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  2. Was a fairly quiet affair this time but thanks to those who made it and sorry I didn't bring much along myself and if I 'bored' you about Bremont. Was dark as you like (again) so not many pictures but seeing as there were only about 5 other people in the pub I guess they can't afford to light the place properly! Some lovely stuff on display again but my lasting thought was the feeling that the more I see the DSSD the more I love it... and now there's one on SC... must resist! Full set of pics here: http://www.mdracing.co.uk/watchmeet_sept10.asp Just to show he DSSD works quite well on the more slender wrist ;) This is the true WIS way of dealing with a watch in for service! This was way cool, a Bergeon Swiss Army Knife As for me, I just took the gruesome twosome along Full set of pics here: http://www.mdracing.co.uk/watchmeet_sept10.asp Thanks to all those who made it. Cheers Jon
  3. Bremont Supermarine 500 on Gunny Leather today :)
  4. I'll be starting out with the PRS-50 (if my boy doesn't devour it first) but hoping the return of something in the post later...
  5. Off on hols later today... starting off with the Tuna and taking the SD with me for the weekend :)
  6. New arrival for me today... some tasty Tuna :thumbsup:
  7. As promised... we had a BBQ at lunch and here are some pics! Proof of the day and time :)
  8. Well today's set to be another scorcher so we'll be having a BBQ at work for lunch (might post some pics later!) and I'm kicking the day off with the PRS-50A :D
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