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  1. I reckon it looks rather good from the trailer (was a bit sceptical when I first heard about it) - I do think the trailer gives away who the spy is though! I might have to watch it just to find out if I'm right!
  2. Why does nobody just type "thewatchforum.co.uk" and go directly to the site (I realise new traffic won't come through that way) - it's like getting the map out to find your way home from work every day?
  3. you would probably be better served to start with, using lightroom (or aperture if you have a mac) which will help organise/catalogue your photos and includes basic editing/adjustment tools - my advice: be organised from the beginning, you'll understand once you have a few thousand photos! (if you don't already). I find i rarely use PS or an editing suite, but fine tune a lot of my photos in Aperture. oh and back-up!!!!
  4. just dropped an order in for an explorer2 - look like every improvement i wanted on the original has been made! got to be worth a punt!
  5. I've got the chrono version in blue - it does probably wear slightly larger than 41mm suggest, but not a lot. I like it and the fact it's a quartz means it's become my go to watch for work. The only thing I don't like is the clasp on the bracelet - it's a little bit like putting a Japanese quality door on a German car! (Slightly tinny) Other than that quality is good and it looks good on the wrist.
  6. I'm with you on the light sabre (although I was hoping it was going to be a bit more thunder cats style!)
  7. It's an interesting read thanks - Pelagos for me! Is it just me, or would anyone else pick a Tudor over a Rolex (even if price was irrelevant) - rolex just don't quite do it for me - I think it's the hands!
  8. Must say, I love the design and the "toolness" of it - just not sure on the dial or hands
  9. Clearly they don't know what they are talking about - mentos and coke are the clean fuel of the future! Don't worry, one day someone will see it was actually you that was responsible and not those, short sighted geniuses!
  10. I hadn't, but mainly because i didn't know there was any such thing! - any idea where i can a) find out more about it, and B) get it done?
  11. as per the title, looking for somewhere to get a watch (that currently has a worn looking PVD finish, bead blasted?
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