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  1. Whereas I want to say Grand Seiko I’d actually buy the Omega!
  2. Nope but there are a couple I wish I could get back.
  3. @WRENCH if only I was that handy. I’d love to have a crack at building my own but too scared!
  4. Has anyone come across these before? I really like the look and pretty inexpensive. The website is sputnik1957s.com and they may well be a load of rubbish and I always take the descriptions with a massive pinch of salt.
  5. Love the Startimer. Always fancied one of those!
  6. ^^^ what he said! ^^^ couldn’t agree more!
  7. Hey I like it…Reminds me of the old Casio’s I used to have.
  8. Easy one for me. No I don’t think I could (unless I only owned one watch). The reason being that I’ll never part with my Dan Hodge and will never have another made by him. Sorry, boring but honest answer.
  9. That my friend is an absolute stunner!
  10. I’m really digging the Braun. Very, very smart!
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