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  1. That's approaching (Orient) beauty perfection...
  2. Thankyou Sir... Strange times in which we're living? I'm a biker too or rather was one. Till a crazed female ran me off the road on my SK1 Bandit in 2010. Called it a day after that. In a previous life I used to run Norton Dommies, the 99 version. One wideline, one slimline. I see you're noted as around Glasgow. I'm in St. Andrews, hence the "Kilrymont" label. I had some very happy times over your way between 1968 and 71/72, not technically Glasgow as the house was in Rutherglen. Finished my schooling there. While there I gained a strong affection for the city and its people with their merciless humour, and was sorry indeed when life pushed me back to Fife. Been here ever since. I'll see if I can dig up the gentleman you mention. And thankyou for the helpful response, most appreciated. Slainte! Ian K
  3. Just landed, more or less. Merry Xmas to all, and a hopefully better new year to follow! I'm a pensioner in years lived, but something of a babe in arms when it comes to watches. But I'm learning. My least uninteresting watch might be my father's French pocket watch. name of "Lip", it's the sole such example I've seen. Slim and (once breathed on lightly is now accurate to a surprisingly small number of seconds/24hrs. At most, +10. Most encouraging. Other than that my stuff is commonplace and barely worth boring you all with. Except for two Eurowatches I have. Both have a problem, and it's really that that's prompted me to ask around the group for some hopefully helpful input. One of these is important to me in that my wife gave it to me in 1998, some weeks before her death. I wore it daily for some years and it served fairly well but without any decent accuracy. At that time I knew little about watches. It's a sterile gold watch with the ETA 2824 calibre, date complication only - at 3. Its issue is that the second hand cannot pass the 23rd second without stopping. As far as I can see with various loupes etc, it's not fouling on anything. Which makes me think that a drive gear might somehow have been slightly damaged? Sometimes jiggling it around frees it but it never does more than one circuit before fetching up again in the same place. I'm not competent to do more with autos than a bit of regulation on my timegrapher, so I guess what asking for here is - since the only existing watchmaker near me refuses to do wristwatches, now specialising in antique pocket jobs and long case clocks - is the group happy to point me to someone who is reliable and won't demand arms and legs in payment? I'm in Fife. the more "local" the better, but distance is of less importance than quality and fairness of charge. At the risk of boring with an over long first post, I'll continue. The second euro watch is a Junghans, again with that 2824 fitted. This was an ebay buy less than a year back and behaved impeccably at a uniform -4secs/24hrs until one day a month or more back, it just stopped. no incident, no dropping. Just went on strike, and stayed there. Foolishly I lifted the back as there seemed little to be done otherwise. I'd hoped perhaps a small hair from last service had lodged at the escapement. Apparently not. Then found my hands lacked the horsepower to press the snap-back into place. So since then the case is held closed as best possible with a pair of cable ties. That's my tale of Euro-woe. Ill happily pour blessing onto anyone with info leading to a successful outcome! Will add that I'd consider a new movement in the first described, having found them available online here in the home market for about £149 or thereabouts. But fitting it is something I would not tackle. The junghans not so much. it's "only" a watch, even if it is a classy little thing. But I'd like them both fixed, if possible. With my apologies for the above novelette, I've always had a tendency to ramble and it'd seem that that proclivity hasn't left me. Any useful advice welcome. Indeed ANY advice similar. Warm regards K (Ian)
  4. Thanks for the replies chaps. I discounted magnetisation of the hairspring as its transition from acceptable behaviour to terrible as described happened overnight on my wrist, and (as far as I know) apart from my magnetic personality there's no source of stray gaussing in my bed. Apologies for recycling what must be a very second hand joke on this forum... I did a routine inspection of the affected area when It first went bonkers, through the only loupe I have at present. All looked normal. This return to sane timekeeping that immediately preceded this burst of unwelcome speed, I can't account for at all. Despite having used the timegrapher reasonably successfully with several pieces, my expertise is very lacking. As is my experience. I'd no idea there was a resident watchmaker on the premises, so to speak. Before bothering him, I'll try some swearing and tapping its backside in case I can frighten it into behaving better.. As a side query, do any of you have any experience of the bloke doing ebay NH35 transplants? Come to that, does Simon do such stuff? I've watched a number of you tube clips showing that sort of thing but a combination of imperfect sight and inexperience tend to discourage that level of DIY. Again, thanks for the timely replies.
