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  1. Wow, so pleased with this! Was a little unsure what it would look like on as I do prefer minimum 42mm but in context by the 44 Squale and 42 Longines, it looks and wears just fine.
  2. 40.5.. smaller than my usual taste but was willing to make an exception as it's such a looker
  3. 1I I've found it!! UK seller, new with tags, great price.. Only downside is I missed the postie today and have to wait until Saturday to get it on the wrist
  4. Just ordered one from Ebay mate.. Seller mikesmith0902. Not sure if he has anymore but worth a look. I'll post pics when it arrives
  5. Does anyone have a Milanese strap? Just taken delivery of my Matic and the bracelet is VERY rigid. There's a bit of room on the underside of my wrist but it's crushing either side.. almost like the strap is a bit V shaped. Is this the norm? I removed a couple of links. could this be the issue? Ta
  6. 1st day out and about after the new arrivals and the Squale gets the nod over the Longines.. Happy Saturday folks
  7. replaced the 42mm 1521 with this 44 Matic.. over the moon with it!
  8. Afternoon all… here, as promised are another few pictures. I’ve had my eye on this for many a year but there was always something in the way of buying. Get what people are saying re the shark tooth bracelet but tried the leather on and much preferred the bracelet on the wrist. They didn’t have the rubber in stock but that’s something I’ll likely purchase as an alternative. The watch looks and feels superb and that box is something else. First Longines in my collection, 1st retro diver, 1st shark tooth bracelet (sent the Squale back) so ticking a lot of boxes. Lastly, Ernest Jones threw in a cracking Wolf four watch roll into the bargain! The Mrs only left me alone for a few mins while she was in H&M
  9. Following an unexpected trip to lakeside, pulled the trigger on this beauty! More images to follow
  10. Lovely mate! Can I ask if the NATO has a buckle or is it Velcro? I've got a Supermarine on order and have to option of a NATO for half price
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