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  1. Hi just been given an Omega Seamaster 1337 quartz from 1985 been told battery leaked blue inside any recommendations for repair the watch has significant family history so want it fixed Thanks
  2. my messages were full just emptied them :-)
  3. I know loads on ebay mainly for sale from India and from what I can see mostly re dialled or non original
  4. Managed to get in touch with him said he could not do paypal so give him my bank details as requested hopefully this will be sorted thanks chaps
  5. yes always been great in the past must be work commitments
  6. Accepted an offer on a watch from Vinbo last Monday and he told me he would get the payment sorted asap I did not hear again from him so contacted him again and he told me on Friday apologies and he would get it sorted he had been called into work. Its now been a week since he agreed to send payment and still no sign of the payment and no messages from him Anyone seen him? or can throw some light on this please? PS I did try contacting him 4 times before posting this as I prefer not to use this method unless i have no other option
  7. very nice Trig it resembles the CWC SBS Diver a lot think it suits the nato perfectly!
  8. Been a long time since I spoke to Mr Teatime (Shawn) and lost his contact info anyone got it? Thanks Mike Watchzone
  9. Anyone help me out got the below Seiko strap but no end pieces that fit in between the watch lugs not sure of strap name or where to source any help would be great! as the horrible git i got it off kept them
  10. Lol wear them in good health pal glad you are happy :-)
  11. Sure it will turn up mate I know how you feel Customs are a right pain particularly if a battery powered watch however knowing you I would say 99% not a quartz :-) Hope it turns up soon
  12. I agree far better to switch to a renal only diet then no need for the binders plus the cost savings from not buying them enables you to afford a proper renal diet (1 pouch/carton is equivalant to 2/3 normal food pouches) Lets not forget the only reason for binders is to make sure the cat gets rid of the phosphorous and renal diet has mega low levels of this so really no point in using them in my opinion Another point to note is renal food isn't just a restricting agent of phosphorous but also it has ingredients which make the cat feel good and provide less stress on internal organs.
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