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  1. Yup, saw that mate.. was looking for an alarm clock and accidentally stumbled upon the pocket watch. Luckily it's being delivered Monday or Tuesday, when the Mrs is at work so I won't get a bollocking for spending more money on watches!
  2. Hey, did you go for this in the end? I've just ordered the Mondaine
  3. I didn't mate.. Had reservations about the date window and hands. Been thinking about it non-stop though and pretty set on a Bremont now, so will definitely be trying some on when the lockdown permits, with a view to buying at some point during the year
  4. True.. My deep sea diving skills aren't the best either
  5. Thanks for the opinions guys.. I read the date display is supposed to replicate an altimeter. Read on a CW forum, from someone who had one, that he was skeptical Re the date display but when he bought it, changed his opinion and loved it. Would be nice to try on I guess. https://www.ernestjones.co.uk/webstore/d/1002821/bremont+argonaut+men's+blue+fabric+strap+watch/ This is almost identically priced and also very nice. Much prefer the date window and hands on this model but slight issue with the HMAF embossing.. I'm neither a serving of former member of the armed
  6. https://www.ernestjones.co.uk/webstore/d/5129397/bremont+u-22+men's+stainless+steel+leather+strap+watch/ Debating, debating and debating whether to pull the trigger on this one. I've been mourning the loss of my PO, which I sold last year and thought this could ease the pain! Amazing discount but am on the fence Re the date display. Does anyone have one? If so, what are your thoughts? Hope this finds everyone safe and well
  7. Yes, me too.. Love that with the caramel or chocolate perforated strap. Slight fly in the ointment was the price. I knew the Mrs wouldn't go too mental at the £299 for the Coniston but I'd never get away with a cost of the Haskell
  8. Hey.. Yeah, I was allowed to choose the number. Nice little option to have. Forgot to mention. also has a quick release strap, identical to my CW C60, which is also great as I like to change them up fairly frequently.
  9. New arrival yesterday.. Had my eye on one of these for a few months now and more than happy with the look and quality. Likely to buy another when I'm flush.. Hope this finds everyone safe and well
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