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  1. may we ask how much you paid? :big_boss:
  2. Yes Vorg, is it of any interest to if? if so email me at : ak.stevens@hotmail.co.uk, thanks
  3. Whats your email address? I might have something you would like! Thanks, Alex

  4. Yep!! Hate crown guards, cyclops, any gold :-)
  5. Yes also give helenarou a go - Hong Kong but super fast delivery - Very good
  6. Beautiful watch... I've had plenty of success using eBay sellers abroad.
  7. I've got a Skagen sub dial on black leather. Amazingly thin. A couple of MM at that!
  8. Which cyclist is the neighbour? I'm watching too, it's very good cycling
  9. God I love those! :tongue2:
  10. Sorry for my ignorance, but what's a 710? I keep hearing it on this forum!
  11. Very well done Sir! :notworthy: I love my cycling, also thinking of doing a tour soon!
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