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  1. CW Moonglow CW Super compressor (Maybe) Oris Aquis
  2. Is the sound when you're wearing the watch on when it's on a hard surface? I hear any watch I leave on my bedside table at night as the hard surface reflects the sound.. I find it quite soothing
  3. Love mine.. Will likely be making an appointment to view and buy a Moonglow just after Christmas
  4. You can occasionally find Frederique Constant for sale in TK Maxx or COSTCO for not far off that price. Hamilton are also worth a look but perhaps slightly more expensive.
  5. Something with controversial branding/Logo perhaps?
  6. Happy Saturday That's a beauty mate.. Nicest watch I've seen on here in while
  7. Cracking watch.. Have the Trident Pro on blue rubber strap and love it
  9. Thanks relaxer.. You're right Re the part, just had a reply from the watch guy saying exactly that. Email sent to Omega.. breath not being held for a positive reply but no cheek, no chance
  10. Morning all, Noticed a few days ago that my Aqua Terra is sticking at 9 o'clock. The minute and second hands work well and the watch doesn't stop. It's due a service (Six years old) but felt it wouldn't be required till now as the watch gets very little wrist time. I've read on other forums that this is a fairy common issue, that it's likely to require a new hour wheel and that it may be as a result of changing the time using the quick change hour wheel. I absolutely use this function on almost every time I wear the watch as the date is miles out, owing to it sitting in the safe for weeks
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