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  1. Thanks guys---- the dial is not named. It's a 15 jewel,3 adjustments and the case is a DUEBER ,which I beleive was out of Canton,Ohio. Swiss movement,compensated balance/overcoil hairspring. I don't see any calibre or import code. There is a trademark,crossed "V" with a K in the centre (see pics.) I might try to get some american trademark info. Microlisk doesn't have anything on this. Many thanks for your replies
  2. Does anyone know anything about Elsinore? I have a pocketwatch which I think is circa 1920 ,15 jewels,3 adj. ,can not see any caliber ref. Nothing online about this maker. Any info much appreciated
  3. Looks like a 50s watch. Can not find anything at all about this maker. Can anyone out there help please?
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