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  1. I’d say GShock as well!
  2. Gorgeous looking watch. Great choice in my opinion!!!
  3. I’m not a lover of the brand but it looks pretty bloody nice in this pic ^^^
  4. I very nearly bought one of those myself when they were first released.
  5. Not anywhere near as often as I should. However, with the exception of my GShock, every time I do, I remember why I fell in love with that watch in the first place!
  6. Not a collector either. Currently only own four watches and only wear two of those in regular rotation. Will I buy more watches? Almost definitely but likely at the expense of selling/trading something I already own.
  7. ^^^ this or Longines Hydroconquest Or Oris Aquis mind you I love divers as you can probably tell.
  8. Already mentioned above but Seiko 5, Seiko Cocktail Time are all good shouts and plenty of options. Tissot Visodate is an absolute classic in my opinion. Seiko 007 always seem to look smart and lend themselves to most situations. Certainly look and feel a lot more expensive than they actually are! I’ve never owned an unmodified version mind you.
  9. My first watch was an 80s Swatch
  10. Wow, wow, wow!!! What a collection. Stunning...That is all!
  11. As @WRENCH, @JonnyOldBoy and @Graham60 said Tissot Visodate is a fantastic shout. I loved mine:
  12. Haven’t done this for ages.
  13. Well I hadn’t seen it but since my family agree that I’m a grumpy old git, I’ve set mine appropriately!
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