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  1. Looks alright that, an' no fugly date gettin' inna way.
  2. the dairy milk again today , the No9 is because will be gardening until rain stops play...
  3. my nickname for Rolex is - overpriced , unavailable , boring , worn mostly by people mainly interested in resale value wannabes etc etc. rolls off the tounge dont you think
  4. Dear Seiko , EPIC FAIL ! Please try harder ... Do not Pass Go , Do not collect £200 !
  5. I am a bit of a Seiko fanboy but I don't like limited editions ... Pogue this ain't ... https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/watches/article/seiko-sports-5-custom-watch-beatmaker-2021-limited-edition/amp Still at least it ain't a Timex
  6. its quartz, its a tag, mercedes hands, its bi-metal, hand dial contrast not that great, lume not a patch on seiko, sweep misses lots of markers... i like it though well... except when setting it - the minute hand always twitches a tad when you pop the crown in
  7. why is 30m water resistance a 'feature' - thats not how you spell embarrassing ... timex continue to release yet more overpriced tat
  8. this is a single link extension for a Crafter Blue (in orange) arrived today and fitted (the remainder of the strap not this bit) to me MM so thought id post a shot as i am not wearing it (the remainder of the strap not this bit) until next week today i are be mostly wearing the brown majesty that is the Spinnaker * * ... insert model name here as i dont have a scoobies right then now to deliver the 710 to the charity shop and then off to the builders merchants for the stuff for building with
  9. Box & Papers? We ain't got no Box & Papers! We don't need no Box & Papers! I don't have to show you any stinking Box & Papers! apologies 'if' I have used this before
  10. in the shag/marry/run for the hills scheme of things i assume you have a tent sleeping bag and emergancy rations already in the bergen. this is a bottom of the spare parts box special. fake seamaster dial with tinytony repaint, probably an old seiko bezel or whaterver rubbish steinhart use. god knows where the rusty hands come from. run forest, RUN ! and you may want to read his feedback keep running ...
  11. Awe come on, it's not that bad ! Let's see all your brown watches then. Here is mine ... Erm ... Yeah.
  12. dealings with the R&F is a surreal thing. many moons ago I used to do some work for a financial institution which has blue and green customers. green is like what normal people are with jobs and mortgages and the odd loan - blue are something else (real blue not just the 'mortgage moi?' crowd) - of the various clueless 'breathing the thinner atmosphere up there brigade' me fave was a priceless bint who could neither remember even approximately how much she had in her account, nor her most recent transaction. ok , not earth shattering but she had just spent 65K paying off her aston - yes this was a few year ago but you get the drift.
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