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  2. The problem has been fixed. Jeweller rang up today and I now have a Seiko SNJ005P1 as a free replacement. Not a bad deal as I paid $795 AU for the Tissot and the Seiko has a RRP of $995 so I'm happy. I realise they are $400 in Hong Kong but I'd spent the money anyway and they did it before the agents assesment of the Tissot. Pays to speak up I guess. Shame as I had a Tissot Tuning fork watch from the 70's that went for 28 years and kept perfect time. It stopped one day and when we put a battery in it went flat overnight. Jeweller said it would cost more than its worth to fix if he could find someone who new how. Damned shame I liked that watch.
  3. Here in Australia I have a 2year old Hitachi 42" Plasma which is at least 1 generation old by now. It has a resolution of 1045 x 1045 and is an excellent HD set. Cost me $11,000AU new (discount price at that). Have a Toshiba HD set top box and it gives an exceptional picture with excellent clarity color and sharpness. Havent had any burn problems except once when a DVD was left running after it had finished. Was some minor burn which disappeared soon after. The station logos dont seem to worry it. This set has a Fujitsu plasma screen with Hitachi software. As there are only about 5 factories which make screens. The brand you buy will probably have another makers screen in it. I believe that even Sony are OEM screens. An excellent forum is here and has informative comments from seemingly knowledgable posters. http://www.dtvforum.info/index.php?
  4. This one is fine as long as you dont use the tactiles, but as I do a different shift every week I have to change the alarm time and thats when the trouble starts. Am looking at buying a Seiko SNJ005 Any thoughts on that??? Want one with both analogue and digital time on it. Looked at the Navigator but see in the manual that it needs synching as well.
  5. Have had this piece of junk for 18months and it has been back to get repaired 3 times as if I set my alarm or use any touch functions it doesnt always return to the correct time. It has been as much as 12 minutes out. To me this renders the watch useless as its only purpose is to tell the time correctly. At least thats what I bought it for. It is at present at the agents as I have returned it AGAIN and this time demanded a refund. Has anyone else had similar problems and if so what got done about it. The jeweller who I bought it off said that they know of a lot being returned for the same problem. Some thoughts please
  6. Well I bought one last week and every one is envious of it till I tell them the price. Here in Australia they are $1,000 and in NZ are $1350 duty free. I got mine for 20% off at $795 so how does that compare with UK. I like it apart from the fact that if you play with it it ends up covered in finger marks. I saw on here somewhere that someone had some little plastic sticky like PDAs have but vcant find the post Anyone help
  7. Hi Im tossing up between one of these and a Tissot T- Touch Any opinions or reservations on either Whats a good price for them also Seee on Ebay the Tissots go from $350-- $500 The Seikos quite a bit cheaper. They both are between $800 and $1,000 here in Australia
  8. Thanks guys for that Any ideas on values of these Can post a pic if needed
  9. I have a matching pair of these watches which were bought in Australia in the 80's for several thousand $$$. Which I think was too much. They are almost square faced with the 4 sides of the square slightly curved They are both quartz and the mans has the date at 3 oclock. Both have white faces with Roman numerals. Problem is that the mans one has been damp and the face is discoloured araound the edge. Is it worth fixing or not Can any one help as I cannot find any info on these any where on the web other than the company was founded last century but is not listed in the Swiss phonebook. Thanks
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