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  1. Hi Mike Worth persevering with Watchco - have you given them the case ref numbers inside the back? Bienne will not give you a dial unless you send the watch to them for service -price will be in line with STS. Are STS offering you a new dial or a redial - the former I'd hope. And do they have a bezel for it? If it is £360 for a service, new bezel and new dial then I would say it would be just about worth it if it only cost you £5. They are Omega's authorised vintage repair agent so you get a factory standard job and a 2 year warranty. By the time you get a watchco dial, have a bezel made, pay for a service and possibly other parts, you might be looking at a good part of £360 anyway. You would have difficulty recouping your costs if you wanted to sell it later so whatever you do make sure the watch is a definite keeper before lashing out the money on it Cheers Si
  2. Yeah, I know. No harm in trying though Si
  3. Hello Roy Will you be doing a special price for 5's or 10's of the cases? Foggy showed me one, they are pretty handy. Si
  4. Potentially great watch Mike. Have you tried Omega themselves, either at Bienne (email enquiry form on the website) or Swiss Time Services UK to see if they have a dial for that case ref? I'd also echo Roy's suggestion of Watchco (Ebay seller name is "watchco-australia" AFAIR) - worth asking them even if they are not listing one at the time. Was the £360 a quote from Omega themselves? Personally I'd be holding out for an original dial from somewhere rather than a redial. One will eventually show up. Good luck with it. Si
  5. Mine: The rotor appears much deeper than a normal rotor, to give mass presumably. Si
  6. Hi Phil Welcome. A few pics of my only example of the genre below. I have seen claims on the net that this was the first dual-display watch, or the first ana-digi. Any truth in that? Si Not the most appealling movement I've ever seen: Si
  7. By the way the reason I found that Ebay one was because I was looking at all the recent purchases and related items for an Ebayer called king-of-valjoux72, out of curiosity. Most interesting. Si
  8. Here is a Swiss Emperor that was sold on Ebay - you're right Neil, must get it back off my dad: Ebay Emperor Interesting little snippet from the seller: Well I think its interesting anyway Si
  9. Do you have a pic of the chrono? I had one of these, it was an excellent watch and had a great dial and, best of all, a Valjoux 72 inside. I'll try and find a pic. I gave it to my dad. The case is in fact exactly the same as on this:
  10. Hi Neil Looks good on the new strap, unusual watch. A keeper? Si
  11. I'm glad you are happy with it, Paul. Good to see the movement isn't a pile of rust Si
  12. What a disgusting watch. It must have taken quiet a bit of time and effort to make that case. Melt it down again I say. It would go well with one of these, for "gentlemen" apparently, same seller: Mmm nice Si
  13. Many thanks Roy. Does this heating process not affect the slots of the screws then? Simon
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