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  1. Very nice.. Just had a look at the sale and sadly, no discount on the two watches or the strap on my list of wants
  2. Actually went to the Oris boutique in South Molton St, London, with the intention of buying last year. Another one on the list of watches I love apart from one feature. Can add the giant number 12 on most Longines watches to that list as well as date magnifiers on any watch
  3. Oris Pro Diver GMT.. Beautiful watch, ruined by a plastic bezel
  4. Really like my Aquaracer.. Also owned a lovely Carrera Twin Time, which I flipped when I bought a Seamaster Aqua Terra
  5. Aquaracer for a dress down at work day
  6. Very nice, congratulations! Will look awesome on the blue rubber strap as well
  7. Miss my PO, but after buying a CW C60 Pro, not as much as I thought I would. Bought the little Mont blanc travel clock around 10 years ago and sold as I wasn't using it.. I've searched for them since but they've obviously discontinued it. Was stupid to let it go
  8. I agree..Also put off by the large numbers on most Longines. Very annoying when you otherwise love a watch apart from one small detail you can't get past
  9. Cheers mate.. I have a G-Shock Mudmaster which fits nicely, so may have a look. Really like the T3/01 & P3B/01 Racer. Damn, that's three watches I've set my heart on in the past three days!!!
  10. As I've come to expect from your good self, a lovely time piece! Very unusual.. I had a look on their website and note the 46-47mm on all models. Do they wear big or are they similar in presence to a G-Shock? Thanks
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