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  1. Zodiac are floating my boat at the moment
  2. Not for me, thanks for posting though. Somethings going on with the proportions - can’t put my finger on it , just don’t look right to me
  3. My mate came off his high powered motorcycle literally ripping his seamaster off his arm and sending it spinning across the road - 40mph minimum I believe, I can’t remember the whole story but he broke something bike was screwed but a new strap and polish and the watch was back on his wrist. I think it’s easy to molly coddle things, would I wear a nice auto whilst using a jack hammer - no, but for stuff like sports etc I wouldn’t worry. It’s gonna need a service eventually , give them something to do other than dust it off !
  4. Im so tempted by this watch , looks great. im wearing a recent acquisition, and an even more recent strap which came today from strap code, this is one very comfortable strap and so adjustable, it’s brilliant.
  5. planet ocean on new gecko tropic strap which arrived today - like it so far
  6. Some lovely watches on wrists today - me, I just cannot get enough of this!
  7. I had not thought of that ! - great idea! Ill get looking thanks for the comment
  8. loving this on the retro expandable strap
  9. Really like his videos, his taste differs from mine a fair bit but he makes a decent video. Like his modding videos and actually building the courage up to do a crystal replacement on a skx Pepsi I’ve just bought. I like what he did the this Casio but I can’t wear it, looks too big on my small wrists
  10. Nice! I’ve been ooooogling the zodiacs too recently ! Want a sea wolf but unlikely any time soon ! That’s a beauty for sure !!
  11. Knackered movement I reckon. Ive got two old watches that do this , sometimes I can jump start them by gently pushing the second hand , they then work for a bit. I’d send it into the:and get the movement replaced personally.
  12. Grandads old seiko - bought a roached old seiko in a charity shop this morning - the watch is gonna be ok for spares but the strap is nice and suits this seiko sport nicely - £3.65 not bad for a new strap like this.
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