  5. My SKX011J1 is a few months old. I'd got its regulation pretty well nailed to keeping almost true time (while worn) but after several week or more of daily use (I'd found myself preferring it to others) for no reason I can identify it started running a little too fast. Then crazy fast, so fast that maybe minutes per day were being gained. I tried running it right down, tried tapping it in various orientations lest the hairspring had somehow hooked up somehow causing this crazy acceleration. Eventually I put it back on the timegrapher - and could find no setting that restored any kind of sanity. It was put aside as a bad job gone wrong with a faulty escapement and I wore other watches. I have others with the 7S26/7S36 movements and they behave themselves in a predictable way, allowing a bit of back"hacking" when in need of winding but behaving as these do when worn sensibly. Including another couple I'd also managed to get running sub-6secs gain daily. Not quite as near-perfect as the 011 but not far away. Periodically I'd wind the 011 to see if anything had shifted back to normality but that never happened and I began to consider giving it an eBay transplant to an nh36, but did nothing about it. Then on the 16th Jan 2020 I tried again, Wow. It kept time! Slightly slow, but back to usable.So I wore it, with a second watch on my other wrist as a sanity check. Until going to bed last night, it showed an almost-acceptable pattern of losing about 8secs/day. Not as I'd set it months earlier, but on the slow side of acceptable. And this morning of the 19th, worn overnight, it's gained *5 minutes* over 8 hours. Back to its crazy house state again after running ok worn for over two days clear. I'm puzzled by this unaccountable schizophrenia in this previously admirable watch.... I'm retired, and am barely active enough to keep an auto watch like these running so I pretend I have St Vitus Dance for a minute or two periodically to apply some actual movement to - the movement! Other than that I rotate watches like many do, and none have suffered impacts or been dropped. I'm careful. Comments welcome. Helpful ones even moreso!
  6. Thankyou for your reply... My fourth paragraph. "Ive found the build quality to be fine" - no crit there of build quality? But it isn't without downside, as I went to some effort to explain in a balanced way.
  7. Amazon had a selection of Phoibos quartz and auto divers some months back. The autos went fast but the quartz models hung around for a while, with just the black still available. (PX002C) These come with three sell points over the likes of roughly similarly priced Invicta quartz divers, which latter offers so many models I'm glad I'm not their stock controller... These points are - sapphire crystal, solid linked bracelet with machined endlinks, and a Swiss Ronda movement. I took one as I was curious to see how a sapphire crystal would show up in comparison to the usual standard variety found in most watches costing less than £250 or so. Ive found the build quality to be fine, although thus far have not managed to get it wetter than a careless moment during handwashing - so can't comment on that possibly-optimistic 1000ft/300m water resistance. There are principally two points that are found irksome, regularly. These are- 1. Setting the time exactly. This is hit or miss. Being a quartz movement, it hacks as you'd expect. BUT on syncing the time to, say, "time pips", the minute hand often jumps away to the tune of about half a minute from where I set it. It's like there's too much backlash in the gear train turning the hands. So to get this right you need to perform a series of tests to see if you can predict just where the hand tends to fetch up after the twitch-jump as above. And then set it accordingly so it'll end up where you want. This "gets old real fast". 2. Reading the time quickly when the hands are over that octopus logo they've cursed the dial with. You have to look for the hands, particularly the shorter hour hand. This is stupid design. (But I should have foreseen this one...) I've now seen two of this model, and both examples twitch the minute hand while setting so its not some peculiarity of my watch. I think that the quality of the bracelet and the housing assembly are streets ahead of the obviously cheap movement used. It doesn't need set very often, as its timekeeping is roughly on a par with other quartz watches once it's set acceptably accurately. So I'm prepared to live with it meantime. On its side, is its handsome appearance. And it feels substantial on my wrist. It's timekeeping is, naturally, better than any of my autos but then that's true even of the baby Casio analogue I bought on a whim for about £20 some months back and which I've grown to like very much, despite its humble spec. It too jumps its minute hand while setting, but for its purchase price that's something I'm happy to overlook. My most-liked watch is an unmodified SKX011J1 on a super jubilee by Strapcode, which hasn't been supplanted by this rather odd mixture of quality Chinese and cheap Swiss componentry. Are "Ronda" movements known to be low grade items? I might see about a heart transplant for the Phoibos later on, unless in time I get less finicky about its less desirable traits. Since the autos are apparently not being restocked on Amazon UK, perhaps they sold too slowly for Amazon's warehousing economics? Certainly it looks like the 002 is the sole survivor of the marque, and if so may disappear from the amazon inventory after the last one is sold.
  8. Saw one of those on a page of Seiko types. Thought it was beautiful then, think the same now!
  9. Not quite by chance, as I was curious to see a video of Seiko movements being assembled - not the fancy stuff, just the bread and butter type that I have several examples of. And found this. it's not what I was looking for but it's a fair way along the road. Perhaps this is something that gets shown around here regularly! - If so, apologies - before posting I did some searches of appropriate terms but this didn't show up.
  10. That's a bit unfortunate, but seemingly true enough re Orient's status in the UK. My Ray2 also accelerated a bit but to nowhere near the extent you detailed. There's a very helpful watch servicer not 30 miles from my home, maybe 25 miles north of Edinburgh who's regulated other watches for me so I put it him for adjustment. After that, it's been a model of accuracy - by mechanical standards anyway, having become the closest to zero drift in my little set of mechanicals that's all-Seiko apart from thjs one. If you like I could PM his details to you, if you prefer to pursue that sort of option.. I'm inclined to buy things in general from Amazon UK purely because faulty Prime items are all returnable for up to a year following sale with no messing around. The downside is with Seikos you lose the Seiko warranty, since Amazon isn't an approved Seiko dealer; so I guess their stock may be from the grey market.
