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  1. I think they can look really smart on the right watch. If I remember correctly @NOTSHARP had a great example of this with his 'Bitsa' Vostok which I absolutely loved. However, I've never had one myself.
  2. What he said^^^ She tolerates a lot of my nonsense. watches, cars, bass guitars, audio equipment. Mind you she has a plethora of shoes, bags, dresses...the list goes on
  3. Always keep the boxes assuming I have them. I don’t buy new watches.
  4. Well it was a Uk seller but based on what I’ve learned since, yeah probably.
  5. Bought what I thought was a bargain Favre Leuba mechanical watch not long after joining this forum. Let’s just say it was an absolute bag of poop. Don’t have any pics though.
  6. Back when I was at school (many years ago) my mate had one of the originals and I sooooooooo lusted after it. Sadly my parents couldn't afford such things so I never got one. So I blame my parents and Douglas S. It's their fault I do own one now though. Actually he got a Commodore 64 too...Lucky blighter!
  7. ^^^This is a pretty good shout! khakis are really nice.
  8. I can recommend the Certina PH200M. There are loads of Seiko options in your price point. How about a classic 007. Can be dressed up or down.
  9. One day when I’m beach body ready
  10. All of the above are correct in my opinion. Can’t talk really as three quarters of the watches I own are divers. Plus as I’ve said a few times before, I can barely swim a length.
  11. Never owned one but the watch in your link certainly looks beautiful
  12. Certina again today but just trying out the bracelet that came with it!
  13. I’ve owned a few modded watches in varying degrees: bezel, inset and strap. bezel, under and strap. bezel, insert, hands, glass, strap dial, hands, bezel, insert, strap.
  14. Both are beautiful. As above, black is more versatile but I’d still buy the white one; it’s a peach.
  15. I guess my DHodge could be considered rare in that it was part of a limited run. Plus my old Claro Beach Star was quite unusual
  16. I had this one and flipped it...Wish I hadn’t
  17. Junghans Max Bill Oris Aquis Bulova Spaceview Omega Seamaster 176.005 TV case Zenith Rainbow Flyback
  18. Well I have three divers. One on leather, one on rubber, one on bracelet. Doesn’t really matter since I can only swim a length so unlikely to get wet unless it’s raining.
  19. Looks like a Rado Diastar Ceramic based on the case style and shape but I’m no expert.
  20. My personal faves from the Yema line up are the Navygraf Heritage https://en.yema.com/products/yema-navygraf-heritage-ynav2019-am and the Yachtgraf https://en.yema.com/products/yema-yachtingraf-bronze-limited-edition-yyacz21
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