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  1. Had two: Currently don't own any but both of the above were very nice watches in my opinion and quite easy to fettle. Currently looking at a Komanddirskie
  2. Hi, I have a Seiko Cocktail Time and I want to try it on a bracelet. I see that there is a perfect fit strapcode version for just over £100 but I’ve seen some sub £40 Seiko bracelets on eBay with curved ends. Does any of you know if the case has the same curvature any any other Seiko models?
  3. The Bradner is a really cool looking watch!
  4. Just arrived this morning: Thank you @marley I love it.
  5. My gosh there were some absolutely gorgeous watches on show. A completely different level to my small & humble collection. Some stunners in those pics!
  6. Hi there welcome to the forum. While eBay can be hit or miss sometimes plenty of people do buy and sell using this platform. If you are a collector or enthusiast, stick around and don’t forget to post pics of your watches. We are quite a friendly bunch.
  7. As someone who now owns a Seiko SKX007 I can certainly recommend. That Certina is a lovely looking watch mind you @JonnyOldBoy
  8. The new version is my favourite too! Love the grey colour.
  9. Had one of these for 5 years. One strap and battery change but still going strong.
  10. Don’t know that I’d replace anything as it looks like a nice well balanced collection. I’d suggest a Zenith Rainbow Flyback.
  11. I agree with @WRENCH the Oris is an absolute beauty!
  12. Vostok Amphibia for me too (no date to worry about)
  13. this one again I’m afraid.
  14. Seiko 007 new in today. Bloomin lovely!!! Thank you Mr @Diveaddiction
  15. Seiko 007 new in today. Bloomin lovely!!! Thank you Mr @Diveaddiction
  16. Well, based on your foray into modding. How about this I even started it off for you by swapping the bezel and insert.
  17. Nice work there @JayDeep Looks really good!
  18. It would be the Oris for me too
  19. To be fair I try to rotate all of my watches on a regular basis with one exception. Like @Jonesinamillion I own a D Hodge and it is only worn occasionally as it feels really special to me. @WRENCH you sir have some very nice watches there but I love that I seem to see you wearing far less expensive watches as well! Personally, I’d be wearing the Explorer all the bloody time. Love them but sadly will never own one.
  20. Sorry, it's the Cocktail Time yet again
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