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  1. Cheers @marley would you say the Longines was better quality or you just preferred the look/feel?
  2. For that price I was expecting a quartz to be honest. I had the blue face automatic Conquest which was a nice watch but I ended up flipping it as I just didn't fall in love with it. I think I'm just a sucker for divers watches hence thinking about the hydroconquest. So far the only non diver watch I have fallen in love with is my Cocktail Time. Thanks @JonnyOldBoy for the sage advice as always.
  3. Okay so have been keeping my eyes open for a Hydroconquest for quite a while but can’t get one at my £400ish price point. I have found that I can get a Certina DS200 at this price and they are a fine looking watch. Does the collective think that the Longines is a better watch and therefore should I hold out? Thank you.
  4. Good morning. Seiko SKX007 today
  5. I feel bad saying this but I’m not a fan. I think I’d prefer a standard model.
  6. Personally I like nice things and I’m a bit of a magpie! I have a mixture of cheap to mid end watches in my collection and love the cheapies just as much.
  7. Got two and they are both brilliant
  8. Good for you. I’ve had three different models so far although the radio room is my personal favourite. Easy to mod too.
  9. That is a Dan Hodge. He does custom builds and limited runs. Dan hasn’t been making watches in a while but they are things of beauty (in my biased opinion of course)!
  10. I’ve gone full circle in that I’m now really, really wanting an Oris Aquis or Longines Hydroconquest. I considered both and pondered long and hard about what to buy when my watch journey first started. Didn’t buy either of them but wish I had hence my searching now.
  11. An easy on for me actually
  12. I like it. One of my all time favourite watches and the bracelet looks just right!
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