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  1. GS just for handing the best hands. But there is lots of other stuff out there JLC, A Lange & whoever, Baum & thingummy to almost name just a few...
  2. well its in some sort of generic box now and on its way almost home
  3. cull complete - carnage more like - down to 6 again the cull saw 3 out in 2 days ... but that leaves a couple of spaces to fill (and no , no messing about with my 3 boxes of cufflinks) no hurry to buy , not sure exactly what to get yet but as ever in no hurry. something slightly dressy (no dive nor chrono and unlikely to be quartz) stay safe peeps
  4. hi, as you know i am souper dooper organizzzzed and stuff. could the person from whom i bought me 69 frometh remind I if there was and box/papers etc and so forth. in looking for them one has found something else which is nice , but thats not the point ... no bigee , in fact as i cant find any and the only place for watch boxes is the watch box box them, then there may well no longer be any , if indeedy there ever were. clear ? I do hope so Huzzah ! P.M. is fine if you so choose - i wouldnt blame you stay safe peeps
  5. sell your children ! new at the top end of my budget realistically. am looking at near mint used of a few models. snowflake ?
  6. its ok 2fags , got them directly from the bloke that used to own their bottling sites - they are proper prototypes . no labels yet only identified by numbered caps. have tasted better stout ( i prefer sweeter & creamer) but the ipa was good (even if i prefer a trad IPA to the trendy yank variety) , but the ruby has the most potential . the only reason i mention it as work is the bloke who gave me the booze is a work colleague ... its a tough life ... erm NOT ! thanks for your concern though
  7. Sadly I even had to bring work home. Less sadly it was beer tasting prototypes for a Fife brewer. So far the chocolate stout is good, the IPA is very good and the ruby is brilliant. Wearing an analogue watch is great it means I am not at the coalface.
  8. Still not had a bath . Would love to know what I had been drinking though
  9. Yet another contract extension and yet more overtime I appear to be getting this semiretired lark wrong again. One in the post on Monday and a couple for the chop then too. a widget
  10. couldn't give a rats ass what happens to my stuff once i kark it. the 710 will get the house and a few quid , i'll be dead. if she goes first ill be selling up and going out in a blaze somewhere hot with a gshock and a hangover no kids (that i know of ) Huzzah !
  11. must have the bobbly bits for the smart casual scruffy genteel look
  12. not bought for ages (since the overpriced seiko ) , much as l love my 5610 can't use the buttons in gloves so this 7900 joined the fold.
  13. stop mucking about and buy this from the boss instead Casio G-Shock GW-B5600HR - Watch & Clock Related Items Only - The Watch Forum pretty much worth it for the bracelet and delivery - the watch head is just about free. i mention this as basically i got my combi bracelet buy buying a donor and swapping and reselling the donor on the standard resin strap. it was all done 'transparently'
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