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  1. Bremont for me.. Got a special project Supermarine coming my way early next year and cannot wait!
  2. Unusual for me but 2nd week in a row with this on.. Feels quite summery with the NATO
  3. Someone on here was selling a beautiful rose gold Portofino for £1800 about 8-9 years ago! I stupidly decided it looked a little small on my wrist.. Still regret it now
  4. Farer Pendine and Oris Depth Gauge for me
  5. Some absolute beauties on here today! Hope everyone's having a better weekend than me... Only another six hours till I finish work
  6. Thanks mate.. I had a found the different coloured one but it's not as appealing.. I'll keep an eye on their website as it's a cracker.. especially at that price! PS Drop me a DM if you're ever gonna stick it on the for sale section
  7. That's a beauty mate! Can I ask where you bought it?
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