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  1. I’m not sure this film has been mentioned on here other than this link but it’s a staggering, engaging and moving piece of work which provides an extraordinary snapshot its what life was life for the troops during The Great War. I can’t recommend it highly enough, it’s an absolute masterpiece from Peter Jackson.
  2. Not necessarily ‘greatest round of boxing’ but the first meeting between Jonny Tapia and Paulie Ayala in 1999. I watched it just on the off-chance with my brother as there was nowt else on the telly box, and it was a proper 12 round tear up which Ayala won on points.
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    Hello Stew. I think this is in the current model line up. SPC087. The first number on the serial number denotes the year of manufacture (so in this case as it’s in the current range I’d imagine it’s 2014). The decade can be a bit tricky so you need to try and research the dates which a model or the movement was produced between. The second digit refers to the month, so this would be Feb. So I’d imagine Feb 2014 for this one. I’m impressed at how attractive these are. The guilloche dial is lovely.
  4. My wife bought tickets for my birthday at the back end of last year to go and see a presentation by Colonel Chris Hadfield at The Bridgewater Hall in Manchester this evening. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but was totally blown away in the 90 minutes he spoke for. The night was engaging, informative, educational, thought provoking, funny and downright awe inspiring. And the man himself? Well it’s hard not to be impressed. A CV which is literally ‘out of this world’, a musician, a scientist, a military test pilot, astronaut and commander of the ISS. And he speaks fluent Russian. If you get chance to see his presentation/hear him speak, I’d highly recommend it!
  5. I bought this on DVD months ago but have only just got around to watching it, and can’t recommend it highly enough. As a boy who was born 2 years after the last moon landings I've always been fascinated by space travel (I wrote to NASA as a star struck 10 year old and got an amazing thick package of documents and photos back from them) and would have LOVED to have witnessed the moon landings. It’s a brilliantly told story with insightful interviews and incredible footage, and I’m sure anyone who is even remotely interested would enjoy it immensely.
  6. Pah! That’s speedposting!! 5 and a half years its taken me to accumulate my 604 posts!! I’d like to imagine they were all insightful, enlightening nuggets of pure wisdom, but most of them were probably absolute shizzle! Nice collection though!
  7. Hi JIMMY i appreciate I’m about a month late on this but Steve Burrage at Ryte Time in Leicester did a cracking job on my SKX007 after my youngest dropped it onto a hard floor when he was just a nipper. He repaired the damage and I also asked him to service the movement as well, but to his credit he got back in touch with me and said it didn’t need a service and he’d be taking money off me needlessly if he did service it. If you do a google search for Ryte Time in Leicester you’ll find his contact details on there.
  8. I think I might be double or even triple waisted after the Christmas splurge Mach!!! Either that or some swine has swapped my work shirts for ‘skinny fit’ ones!
  9. Goodnight and God bless Mr Levity. Sincere condolences to all the family.
  10. These 2 for me. The Tissot is definitely a summer watch though.
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    Happy Birthday Steve!
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