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  1. Fair enough. Much as i like the P-1 think I'd go for the Nomos Club as its a bit more cheerful. Found one retail in the UK for the same price - though mostly they seem to be at about £1400. the generic type A & type B dials are ok but those hands are blooming hideous and a deal breaker for me on ze pilotten vatcheses from zer fadderlant !
  2. Am a but out of touch with prices ... Is £1100 a bit pricey for a selita driven watch ? Nice though no pesky date or bezel
  3. Grand Seiko certainly , just not that one. Omega certainly, just not that one. You'd have to pay me to wear a tudor
  4. True and true. We can agree on the Cyclops then . I do like the chunky look of the proplof. .
  5. 7 grand and still the He release carbuncle! Other than that (apart from the skeletal hands, the bezel which for some reason looks vaguely yatchmaster'esque to me and the price) it's great. Did I mention the zit at 10 ? Pass. I used to really like Omega but now sadly not so much.
  6. F U G L Y ! Fugly & thrice fugly. But then my opinion matters not a jot as long a you like 'em then enjoy 'em
  7. Still this (old pic) , here amongst other places ... Last full day of our wee Highland jaunt.
  8. That is bloody silly money. What did they retail for? I can't remember exactly what I bought and sold mine for - but it was certainly well south of 300 quid. Certainly even a minty one ain't worth 2 grand of my hard earned ! But it's only eBay, and watchers ain't necessarily buyers or owt like. Plenty of near mint MMs for that. Nice one on the darkside at the mo in fact. P.s. just had a look at the listing - it is described as new without tags FFS! Plenty of wabi on the bracelet and (impossible to get) bezel insert. Fools and their money are welcome to this one...
  9. Sadly not, I sold before prices really started to rise. Made a slight financial loss but that was after wearing the watch for quite a while. Had I kept the spork doubt I would have bought the MM - on balance would rather have the marinemaster. Bought the SRP025 about the time I let the spork go, same style but no bezel and a simpler dial - still one of my fave watches.
  10. Sounds like bollarks to me. Personally when I look at ,for example, a dive watch I tend to think 'Oo, almost tea time' or something very similar. Still in the Highlands, going to Culloden and Brodie Castle today. Jings!
  11. It being eBay I stand by my earlier comment, unless of course I am wrong - in which case I don't... ... but I reckon it's probably shagged. See how good I am, an' not following up on the 'shuggle' comment - wrench you deviant (of course it might just be me). Sleep well all - I shall. Am currently in a little hotel somewhere in the Highlands - run out of cider but lots of everything else
  12. Might be the relative effect of being in complete darkness as opposed to mere very low light normally at home ??? It's amazing how little it takes to bugger your night vision.
  13. rising prices and the like are making me think that i may head back to my old system of two watches (and dads timex) one beater (this is a relative term obvi) and one good watch (again relative) ... and dads times which is a keeper but wont get worn as its a rubbish time keeper. i cant really see any great value in anything much over 2 or 3 grand and nothing particularly sexy below that perhaps i am just a bit jaded - certainly having the MM means i have no interest in any further dive watch purchases. never was a collector - looks like i still am'nt, ho hum .
  14. when not g shocked for work or garden/labouring have been in this for a few days now. it is much less bad in the flesh than the pictures would imply - only real negative is the total lack of lume. if i coul change one thing however i would remove the date - but then that is a well known foible of mine isn't it ...
  15. oh god what have i done ... ... ... thats about the only thing he has i really like , funny ol game innit ! 7900 all weekend at work , over to 5610 for the never ending labouring this morning , something else post S,S&S for the weekly shop and a bon fire tonight.
  16. Dates are bad enough, days are for calenders not watches imho only of course.
  17. rude not to really thanks @Davey P wears well on a flat 7 1/2 wrist , not the first canteen cap i have owned , not had one named after Terry Wogan though
  18. many thanks to one of our resident lunatics - very kind - more details to follow ... mean whilst its ol faitful again for an hour or two tidying up before S,S&S. Then some decent clothes on and a wee drinkie at the local hotel with the 710 before my weekend on this weekend. life on the edge baby! old pic , same mucky trews though.
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