  11. Thanks all, hoping to learn lots from all you watch-geeks!
  12. Evenin' all. Got this back to front in that I've posted already about a watch I hoped to get some advice about - and hadn't done the decent thing previously.. For which, apologia... Name's Ian, I'm in East Central Scotland. Guessing I'm maybe an oldie compared to many. I'm retired, and living a boring sedentary retired life - and am absorbed by collecting "stuff" - the latest category of which appears to be - watches. I like watches with springs that drive wheels that rotate hands that I can see to read the time without the need to squint to see teensy digital readouts that are sometimes sunk down inside the glazed area, then need interpreted. A clock face, on the other hand needs zero interpretation; you see the hands, you know the time even if your reading spex are across the room. But I do have other, digital watches. Two Casios, like many others. Both Solar. One's a waveceptor so serves very handily as a reference time piece for setting others to one base standard. The other's a huge black lump of a Mudman. Weird name to choose for a watch! Also a small number of analogue quartz watches which are soulless creatures, only one step less so than the casios. But they're efficient. And like many here, I'm guessing, I've got some automatics. Not that many, as I'm kind of new to this as an actual interest. Didn't set out to collect watches, but found myself rather drifting into repeat buying without that end in mind. Whether I can maintain the pretence of not being a "collector" is a moot point. But right now, I'm claiming that's the case. Right now I have three watches away being regulated/repaired. And trying to fight off the notion of getting one of those really subtle Invicta divers with the NH35 hacking/winding Seiko movement. I only have one right now that does that, it's a new Orient Ray 2. My, that's a real beauty. The Invicta I thought of getting is the blue bezel/dial Grand Diver- big enough to serve in a smash & grab raid or as an offensive weapon in a tight spot? Just to see what it's like to have half a pound of polished S/Steel strapped to my wrist. Might develop a muscular left arm wearing one too much? Owners seem to either really like them - or lack the gumption to admit they wish they'd never bought the thing? I'm not, nor will ever be - in the position to buy expensive watches. Submariners and Speedies - no chance. Don't really lust after them either, truth be told. I don't know much. I'm learning, which is good. I nearly went in pursuit of a decent Bulova Accutron before common sense caught up. Just as well. Probably too much for a second/first post - in that this should have been my first. Think that's it? K
  13. Thanks all for subsequent input after the pix were posted.. In fact I'm only just back from my watch man and he agreed the serial no. was unusually applied but did check inside - and found a completely ordinary Seiko 7s26 beating away therein with no internal indicators of "fakeness" (fakery?) So despite very slight misgivings I'm going to accept it as the real thing. I've not seen another offered at the sort of price of this - only used ones. This certainly isn't that, just most likely a grey import from somewhere that packing and serial no. application differs from the standard usually seen here. There's certainly no Seiko warranty, just the seller's own. But I think I'll be inclined to let my own man deal with anything that might go aft agley in the future. He's reliable and he's not expensive. And he's regulating it for me right now. Roger re the faking of lower cost watches and attendant scrutiny being likely less intense than with the pricey stuff - knowing that's what occasioned my concern. Sometimes you can read too much about warnings of these things? Perhaps this is one of those. I note the seller has no more of these listed, so for now it's largely academic for group members. And I don't sell, anything I buy remains here with me. While with the repairer he showed me a silicone strap that's far more flexible than the beefy Seiko rubber job - I'll give that a try. The original certainly felt quite unyielding. It'll probably end up on a Zulu iridescent, those are very comfortable in use. So if it quacks like a Seiko despite not quacking exactly to my Seiko expectations - I'm gonna let sleeping dogs lie and ascribe this to an interesting experience - and let it be - a Seiko.. Again thanks for your attention and input chaps - all appreciated. K I tried to do similarly with the site I posted those two pix to - but couldn't make the shots appear as you've done - anyone wanting to see has to click-view and take a brief diversion to the photo site (which I've never used before) Thanks for these, by the way. if more funds had been available I might have bought as you did, but as it was I saved a stack of beer vouchers by taking the 011j instead.
  14. Here's two shots. One shows the day/date sitting a bit high in their window - the other shows a detail of the serial no. You can see how the serial number digits (and all the other Seiko info too that's out of shot) is stamped into the surface instead of the neat etching that I've seen on all my other modern Seikos. Be interested to hear if you guys agree or not about this. Obviously I rather hope it's the real thing, but if it's not it seems to me it's a pretty good effort. Tomorrow at the watchmaker should show the truth of it one way or another. It runs pretty damn fast for a new Seiko... gained half a minute in several hours. Since I don't know if malefactors might find a serial number of use I've blocked out the last two digits to stymie those guys. Too careful and/or paranoid? Maybe! I haven't used this image site before so dunno how these links might work/not work.. Here's the first try. https://ibb.co/2yrQ5Sc https://ibb.co/ZGpZshw
  15. Been a LONG time since I used my old macro lens - but agreed I should have foreseen that request! I'll get on it. My mobile phone's pretty much the only camera I use these days because it's so good; but no so much for accurate macro focusing. Hopefully back shortishly - with some illustrations...
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