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  1. I’m really digging that watch mate. Very, very nice. Wear in good health!
  2. Ha! He claimed that he would spend more on a good meal than what the car was worth. He’d just bought a brand new Jag and clearly lived in a different world to me.
  3. @Nigelp I’ve never had a Vtec and wish I had. Did have a civic but it had carbs
  4. I love the Bongo. It’s my weekend escape vehicle (before Covid-19 at least). the XJ8 was my favourite though. Even better that it was given to me as a gift from a client.
  5. I really like the navygraf heritage on their website. Looks really nice. Is that the one you have @al_kaholik? If it is then cracking choice!
  6. I like it...That’s two CW watches I’m a fan of now.
  7. As someonesaid on another post, part of collecting has been the "chase", and that has often been more enjoyable than the watch. Intheory I should enjoy what I keep more so than I do at themoment. I’d totally agree with this ^^^
  8. As yet undecided but I think it may be this today Mind you, not sure if any of my waistcoats still fasten
  9. Possibly the nicest CWwatch in my opinion. Good choice!
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