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  1. a very quick search reveals this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Seiko-Watch-Store-ONLY-SRPB39K1/dp/B075C48QT6 its supposed to have a 12 and 6 - whats the actual issue here ???
  2. this for the next few evenings as opposed to the rlt 69 of late ...
  3. Just a half day of O/T today, getting lazy in my dotage. I am semi retired you know
  4. That Lack is nice ... the Orient a lot of numbers on it
  5. not that hard is it - the 1 is in the normal place and just skip forward in steps of 5 ... so not all that crazy after all , better to have the 1 somewhere else and have more random jumps but that would have made the gubbins a bit more complicated - cant win 'em all... still nicer (aesthetically speaking imho) than any of the hauty mchaut horology seen so far
  6. if thats the best haut horology can do ill stick to seiko thanks least rubbish is the bulgari - but i'd still need to tipex out the logo before wearing it ...
  7. A day of overtime today - so much for being semi-retired
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