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  1. Glen Marnoch islay from Aldi. nice,peaty,smokey and for £17.99 very good value.
  2. Tried the Naked Grouse last night, its a step up from the the famous grouse. very nice, honey and smokey taste to me. was on special in sainsburys for £20 instead of £26.
  3. Talisker and laphroig for me, i love the strong bonfire in your mouth flavours. ARDBERG was the just TOO peaty and smokey for me,very medicinal taste. annoying as the bottle cost me fifty quid!
  4. The liquid is about 3 quid a bottle. if you smoke heavily, you can use a bottle a week. mine lasts two weeks.
  5. the evo twist work for me and colleague at work, he was on 60 fags a day! hes saving a fortune.
  6. Thanks chaps. good stuff. i will block my pellets from going outside my boundry
  7. thanks for the info. ive just moved house, the gardens approx 100ft + its open fields at the back. i bought the gun off a guy at work today, im gagging to get it home and have a go!!
  8. hi, just acquired one of these rifles. just wondered if anyone knows if its a decent gun? any advice would be appreciated, i am a complete novice!
  9. your quite right about the reviews. i wish i had tried the old bottling. http://www.masterofmalt.com/whiskies/black-bottle-old-bottling-whisky/
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