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  1. Pretty much this ^^^ I always try and engage the seller in conversation as well as looking at all of the above. Basically I’m trying to build an accurate picture of whether the seller is genuine or trying to pass on a lemon. Not saying I always get it right but I always attempt due diligence.
  2. Box and papers certainly isn’t a deal breaker for me, more a nice to have. I’d agree about buying the seller though… Something I always try and do. There are plenty of very good fakes out there including correct boxes plus paperwork out there unfortunately.
  3. Glad you are feeling better. Welcome back!!
  4. Possibly the best thing I’ve read on here this year so far
  5. I never wear a watch to bed but I did have a Fitbit for just over a year and wore that all the time apart from when it was charging.
  6. It’s a beautiful piece. I’d love to own a f300 at some point…Goes off to eBay
  7. Cracking watch. Looks spot on!!!
  8. I do love Super Mario but I think I'd pass on this.
  9. Both very nice watches. I love the Vostok though!
  10. Love it!!! Wear in good health
  11. Seiko Cocktail range is stunning in my opinion
  12. I had a Hydroconquest and loved it. I would absolutely love to try an Aquis so that would be my choice. I don’t even care that strap choice is limited.
  13. DJ for me out of those. I too dislike cyclops generally but that is a beautiful looking watch!
  14. Stunning work there mate. That’s awesome!!!
  15. Congratulations on the win!!!
  16. He’s a nice guy that @Davey P
  17. For me it needs to grab my attention (in a good way). Heritage is of little importance but quality definitely is.
  18. Not sure it fits the bill but how about Triwa’s Trump watch https://www.amazon.com/TRIWA-Donald-Trump-Wrist-Watch/dp/B082Y3NXN9
  19. Hmmm , try as I might, I’m not sure I could spend £25k on watches. But… Rolex Oyster Perpetual, no cyclops. Omega Seamaster 300 Glashutte Panomatic Zenith Rainbow Flyback Some haggling would need to be done perhaps and my list would probably be different.
  20. I love this. Although my lad has no real interest in watches, he does steal my DHodge diver when he goes anywhere he deems ‘smart’.
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