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  1. That's 2 I have had. Might try the GMT at some point. Cracking watch Cull needed though as next couple I am thinking about won't be cheap
  2. if it was subliminal … how would you know ?
  3. True, but I have never claimed to be a collector
  4. one in , so up to 9. so finally started the cull. so far one ohpf and one sold. I had 3 black dialled 3 handers and thats prob 2 of them out the door. so thats down to 7. going to wait a few days to see if / what is next to be offered up … the idea is not so much fund raising (though that is always nice) but getting a few more free slots in the box and helping to justify next purchase. nothing on the radar yet but it wont be a dive watch and probably wont be quartz. I have always said I am not a collector just a serial dolphin. anyone else culling ?
  5. Was a bit concerned about legibility but in normal light conditions it is fine so far.
  6. https://binged.it/34ttuNj
  7. Work done for another day, Awaiting 710 who has the motor today.
  8. lawn scarification (manually) then SS&S and over to the 810's place, with the 710. also there will be the 709 and we are picking up an 811 on the way. we are bringing bara brith - which up here is called tea cake - where I come from its called barm brac. multi generational internationalism wicked innit !
  9. am dithering muchly at the mo. the marine master stopped me cold buying. just not seeing anything else that gives me a fizzy feeling. I do need to cull a couple of cheapies - up to 8 watches now, a couple of which see very little usage. forums have been quiet this summer , hopefully as the days shorten this will get better in the sales sections
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