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  1. ok mate , as brum has said there is no running seconds hand - so when not using the chronograph (stopwatch) the only hands that will move are the hour and minute hands and the 24hr hand (on the right) bottom button resets - then top button to start and stop the chronograph hands - the seconds and the minutes (on the left) to see correct operation of chronograph minutes (on the left) wait at least one minute after pressing the start button
  2. niiiice , but ... do you usually wear it on rubber ? what about a nice dark blue or purple alligator ?
  3. SSDD week 2 of this one. best Seiko bracelet ever imho (certainly better than the MM) and almost as good timekeeping. dealing with joiners and plumbers quotes as a fresh batch of work on the new place ensues... also job hunting again - so that means a haircut I suppose, have already shaved off the 6 week beard
  4. I was quite surprised by the whole range and it's diversity. Obviously some are of course absolutely bleeding fugly, but to be fair the rest are even ruddy worse! At least no bugger will ever steal one of these travisties from your wrist.
  5. Was wearing the MM for almost 6 weeks but swapped to this a couple of days ago ... https://flic.kr/p/2ifJqYS
  6. thank god the next bond is going to be a woman
  7. have a good one peeps 2019 was a big year for me (and the 710) , 2020 is inevitable. the MM is pretty much my daily wear now , got a couple of other options for beaters. watches taking a back seat for a while ; that said i'll be about the place from time to time. but have I got my eye on something ? resistance is futile apparently
  8. thats a fake that is ... everyone knows that real Olex all have cyclopeseses and come on those fugly James Bunged nato straps.
  9. I tried to buy a sub once , back when they had them in stock many moons ago. took off the Marcello C I was wearing to try said sub on - took the sub off again and thought something along the lines of "not worth the extra" - and it was considerably less extra than it is now that said I do like the look of the arctic exp 11 and the miglaus , I think they were an aspirational brand for me when I couldn't afford one , but somehow now not so much. funny ol' game innit.
  10. very true , lots and lots. the older I get however the more I realise how much more I dont know - this is a good thing because it means there is lots more out there , which is a good thing : but I may have mentioned that already … is it just me or is punctuation overrated
  11. This since quite a while now. Happy St Stephan's Day ya bunch of heathens
  12. All well. Xmas lunch survived. All day guests rebuffed. Boarders plied with wine and telly. Most of the clean-up done, worst of pots soaking. Getting towards the end of a decent red. Hope you are all equally fortunate Normal banter will resume tomorrow
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