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  1. That is helpful, thanks again.
  2. Thanks for that....I have a 6.75" wrist, so the lug curvature and length should be ok. Cheers.
  3. Dear Lum-Tec Could you help please with lug to lug heights on the M65 Cobalt and M72-s 40mms Thanks
  4. Affordable watches ! Order now at:


  5. Nice watches and show good taste. :thumbsup: Likewise, thanks for showing them.
  6. I concur. :thumbsup: Ignorance on my part I'm sure, but I don't normally go for these. However, yours could change my mind.
  7. Пон = Mon вто = Tue Ñре = Weds чет = Thur пÑÑ‚ = Fri Ñуб = Sat Ð²Ð¾Ñ = Sun Here you go...though I stand to be corrected :smartass:
  8. Nice collection Russ :thumbsup: I like those Kirovskies too.
  9. I think the 500 is a great car. :thumbsup: I don't have one, but do have two other Fiats and although they occasionally have their issues you get a lot of car for the money and I would buy one again. I'm assuming you've done some research like looking at Parkers and What Car reviews? If not, and you've not had a Fiat before it's worth checking them out, together with the Fiat Forum http://www.fiatforum.com/ Good luck
  10. Nice Electronics all. So will add my Gervais Penard (LIP movement). Bought as a non-runner and easily sorted by Silver Hawk. Happy New year
  11. :man_in_love: just lovely Tom :thumbsup:
  12. Hopefully an RLT 45 will kick off the New Year and when funds permit an Archimede Pilot 39 or 36mm.
  13. Nice Certina Grant. I don't have one unfortunately, but am interested in the meaning/origins of 'Bristol 190'?
  14. Good morning,

    I'm interested in the Jowissa but before recklessly committing, could you help me please with the dimensions, e.g does the width include the crown and the lug height?(I have slim wrists)



  15. Nice collection Dan, particularly the Oris, and enjoy your time on the forum :thumbsup:
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