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  1. Mr Cracker I noticed your Wolverine avatar, you play MVC3 or Street Fightet 4 at all?
  2. Thanks William, I guess what I am trying to get at, is that is either method fine for water resistance purposes?
  3. I often see photos and videos of watches with their caseback opened. When screwing back down the caseback, does the o ring gasket have to be placed back on to the caseback or can it be left in the groove of the case before screwing down?
  4. Everyone loves lume, I especially love blue lume. How much we actually need it is another question.
  5. Wow that is impressive well done!
  6. Just remember, you pay for what you get. I thought of buying some cheaper toolkits before and they broke after one use.
  7. Welcome fella and nice username!
  8. And I am surprised nobody else has mentioned the new Battlefield, come on 64 player warfare! Forget COD, I hate campers!
  9. Looks like its split between the 2 giants. One thing I will say is that Microsoft have made some changes and you no longer need to stay connected to the Internet and you can chafe games. What I am pissed off about is the lack of backwards comparability. Personally I am leaning towards the Xbox only because as a fighting game player I want to play the new killer instinct game. The best games will be released on both platforms anyway. My advice is if you play online with mates, just make sure you get the Same as them. Oh and for the Sony guys, you now have to pay to play online
  10. If that is what you have been quoted and it includes VAT it's a no brainer! Go for it.
  11. Much better, the green bezel as a bit too much IMO
  12. I'm most looking forward to Battlefield 4, but as it will be on both consoles I'm undecided.
  13. I have an Orient Mako in blue that I might be thinking of selling soon if you are interested?
  14. Yunsung


    For £1500 you can find a good used Moonwatch Speedy. Oh an welcome!
  15. Nice find and a bargain for a the cost of a drink
  16. Yeah I thought the prices the OP quoted were a bit cheap.
  17. Don forget that Breitling will offer 24 months warranty as opposed to 12 months from an independent.
  18. Cheers, its a 7750 movement so not difficult to service. I just tried reading reviews on them but could not find much. In surprised there's not more info on them seeig as they have been around a while.
  19. Hi I'm just wondering if anybody has used them? They look like your typical high street repairer who might do worse to a watch. Reason I ask is because I have been offered a watch that was serviced by them and this is something that I am worried about. Thanks for your help
  20. Maybe ask a close relative to loan you the money and pay them back slowly to hide the initial outgoing?
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