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  1. Got two and they are both brilliant
  2. Good for you. I’ve had three different models so far although the radio room is my personal favourite. Easy to mod too.
  3. That is a Dan Hodge. He does custom builds and limited runs. Dan hasn’t been making watches in a while but they are things of beauty (in my biased opinion of course)!
  4. I’ve gone full circle in that I’m now really, really wanting an Oris Aquis or Longines Hydroconquest. I considered both and pondered long and hard about what to buy when my watch journey first started. Didn’t buy either of them but wish I had hence my searching now.
  5. An easy on for me actually
  6. I like it. One of my all time favourite watches and the bracelet looks just right!
  7. Nice, I really fancy a startimer myself
  8. The Conquest I had kept excellent time. Possibly the best automatic I’ve ever had. So good in fact, I really, really want to try a Hydroconquest.
  9. Haven’t posted for a while since no new watches but have a great weekend everyone!
  10. Hmmm, I don’t have a grail watch. Perhaps there is something wrong with me. Having said that, I get infatuated with certain watches, buy them and then usually flip them so I guess similar just at a lower level.
  11. Always admired your collection. All the best chief!
  12. I wore a leather strap all last week and it coped/felt fine.
  13. I’ve had three Vostok watches now and they are pretty good value for money. I also have a Raketa Moonphase quartz watch too which is also nice. I wouldn’t go expecting refinement but I like them. I’ve bought new and used but brand New Vostok watches can be had at very reasonable prices in my opinion. Plenty of people here have Russian watches and Poljot are supposed to be very good!
  14. That’s a pretty good shout to be fair. They are great watches and have a rubber strap.
  15. As above really. Vostok, Seiko, Apeks are all excellent shouts
  16. Just arrived a few mins ago: Thanks @Graham60!!!
  17. I quite like these Vostok Neptun but they do have weird lugs
  18. The green dial/bezel combo is a winner! I tried on my mates dads Rolex LV a couple of weeks ago and I'm really digging green watches right now.
  19. As always chaps your opinions and advise greatly received. Food for thought!
  20. I really, really love this watch; and this one: but are way, way out of my league. So, I'm looking for a similar style/aesthetic but lower budget if you get my drift. I've seen these: but are there any other brands that might offer me an affordable alternative? As always, many thanks in advance.
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