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  1. That is a very lovely looking thing. Roman numerals on a wrist watch would normally be an instant turn off but on a pocket watch they look perfect. Beautifully simple, simply beautiful
  2. I used the half link in my Hydro bracelet but I hear what you are saying re the weight, though I tend to hear my bracelets a bit loose so they do sit right at the bottom of my wrist. As for NATO’s, I’ve used MonkeySwag a few times and they are very decent quality for not a lot of money.
  3. I appreciate this won’t help with the weight / chunkyness but Longines do a half link for their conquest bracelet which was a revelation fit-wise for me.
  4. danoafc

    Remove a letter

    Crowning Crowing Rowing Owing Wing Win In I Actually dunno if this is allowed as I think Wrench has the root of this group already? Didn’t see that at first
  5. The Boxer was the smallest of the 3, followed by the Strika (which I had in black and I thought I was a complete badass, and the Grifter which was the biggest. However there was a boy on my street who owned a Mongoose BMX with mag wheels. The absolute b*****d!!
  6. I like that white dialled version. I must admit I’m rather taken with much of Farer’s range, particularly the chronographs.
  7. Thanks. Yeah, Pavel has an Instagram page which is https://instagram.com/neptunestraps?igshid=dhnv6o2sp8y2 I’ve probably had 5 or 6 straps off him over the years and the quality is incredible for the cost. He is a really good guy and is happy to make straps to your exact specifications for the same price. you can drop him a pm on here - he’s called miterant.
  8. Actually thinking about it, I think Pavel uses the name Miterant on here. I think he’s Pav79 over on the dark side Still, it’s a lovely piece of work either way!
  9. Just received this strap today which Pavel has made specifically to fit my Hamilton with its double tang buckle. The quality is really rather fantastic, and I have to say I’m chuffed to bits with it.
  10. These are both very good looking watches!
  11. I’m not sure this film has been mentioned on here other than this link but it’s a staggering, engaging and moving piece of work which provides an extraordinary snapshot its what life was life for the troops during The Great War. I can’t recommend it highly enough, it’s an absolute masterpiece from Peter Jackson.
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