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  1. A bit warm in the office today so not on the wrist but Freddy for the week
  2. May get in touch with him, if you don't mind, as I'm trying to sell my PO.
  3. Whilst aimlessly milling around TK Maxx waiting on the Mrs trying something on, I stumbled on this little beauty! I had no idea they sold watches, let alone FC. Not for me as I have a very similar Runabout (And I'm skint) but a nice little bargain, if anyone's looking, as they're retailing in Goldsmiths for £595!
  4. Thanks for the advice.. much appreciated. Oh God.. dare I ask what's funny?
  5. Are you basing this solely on the fact there's a lot of replicas around or are there any tell tale signs? for what it's worth, the box felt quite lightweight but the leather felt reasonably soft. My cousin may well sell, if the items have a reasonably value. Knowing I like watches, he asked my opinion. I said I'd ask. I have, and will pass on the comments. Member's are of course entitled to wonder, but I can assure all, I have no intentions of attempting to sell the photographed items.
  6. I'm perfectly aware of the forum rules, thanks.. with you being the authority on the rules, I'm sure you'll be aware of the following: Members must not post anything that is, or could reasonably be interpreted as: abusive, vulgar, defamatory, hateful, seditious, blasphemous (all religions), libellous or sexually explicit. Members must not make reference to the personality of another member or attack another member's character unless the person in question has already brought his or her personality into the issue under discussion. Members must not engage in one-to-one arguments, disagreements or disputes of a personal nature. As you're well aware, the image of the fake watch was only posted to satisfy the amateur detectives, who somehow deemed a post asking for advice as suspicious. Regardless of this, I'm sure the admins will be quick to inform me of any breaches in the codes of conduct. You did point out you deemed it to be a fake, thanks for that. You also initially said it 'all seems a bit sus' and 'dubious back story' The inference I take from this is you're questioning my integrity. I, as anyone would, deem this to be defamatory and as per the above rules, this is prohibited. A simple, looks fake to me because of... would have been fine and the message would have been passed on to my (Real life) cousin.
  7. What business it is of yours, I've no idea but I'll indulge you.. No, it's my cousin's watch. Fake watches are not for me, but if they were, where's the harm, unless I'm attempting to dupe someone and selling as authentic? Listen, you're being a bit silly now.. Trolling is for social media, not this forum. Have a read of my original post and unless you can point out where I offer it for sale OR claim the items are authentic, I'll politely ask you to bother someone else. To the people who took the time to offer some genuine advice, I thank you
  8. You're right, it is a stupid question. Have a good day, Sherlock
  9. Haha.. the conspiracy theorists are out in force today! This is the watch in the photo, which I can confidently say IS a fake as it was purchased for £25 in Tenerife. **Note** I'm not attempting to selling the other bits, simply looking for a bit of advice For any other Miss Marple fans who believe all is not what it seems in St. Mary Mead
  10. His mate kept the watch and gave him the bit and pieces.. Silly move if he wants to sell the watch!
  11. Cheers Andy.. Just wondered what a ball park figure would be. My cousin asked my expert advice (Snigger) but I've no idea
  12. Hi, Can anyone advise if any of the above is of reasonable value? My cousin was given it by a friend.. On the face of things, it's a spare face for a Datejust, swing tag and box. I have no idea Re authenticity but guessed owing to the apparent age, they're likely to be legit. Any advice greatly appreciated
  13. Had a cracking Tag Calibre 1 many years ago.. Absolutely loved it then when I started wearing it, realised the big No 12 annoyed the **** out of me! To this day, I don't understand why watch makers do this. Most Longines sports watched have this as well and (IMO) it completely ruins an otherwise lovely watch
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