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  1. background - i occasionally work in a secure area , and have to pass through a body scanner. rather than faffing about with cufflinks i'd like non metallic suggestions please .... and knot those 'orrible tied silk things please (see what i did there ) wood / plastic / ceramic / ??? - for general daily workwear. and yes i have some shirts with button cuffs but thats not the point is it and DO NOT suggest short sleeve shirts !
  2. I thought safety was dull until I discovered 5S Old pic obvi.
  3. nice that - whats the time keeping like ? is the braclet OEM ? where is a good place to source Vostock these days (assuming timekeeping ok ) ?
  4. frankly i find the skew date wheel much more upsetting! the dial may be screwed but its functional and thus not screwed. perhaps this watch probably originates from a time and place where functionality rather than aesthetes ruled the day rather than the first world snowflake world of collectors... that said the hex head comment made me smile and of course it might just be a really bad bodge
  5. no, but thats cheap - you aint getting mine for that
  6. Old pic I have changed the mask since
  7. I don't have a list but recently have seen various Seiko dive watches discribed the as MM and BabyMM. Was just wondering what others thought. This is my sbdx017 https://flic.kr/p/2jJtkST Exactly
  8. Just my opinion but if it don't say Marine Master on the dial then it ain't ! Thoughts ???
  9. good luck mate just had my contract extended until end feb - look out for some bargains after that
  10. Not working today so this Adding pics ok from phone (still can't edit size) but failing from surface pro... Anyhoo thanks to JoT for the fix on t'uther thread.
  11. easy peasy , currently it's ... for work, house renovations, gardening , car etc etc for not work for when i can be bothered being suited and booted the only one of those i see changing is the tag - perhaps next year. another flickr fail day
  12. this may also be why i still only wear the MarineMaster in rotation
  13. Yup. My SBDX017 knocked my watch buying on the head. Along with radio signal syncing G-Shock for work I don't really need anything else. Haven't got rid of any of my other watches yet but other than dad's old Timex I would imagine they will all go eventually. Still looking but not for a dive watch. Chronographs don't do much for me , I find them mostly far too fussy of dial. My globe trotting days are behind me now. Having tried to like GMT style watches I find that the moronically simple maths involved rather fails to justify the silly price tags of the better travel watches.
  14. This highlights the only real fault with the 5610 - it's crappy almost impossibly fiddly little buttons Old pic as time taken up with extra shouting at the extra thick thickies today Stay safe peeps !
  15. Canteen monitor today Free wi-fi and hot chocolate
  16. always hard to tell just from a piccie. in good natural light i suspect this will look very well, indoors perhaps not so much. not bad though.
  17. its the yanks fault then me likee both of these but imagine how nice the Nomos would be if it had lugs like the Junghans
  18. Why does it say 'made in germany' ? Shouldn't it say 'fabricken in das faderland' or something vaguely more suitable ?
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