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  1. I have the above automatic watch, which can be hand wound and features a power reserve meter. I've been using it for around 3 years but unfortunately two problems have occured: 1) If the watch stops moving, it only holds power for around 2 hours. It used to have around a 36 hour reserve. 2) The power reserve meter hovers around the top 80% of the guage, never dropping to the bottom. Once wound the guage rises very slightly, i.e. by a couple of mm. Whilst the watch is holding power, it keeps very good time. The model is AR4606 if you want to Google it. Interweb research suggests it is fitted with a Seagull ST1780 or ST17 movement. I'm under no illusions, this is a cheap "fashion" watch with a Chinese movement. However, it's a nice looking watch and I would like to keep it running. Anyone know what the problem may be and who could fix it? None of my local shops deal with Emporio Armani.
  2. I've been umming and ahhing over the new range of RLTs for a while now. The carbon, unitas and diver models all look amazing but I wondering if 44mm will be too big for my wrist. I have slender 6 3/4" wrists, which are quite flat, and fairly large hands. I've tried a 46mm Glycine which looked ridiculous on me, but my 42mm Eco-Drive is a nice size. The lug-to-lug on the Glycine was actually as wide as my wrist. My guess is I could probably wear a 44mm if the lugs aren't too big or the case has a lot of curvature. Any other dainty-wristed peeps out there who could comment on the fit of Roy's new watches?
  3. Ok, thanks. Btw, could anyone post pics of the silver version? I'm trying to decide weather to get the silver or black one and some more pics of the silver would be most helpful.
  4. Im loving the RLT70 in black, first watch to make me go wow in a long time. The last time a watch made me grin was when I got my RLT39 :D Anyway, three questions: 1) Are the hour markers painted or applied 'blocks'? 2) Are they lumed? 3) Are they pure white or to they have the slight tint you get with some lumed markers? It's hard to tell from the photos.
  5. Affordable watches ! Order now at:


  6. It suits certain people well, i.e. ones with no taste. If you like max power and own a car with "aftermarket parts" you will probably like the monster. Lol no, seriously, it looks good on people that can get away with all that shiny stainless and aggresive styling, but not for me.
  7. Got to say the new automatic Zodiacs are in a completely different league to Fossil in terms of case, bracelet, appearance and attention to detail. Really, they are up there with the proper Swiss makes for case and bracelet (if not surpassing them in terms of value for money). The Achilles heal may be the movement. The CL888 has both is critics and fans. As the ST16 it's based on is a good solid cheapo movement, I would still consider the CL888 Zodiacs, but only at a discount (30%+). I was lucky to get one with an ETA. I wouldn't go near the quartz Zodiacs though (or any quartz for that sort of money). (and I agree about the Fossils, I had an auto for a while, which looked good until the movement packed up. It went back to Amazon.)
  8. You're living dangerously. You know she will find out eventually, they always do... I just tell mine outright now. She just says "Watch fetish!" gives me a withering look, and goes back to what she was doing. It's the easiest way. :)
  9. I've got a Zodiac Astrographic 2007 (i.e. Fossil). Very well made, SUPERB bracelet and in this case an ETA movement. I also tried on a new Oceanaire; big, impressive watch and felt well made. Chinese movement finished in Switzerland (CL888), which puts some people off, but an excellent watch for the money IMO. Zodiac are not a big make - so you should angle for a discount, even from a highstreet chain. There's also a ZMX 04 with the CL888 movement. Not my cup of chai, but it's a big chunky watch and should be as well made.
  10. I think I've posted on this subject before. You could be showing the common psychological phenomenon of post purchase (or cognitive) dissonance, where you worry that you could have made a better purchase in some way. This is especially so if the purchase was financially significant to you. I could go on for many paragraphs so google it if you want more info. It is a common issue and of much interest in the study of marketing. It looks like a very nice watch to me, and I think given a few more weeks you will be able to justify it to yourself. If you really cannot justify your purchase in any way, it's time to sell it. Do not rush to get rid of it though, because you may regret doing so in the future.
  11. Haven't taken it swimming, but my Eco Drive Military 100m has stood up to the challenges of the bath, shower and kitchen sink.
  12. Don't know about the PM, but I used to like ACT! It's been bought up by Sage now and don't know if it's still good. It's designed as CRM and contact tracking, but it very easy, amongst CRM software, to set up and customise to individual requirements. If you want to get your hands dirty you could configure it to do some basic project tracking. Look into it and see if it will do enough for you.
  13. Not normally a Breitling fan, but the first one is really rather nice.
  14. +1 A dishwasher in a house must be up there in the top ten "waste of money" items no matter who makes it. Buy her a pair of Marigolds :lol: :lol: :lol: Actually I've done exactly that. :) It's much cheaper than a dishwasher, but time will tell if I can be arsed to keep it up. If I do get a d/w it will be a Miele. (yes I do the washing up, not the Mrs, but there are rewards ;) )
  15. I know this is a bit lame but I really can't make my mind up. I need a new watch, got to be smart but not too bling and not too expensive as it will take a few knocks in my line of work. I've narrowed it down to This Citizen Ecodrive AT0660-05F, or this Seiko 4r16 automatic SRP017K1 What do you think? TIA
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