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  1. sort of this - not so much for the reserve indicator . a non LE Suwa would be nice certainly. would have a skyflake already if the date window was black on pale blue - the white of the date window background spoils the dial much more than the PR indicator imho. a date free version would be even betterer
  2. the speedbirds are good , have had 3. if looking now i'd have something from the oris propilot range - but be advised oris prices do seem to have taken off in the last few years...
  3. My weekend on and last of the visitors packed off home. Nothing on the books until a wedding in March and a couple of delayed parties in the summer. Just as well really to allow stocks of gin, red wine and cider to recover country wide before having another go
  4. pre loved near mint sinn 358 is still on my bucket list the 356 is good , but i'd love to try a 358
  5. well yes , but the bulk market buy such predictable ugly boring watches that they are of little interest. the 'enthusiast' mid stream seem to be squeezed out by the boring Rolex chavs and PP wannabes.
  6. is it just me or when horology is reduced to either an investment or bang for buck is it time to get out? really really lost the will , nothing at a sensible price floating my boat
  7. so do we think casio will be offering big bucks for "used but not abused" g shocks ??? ... bugger , thought not
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