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  1. Don’t know that I’d replace anything as it looks like a nice well balanced collection. I’d suggest a Zenith Rainbow Flyback.
  2. I agree with @WRENCH the Oris is an absolute beauty!
  3. Vostok Amphibia for me too (no date to worry about)
  4. Seiko 007 new in today. Bloomin lovely!!! Thank you Mr @Diveaddiction
  5. Seiko 007 new in today. Bloomin lovely!!! Thank you Mr @Diveaddiction
  6. Well, based on your foray into modding. How about this I even started it off for you by swapping the bezel and insert.
  7. Nice work there @JayDeep Looks really good!
  8. It would be the Oris for me too
  9. To be fair I try to rotate all of my watches on a regular basis with one exception. Like @Jonesinamillion I own a D Hodge and it is only worn occasionally as it feels really special to me. @WRENCH you sir have some very nice watches there but I love that I seem to see you wearing far less expensive watches as well! Personally, I’d be wearing the Explorer all the bloody time. Love them but sadly will never own one.
  10. Sorry, it's the Cocktail Time yet again
  11. The power reserve models do look nice mate.
  12. Hey there Chris, I love it. I have to confess that I like it so much I may stop wearing any of my other watches Thanks!
  13. Hi there, you seem to have a nice broad selection of watches there. Welcome aboard.
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