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  1. Your watch, your way. Personally, I think it looks smart on the NATO
  2. Agree with the Tag comments above. Like many, I’m a sucker for a nice vintage (or vintage inspired) timepiece. Are there too many? Probably! Having said that, I personally don’t see that many new watches that make me go wow!!! Couldn’t blooming afford them anyway
  3. Nice collection. I have a lot of love for Visodates though!
  4. Both beautiful. The pale ‘Tiffany’ blue Aquatico is a bloody peach though!
  5. @WickerBill Thanks, I really wish I never sold it and periodically think about buying another.
  6. Nice collection you have there
  7. Thanks! It is pretty smart however I’d argue that these are both very cool too in my opinion. Oh and by the way, don’t you still own a Seamaster? If Bond wears one then they must be cool!!!
  8. I’ve seen a few adverts for the Casio vintage range and quite fancy one of their gold digital watches.
  9. It’s a very pretty watch but I’m always paranoid about catching the bezel on things.
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