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  1. That’s a pretty good shout to be fair. They are great watches and have a rubber strap.
  2. As above really. Vostok, Seiko, Apeks are all excellent shouts
  3. Just arrived a few mins ago: Thanks @Graham60!!!
  4. I quite like these Vostok Neptun but they do have weird lugs
  5. The green dial/bezel combo is a winner! I tried on my mates dads Rolex LV a couple of weeks ago and I'm really digging green watches right now.
  6. As always chaps your opinions and advise greatly received. Food for thought!
  7. I really, really love this watch; and this one: but are way, way out of my league. So, I'm looking for a similar style/aesthetic but lower budget if you get my drift. I've seen these: but are there any other brands that might offer me an affordable alternative? As always, many thanks in advance.
  8. Had two: Currently don't own any but both of the above were very nice watches in my opinion and quite easy to fettle. Currently looking at a Komanddirskie
  9. Hi, I have a Seiko Cocktail Time and I want to try it on a bracelet. I see that there is a perfect fit strapcode version for just over £100 but I’ve seen some sub £40 Seiko bracelets on eBay with curved ends. Does any of you know if the case has the same curvature any any other Seiko models?
  10. The Bradner is a really cool looking watch!
  11. Just arrived this morning: Thank you @marley I love it.
  12. My gosh there were some absolutely gorgeous watches on show. A completely different level to my small & humble collection. Some stunners in those pics!
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