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  1. for me its an Oris BC8 regulator. sadly the pics are gone as PB booted all its non fee paying users pic nicked from another watch forum posted 2009 - mods delete if this is an apocalyptic faux pas ... sadly this shot does the thing absolutely no justice.
  2. A / set the minute hand to match the second hand - so that when the second hand hits the 12 the minute hand is bang on ? or B / set the minute hand to reflect the actual time and chill out re the position of the second hand ?
  3. My biggest problem is work. I need to register a watch to enter secure areas. I also need something bang on accurate and cheap as it stands a good chance of getting damaged. Thus 4 or 5 days a week it's a G. So there are only 2 or 3 days a week for a proper horological wallet killer. We don't do the black tie stuff any more so high end dress watches are superfluous. So back to the old stalwarts of GS and Omega for something smart casual. Ideas ? I didn't wear a GMT when traveling and they are about as useful as moon phase - so that's a no ! Non digital chronographs are just not my
  4. it is an SRP025 - with the 4R15A - no hacking but a ridiculously good time keeper. the bracelet on this one is also one of the best i have ever seen on a seiko - ok normally that isnt saying much but this is the only seiko that i have left on the metal rather than a rhino or rubber'esque strap including the MM. doing a SOTC was a bit tounge in cheek as have always said i am not a collector. re the g shocks i just fancied a change in work watch ; mainly as i found the 5610 buttons too fiddly. that said i like it too much to get rid of it just yet. have had a lot of watches in
  5. Good question. They have the mass market product end already. I would have thought going down the veblan route of the same production numbers at a higher price would be the way to go. Bit like the rolex way of doing things - perfectly in good watches sold for silly money because folks are daft enough to pay it, and it's not as if Rolex are rare.
  6. A lot of this waffle about branding perhaps comes down to what the wearer thinks of other peoples opinion of his or her watch. Since moi couldn't give a flying fig what anyone else thinks of my stuff GS can call themselves what ever they want as long as they make a decent product at a not too stupid price.
  7. One of 2 g shocks for work 4 or 5 days a week plus something different for the remaining days of that week.
  8. Doing some actual work today , after a coffee break ... Makes a nice change from staan' aboot aw day. stay safe peeps
  9. 710s can be weird though. Never interested in my watchs she seemed odly concerned when informed 2 sold and one out for a donation. The trick seems to be never have them all on display at the same time. That way substitutions can be made without increasing the apparent total. Much like the ever popular foot-the-ball team sport which I am informed remains popular in certain circles.
  10. GS just for handing the best hands. But there is lots of other stuff out there JLC, A Lange & whoever, Baum & thingummy to almost name just a few...
  11. well its in some sort of generic box now and on its way almost home
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