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  1. That's another lovely watch – the chunkiest Favre-Leuba I have seen.
  2. Thanks for all the help. Heard of the Sea King and Sea Chief, but never the Sea Bird – nice watch. I'm guessing my Duomatic is mid-70s. Does that seem about right?
  3. Hi, What a great forum and and an invaluable source of information! I was wondering whether anyone might be able to tell me a bit more about this Favre-Leuba Duomatic http://i835.photobuc...d/F-L_Duo_4.jpg http://i835.photobuc...d/F-L_Duo_3.jpg http://i835.photobuc...d/F-L_Duo_2.jpg http://i835.photobuc...d/F-L_Duo_1.jpg I'd be grateful for any information, especially something about the movement. Thanks
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