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  1. Finally ... off to the almost local for lunch in a bit. next contract has just crashed and burned and its replacement isnt looking good ; assuming even i am in the running. i may have to get a proper job again might have a drinkie or two this afternoon - please dont sell me anything
  2. ... or did I ? I am starting to think this really ... plus a hand wind
  3. all three is obvi the correct answer for the true collecteur , and then there are the natos, straps & bracelets to consider - plus buckles and deployants & perhaps a winder and stand or two , a new watch box and of course a roll for traveling plus a couple of service boxes for posting ... light box and assorted shirts and cuff links for the wrist shots. then a new laptop and smart tv to see the pics in larger than larger then life ... plus a decent digital camera is there such a thing as just 'a' watch cheap hobby this ... spare spring bars and lots of pretty
  4. union for me too least bad , but in all honesty not my thing so real answer would be NOTA !
  5. only one weed today So out with the strimmer and also some cobbles to relocate.
  6. have a had a couple of eta 2801 and unitas powered watches. i ilke 'em ! have found both to be very consistent when gently wound twice a day. personally i'd rather there were more hand winder and fewer auto options really. you dont even need a reserve indicator as the increased friction tells you you are there ...
  7. similar moon , but buggered if i know where the tide is set for
  8. fecking ouch ! p.s. did your thumbs fall off with the fright of it all ? & does your groin always emits such a glow ? p.p.s apologies if being an eight fingered glowing bollocked weirdo is a thing !
  9. intermittent impulse buying made feasible by spending weeks and months pondering something then finally getting something totally different .
  10. looks like a Seiko - which is no bad thing , just not what I would expect from Brightbling ...
  11. Weeding and a bit of grass seed down here and there. Cut and fed last week and looking a bit greener. Here end'th the lawn forecast.
  12. the big river site is doing f91w's at about 9 quid - wear 2 on each wrist and thats 4 time zones for less than 40 quid. i travelled a lot in my yoof for work and never bothered with a gmt as the basic maths involved is not that arduous - but this may not be your reason for wanting one. my above suggestion is not totally tounge in check - it represents a sensible engineering solution within budget , quickly achievable with built in redundancy. ok maybe slightly tounge in cheek.
  13. Changeover day today, but it's been a good run.
  14. ok then as i am also in the 4 digit preloved watch market who do we like in addition to the aforementioned ebay and chrono24 ?
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