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  1. was it ? i meant the 1.5 , 3, 4.5 & 6 ???
  2. flippin heck , thought you'd nicked ol' faithful there for a sec ... although prices have gone up somewhat recently i still think these are the best bang for buck out there- given their durability, functionality , solar charging and radio syncing capability. the bars are a nice throw back (i luv mine too) , as i suppose , is the whole square G package generally. mine is on the combi bracelet mainly because i didnt quite get on with the standard straps (there is of course the option of strap adaptors - but i have quite flat wrists and they therefor tend to lift the watch up a bit high on me). here end'th the waffle well ok not quite - g shocks should be digital only and square (or sometimes round - but mainly square) and deffo not analogue but then thats just my opinion and we all know what i think of individual opinions still wearing the tag from yesterday btw
  3. Bob had 2 questions. Why was I still in bed ? Why was I still wearing my work watch from yesterday ? Why was my phone mire interesting in than him ? I know, but Bob is a cat
  4. true , the next film might have been released by then
  5. tag dont seem to get much right these days do they ... top of the list of faux pas is the cyclops , no need to go any further really. could be worse though , it could be brass/bronze cased not a patch on my 2000 - and certainly not a super professional ...
  6. up to 7 watches currently , but a couple of them will probably go in the coming months before another purchase is considered. thus plenty of room in the 12 upper tray of me box as yet ; the lower teir has only a few straps, spring-bars and other such horological detritus. heaven forefend should some mad noobie buying spree occur i could always relocate some of the cufflinks.
  7. 2nd AZ jab first thing yesterday morning Slept from mid afternoon onwards, feeling pretty much back to normal today.
  8. nice. i'll pm you a link to another forum where there are references to crystal numbers should you be interested in renovating the chrono a bit. am guessing its the Ti version so wouldn't bother with the case but its always nice to have a clear crystal. liking the strap btw.
  9. Cufflinks, 2 boxes of cufflinks. The pointy things are collar stays for shirt collars.
  10. Up to 7 now... this since finishing work, finally put the spinnaker in the box. hope you had a good weekend ... Mine starts here, briefly
  11. you quoted me while i was editing , and for some reason i managed to add a bit as intended and delete a whole line by mistake we shall agree to differ on seiko (not all bad), and really starting to agree about omega , i dont get the Dan Henry stuff generally. had to look up Straton - wish i hadn't bothered - fuuuuugly. but then i am not a chronograph fanboy - almost always way too cluttered of dial for me. be interested in your thoughts on the bezel and crown once the thing lands ...
  12. this is one of those watches i'd need to see in the metal. not bad , not sure about the bracelet though, but as ever my opinion is merely that
  13. sounds well dodgy - assume he will have the legal bill to pay too - my heart bleeds it could of course just be a huge misunderstanding of course nah !
  14. any chance of a picture or two of said twice drilled lugs ? not seen it meself but sounds like a good idea and am intrigued. i was going to ask for a shot of this too, but perhaps it can wait until the next strap change. have seen this sort of thing in various engineering and manufacturing senarios where existing elements are doubled up to allows for speedy delivery of a product or simply to use up existing stock.
  15. rude not to really ... mini review perhaps tomorrow ...
  16. Well I quite like it ... More in the next few days. Many thanks
  17. green and bronze two of the worst recent trends in one place. the pink isnt great and neither is the blue , likewise the bracelets. on balance that'd be a no from me ...
  18. they were ok about it to be honest and i get it - i was just in a grumpier than usual grumpy old man mood yesterday just a question ... is there a reason you were in whiter than white whites ?
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