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  1. Looks bloody beautiful on the strap mate. Gorgeous!!!
  2. I’m with @richy176 above. A contrasting hand rather than the blue one would look better in my opinion but still a nice looking watch.
  3. Well, I don’t own any watches in that kind of price bracket but speaking from my own experience of wearing watches ranging in value from £10 to £1000. The only watch that ever got a comment was this one that cost me less than £50. I don’t think I’d ever want to own a watch I was scared to wear. Mind you I’m paranoid about banging/scratching the watches I have now so who knows what I’d actually be like if I owned anything fancy.
  4. I like it too and would certainly consider buying one. I used to love my swatch watch back in the eighties!
  5. I’m inclined to agree with the consensus above. If you like it, buy it!
  6. The black bay blue looks lovely. i take my hat of to anyone brave/clever enough to this this kind of thing.
  7. I only have two watches with batteries so just those. It was bad enough changing wall clocks and I’ve only done one of the cars so far.
  8. Haven’t done this for ages. Here’s my Wednesday Lockdown Longines Hope everyone is keeping well!
  9. Love Barton straps! All mine are quick release.
  10. I’d certainly be interested in seeing/reading about projects although changing a strap or battery is about my limit!
  11. I had 12 at one point but have dwindled them down, mainly because I wear the Hydroconquest almost all the time (please don’t kick me off the forum).
  12. To be fair I only have 3 presently Oh and I rarely switch during the day.
  13. Well imho the JLC is absolutely blooming gorgeous. I’m not personally a fan of that particular Montblanc but to be fair, if I was you, I’d go for the one you personally like after all it’s your money and your wrist.
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