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  1. porschey mac porscheface obviously your welcome
  2. witches cauldron from the cairngorm brewery - my almost local does a cask of theirs every week. this one is a very nice stout. last week it was autumn nuts - a nice ruby beer https://www.cairngormbrewery.com/cairngorm-beers/
  3. still here, k room & b room done. new curtains and blinds on the way so a bit of decorating to do. the built ins done too. garden striped back somewhat and ready for more work in the spring. even bought a car and logs and coal for the burner , though I like the car and may not burn it .
  4. This until Friday pint-of-lunch-o-clock Ol' pic obvi.
  5. couple of days off so this since Friday afternoon new place still a bit of a project and had to bite the bullet and get a second car so no new wrist candy for a while. new job is ticking along , another review in feb - might be a mutual parting of the ways then but then I think I need a career change anyway … been saying it for a few years now , just need to take the leap
  6. and the rugby just went a bit pear shaped …9 -16 ok 16 - 16 is this a raffle I see before me
  7. "this cohort is an important driver of marginal consumption across the board." ???
  8. "some thieving twat in Manchester airport has nicked it" *** . Its not covered by our tracking as we are duetche poste and dont give a fig once its out of der fatherland... *** I may be paraphrasing a tad
  9. any 358 owners ??? like the 356 but the bigger 358 might be nicer ...
  10. Added the bars and composite bracelet meself.
  11. Mine says hello, but without the echo
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