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  1. Awe come on, it's not that bad ! Let's see all your brown watches then. Here is mine ... Erm ... Yeah.
  2. dealings with the R&F is a surreal thing. many moons ago I used to do some work for a financial institution which has blue and green customers. green is like what normal people are with jobs and mortgages and the odd loan - blue are something else (real blue not just the 'mortgage moi?' crowd) - of the various clueless 'breathing the thinner atmosphere up there brigade' me fave was a priceless bint who could neither remember even approximately how much she had in her account, nor her most recent transaction. ok , not earth shattering but she had just spent 65K paying off her aston - yes this was a few year ago but you get the drift.
  3. unless on a cruise then its a G and a few beers. weirdly (or perhaps not) if it s a cruise then its currently the MM and the tag 2000 (for black tie) and a huge amount of booze usually followed by a few drinkies
  4. flipped mine but that is just personal taste, should never have flipped either of the speedbirds the hours are weird but its Eddies site so his rules. he makes bloody good watches at pretty fair prices - ebay is a lottery. been a member on the darkside for as long as have been here , but more a lurker than a poster over there - its a good site if you can get past all the boring rolex fanboys the zenos are better but hard to come by in decent condition and not needing service ...
  5. Yup, white dial Exp 11 is the only current lorex I really like , but as ever it's over priced and hard to obtain so Grand Seiko it is for my next purchase My only real bugbear with this watch is the 100m rating - that's just on a not cheap sports watch.
  6. Bob was right but its OT today and Flickr is working properly for a change,
  7. "Yeah, yeah" said Bob, "... bin in dat one fir a week, but it's back to work tomorrow an' you in g-shocks again for a while innit mate!" "I've already had brekky so bugger off and let me sleep!" he continued.
  8. Just back from a few days at middle brother's 60'th bash - got a day or two for the calorie intake and liver function to start to normalise before a few days work. Semi-Senior-Rotundus had the good idea of spreading jollifiication over 2 weekends due to plague restrictions - which me thinks just an excuse for 2 parties ... not a bad plan really
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