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  1. quartz for work days - mostly its G 5610 for work and a citizen (for the evenings)- both solar as it happens. working in logistics - the timings are to the minute, so the G is great as it syncs daily. the other 3 days its either me rlt 69 or this weekend the MM. stay well folks. interestingly am I the only one washing his (or her) watch when I wash me hands - ok only at work but just wondering ??? sorry only just caught up fully with this thread and saw the previous post
  2. Off now till Tuesday. MM till then when not gardening or painting.
  3. Morning Last of four on. Noodle is happy too
  4. That fuuuuuuuuuuugly date window. EPIC Fail !
  5. Bit more painting and gardening today before returning to the land of the employed tomorrow. Nothing flash but money coming in again will be nice. So it'll be this most of the time... Although I quite like me little RLT 69 for days off. Chins up peeps , on the plus side I only have 3 1/2 more sodding fence panels to paint. The next time I paint something will be be too soon !
  6. I cheat and keep the second time zone on me citizen on bst. change over is click twist click.
  7. 'ang about... none of this leftie commie socialist pinko twaterie .. can I just point out... this is all jolly good fun bants ya .. all non common sense just for a laugh , ho ho ho , seriously yah right guv ok ? scargill - hahahahahahahahahahahahahah ! yes , obvi, this ! smart arse humour aside , get your **** together folks !
  8. after getting somewhat 'close to the bone' one does indeed have enough bogroll for the foreseeable ... remain calm young man all will be well. the human spirit is something of a twat to overcome when given the right challenge. could be worse, I made it out of the 70's - this **** aint got nothing on that !
  9. It could be worse ! the trick to difficult times might be doing something that makes them better
  10. because its a shamrock ya daft saxon twat ! the bus in the Badlands is getting folks killed so please dont publicise that either - the locals are planning on destroying it soon to stop idiot Instagram tourists dying ! other than that how the **** are ya mate ?
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