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  1. That's approaching (Orient) beauty perfection...
  2. Thankyou Sir... Strange times in which we're living? I'm a biker too or rather was one. Till a crazed female ran me off the road on my SK1 Bandit in 2010. Called it a day after that. In a previous life I used to run Norton Dommies, the 99 version. One wideline, one slimline. I see you're noted as around Glasgow. I'm in St. Andrews, hence the "Kilrymont" label. I had some very happy times over your way between 1968 and 71/72, not technically Glasgow as the house was in Rutherglen. Finished my schooling there. While there I gained a strong affection for the city and its people w
  3. Just landed, more or less. Merry Xmas to all, and a hopefully better new year to follow! I'm a pensioner in years lived, but something of a babe in arms when it comes to watches. But I'm learning. My least uninteresting watch might be my father's French pocket watch. name of "Lip", it's the sole such example I've seen. Slim and (once breathed on lightly is now accurate to a surprisingly small number of seconds/24hrs. At most, +10. Most encouraging. Other than that my stuff is commonplace and barely worth boring you all with. Except for two Eurowatches I have. Both have a pr
  4. Thanks for the replies chaps. I discounted magnetisation of the hairspring as its transition from acceptable behaviour to terrible as described happened overnight on my wrist, and (as far as I know) apart from my magnetic personality there's no source of stray gaussing in my bed. Apologies for recycling what must be a very second hand joke on this forum... I did a routine inspection of the affected area when It first went bonkers, through the only loupe I have at present. All looked normal. This return to sane timekeeping that immediately preceded this burst of unwelcome speed, I can't a
  5. My SKX011J1 is a few months old. I'd got its regulation pretty well nailed to keeping almost true time (while worn) but after several week or more of daily use (I'd found myself preferring it to others) for no reason I can identify it started running a little too fast. Then crazy fast, so fast that maybe minutes per day were being gained. I tried running it right down, tried tapping it in various orientations lest the hairspring had somehow hooked up somehow causing this crazy acceleration. Eventually I put it back on the timegrapher - and could find no setting that restored any kind of s
  6. Thankyou for your reply... My fourth paragraph. "Ive found the build quality to be fine" - no crit there of build quality? But it isn't without downside, as I went to some effort to explain in a balanced way.
  7. Amazon had a selection of Phoibos quartz and auto divers some months back. The autos went fast but the quartz models hung around for a while, with just the black still available. (PX002C) These come with three sell points over the likes of roughly similarly priced Invicta quartz divers, which latter offers so many models I'm glad I'm not their stock controller... These points are - sapphire crystal, solid linked bracelet with machined endlinks, and a Swiss Ronda movement. I took one as I was curious to see how a sapphire crystal would show up in comparison to the usual standard varie
  8. Saw one of those on a page of Seiko types. Thought it was beautiful then, think the same now!
  9. Not quite by chance, as I was curious to see a video of Seiko movements being assembled - not the fancy stuff, just the bread and butter type that I have several examples of. And found this. it's not what I was looking for but it's a fair way along the road. Perhaps this is something that gets shown around here regularly! - If so, apologies - before posting I did some searches of appropriate terms but this didn't show up.
  10. That's a bit unfortunate, but seemingly true enough re Orient's status in the UK. My Ray2 also accelerated a bit but to nowhere near the extent you detailed. There's a very helpful watch servicer not 30 miles from my home, maybe 25 miles north of Edinburgh who's regulated other watches for me so I put it him for adjustment. After that, it's been a model of accuracy - by mechanical standards anyway, having become the closest to zero drift in my little set of mechanicals that's all-Seiko apart from thjs one. If you like I could PM his details to you, if you prefer to pursue that sort of
  11. Thanks all, hoping to learn lots from all you watch-geeks!
  12. Evenin' all. Got this back to front in that I've posted already about a watch I hoped to get some advice about - and hadn't done the decent thing previously.. For which, apologia... Name's Ian, I'm in East Central Scotland. Guessing I'm maybe an oldie compared to many. I'm retired, and living a boring sedentary retired life - and am absorbed by collecting "stuff" - the latest category of which appears to be - watches. I like watches with springs that drive wheels that rotate hands that I can see to read the time without the need to squint to see teensy digital readouts tha
  13. Thanks all for subsequent input after the pix were posted.. In fact I'm only just back from my watch man and he agreed the serial no. was unusually applied but did check inside - and found a completely ordinary Seiko 7s26 beating away therein with no internal indicators of "fakeness" (fakery?) So despite very slight misgivings I'm going to accept it as the real thing. I've not seen another offered at the sort of price of this - only used ones. This certainly isn't that, just most likely a grey import from somewhere that packing and serial no. application differs from the standard usually
  14. Here's two shots. One shows the day/date sitting a bit high in their window - the other shows a detail of the serial no. You can see how the serial number digits (and all the other Seiko info too that's out of shot) is stamped into the surface instead of the neat etching that I've seen on all my other modern Seikos. Be interested to hear if you guys agree or not about this. Obviously I rather hope it's the real thing, but if it's not it seems to me it's a pretty good effort. Tomorrow at the watchmaker should show the truth of it one way or another. It runs pretty damn fast for a new
  15. Been a LONG time since I used my old macro lens - but agreed I should have foreseen that request! I'll get on it. My mobile phone's pretty much the only camera I use these days because it's so good; but no so much for accurate macro focusing. Hopefully back shortishly - with some illustrations...
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