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  1. Don't often wear a suit but love the chance to get one of my pocket watches out the safe
  2. Have you considered Baume & Mercier? Some absolute cracking watches and within your budget brand new.
  3. I should set my profile to auto-like your watches mate.. Another cracker!
  4. Was just about to suggest the same before seeing this.. Got one for my Dad and one for the father in law when my wife and I got hitched. Got my old man gold plated with brown strap (Which I prefer) and the father in law steel and black, which is also cracking. This was my choice for the big day
  5. If you're hungry.. the Hog Shop in Rose Street is brilliant but expect to be bored to tears by the owner blabbing on about how he's a celebrity snow boarder in New Zealand and Canada.. His language is also rather colourful but alas, the sandwiches are amazing!
  6. Cheers Jon.. Have a good bank holiday weekend
  7. BC3 for me this week.. Don't usually wear it to work but it's not looked too bad under a shirt
  8. Morning all.. I recently sold my beloved PO chrono (Big thanks to @JonnyOldBoy for putting me in touch with the buyer) and despite feeling immense sadness at the loss, life goes on and I'm already thinking of something similar to replace it. The Deapthguage is a watch I've admired for many years but owing to it looking very similar to the PO, I never considered purchasing. I had another look around yesterday and they appear to have been discontinued! Can anyone in the know confirm if this is permanent or can we expect them back sometime? I also really like the Aquis small second date.. but just not as much as the Depthguage. Anyone have either of the above? Can you recommend? Wishing everyone a delightful day.. last one for me, before three days off!
  9. A bit warm in the office today so not on the wrist but Freddy for the week
  10. May get in touch with him, if you don't mind, as I'm trying to sell my PO.
  11. Whilst aimlessly milling around TK Maxx waiting on the Mrs trying something on, I stumbled on this little beauty! I had no idea they sold watches, let alone FC. Not for me as I have a very similar Runabout (And I'm skint) but a nice little bargain, if anyone's looking, as they're retailing in Goldsmiths for £595!
  12. Thanks for the advice.. much appreciated. Oh God.. dare I ask what's funny?
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