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  1. very kind of you, thanks what have you got ??? 1/ personally I couldn't give a monkeys - just make sure I am dead before you dispose of the body. 2/ re watches - no kids so see 1/ above
  2. another geeky nut for the wis forum fruitcake , you are like the rest of doomed !
  3. what time is it ? 35 to 60 ! ok I can see whats going on but why not put the 0 depth at the '12' position and calibrate for 60 meters ? Bonkers, but so bonkers it might just be brilliant ? not as if anyone will get it wet anyway. this for the last couple of days , lots of pre holiday pottering then back to reality early next month - taking a couple of months off and moving to Scotland may have been the best decision I have made in years old pic - just cos I have so many of them
  4. Transgender beatification - didnt think the god botherers were that liberal even in these politically correct times I went to The Uni of Dundee - sadly the scarf for the engineering dept has the Dundee footy colours which means you got your head kicked in by the United nedds for being A/ a student & B/ a Dundee fan. I didnt buy one! The locals in Dundee really really dont like Timex , no surprise there though.
  5. Me brother went to St Catherine's, he wears a Timex on a nato
  6. TME set to GMT (not summer time) as stated
  7. haircut needed, then choosing tiles followed by the ongoing deforestation that is the garden this until gardening ...
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