1. It's been a fun year with the incoming , but currently clearing the decks on prep for a purchase at some point in the new year.
  2. not a collector, never have been - so when it comes to eeny meeny then get shot of both. the alpina dial is too busy for me and i have avoided the omegas like that precisely because of the movement issues.
  3. Crafter Blue straps. I agree the Seiko z20 and z22 are not great.
  4. At the slightly more affordable end of the spectrum &
  5. I wonder would thus section benefit from a bit more publicity. Perhaps a pinned mention in the 'watch discussion forum' or something similar ?
  6. Wish I was still in bed ... ... yeah, that's right it's my weekend off - AM STILL IN BED
  7. Driveway almost finished. Off out for food and cider
  8. Annoyingly I quite like the design. Does the bezel rotate ?
  9. Why name a watch after the road to Ipswich ? As stated blatant rip off with very cheap movement , otherwise it's great
  10. Dammit, knew I should have just decided to buy on first impulse but now have started thinking about it... The sticking point for me is the 16 mm min bracelet width at the buckle.
  11. Here and the darkside only. Thats already way too much time on this redickleous hobby
  12. Like the blue internal GMT ... What's the movement in these? other than automatic I didn't see any other info. ?????
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