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  1. Yup Casio for me too, solar radio sync in a robust package. The rest is just bling But thankfully horology isn't only about bang for buck.
  2. Nice walk around Falkland Palace Pints to follow ...
  3. Couldn't be arsed watching the vid , big brova there last year - said said it was mostly the same old dreary retired rolex crowd you get on these sorts of trips and watches were about the least interesting aspect of the holiday.
  4. Who is this Shirley you speak of ?
  5. We have threads today for post 90 and pre 90 watches... Any 1990 watches out there ?
  6. Bugger! I'll give you this one ! Don't let it happen again though.
  7. Off Monday and Tuesday this week. Pub garden table booked for Monday afternoon. Mot in the morning but should fly that ... Same ol work Casio as usual until tomorrow night ! Same car with red trim and a gear stick
  8. Thanks to my weird schedule it's a few hours of OT and home for lunch
  9. Post wash and brush up change. Noodle is 21 now , but ticking along ok all things considered. The Parnis is a cheap and cheerful beater as I want to keep the Casio for work wear. Pleasantly surprised , deffo bang for buck ! Gains very slightly but has a hacking movement .
  10. Starting with this as filling and sanding some of the downstairs woodwork what is staying. Lunch the noo, but almost done, then SS&S and a change.
  11. And what about the one between lunch and dinner , which isn't tea ??? Emulsion out doors ? Saving your sheckles for more watches are ya ?
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