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  1. epic fail - as soon as something gets to the cool side of the cool wall it is trying too hard and therefore uncool. the white coated bods would call this the observer effect. anyhoo for the vast majority of younger humans just wearing a watch is like naaaaah ! an' finally , who cares ?
  2. I could make a list of things aesthetically abhorrent about it but I have a curry night to go to … and what is going on with the sub and centre sweep seconds - if nothing else them being out of synchronicity would do my melon in. but if it tells the time then the time is told, sometimes the aesthetic is in the function. and yes, still in wales … for now HAGWE
  3. ceramic - best thing to happen to bezels in years and the new one looks better too...
  4. Marine Master. Is Flickr still down for everyone? Or is it just me?
  5. Perfectly adequate watch ruined by that hedious contrasting date window and to a lesser extent by the ugly strap. Buy a Seiko.
  6. Not an expert but you pretty much nailed it. The older radium watches will have burned out their phosphor (but obviously will still be not insignificantly radioactive). The tritium based lumes are showing photoluminescence when exposed to light rather than the chemiluminescence as the much shorter half-life tritium had wained. Zinc sulphate with a small copper dose does seem to be a common phosphor, though various sulphates could be used. Lume is a big chunk of the reason I am a big fan of Seiko.
  7. some of the avengers look ok to me but the newer stuff is meh! I suppose he problem with an iconic look is that it can date , sadly the newer stuff looks like overpriced everything else. to be fair though I have never been that much of a breitling fan as I think most of their stuff too busy. I reckon for the non wis a expensive watch is good because it is expensive , they are just jewlery these days
  8. https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/article/introducing-the-new-seiko-prospex-lx-dive-watch Thoughts ?....
  9. Seiko off finally - this for tonight , old pic.
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