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  1. Had the Shark on all weekend, felt like keeping it on today, it really is my favourite but I like to wear it sparingly so as to keep it in tip top condition!
  2. Its on a generic 90's tag bracelet, I have the Heuer one but it was clearly for a child as it won't go around my chubby wrists! I am leaning it on the work surface as well, (as you can see the top of it is pulled down, it normally sits pretty flush
  3. Humming away this morning, went nearly 2 years on the last battery so going strong!
  4. I like it! but I have a very odd liking for a beat up diver/sports watch! I have done a couple up (my Tag for example looked like this to start with) but then I love watching rebuilder guy and barn finds on you tube, seem to have a thing for neglected items being brought back to life!
  5. This has become my dress watch of first choice, I always used to use my manual winds or automatic Omega watches for this purpose but the ease of a quartz and the classic yet funky styling of this one really does it for me! The bracelet is also really comfortable and doesn't show its age at all.
  6. what a great story thanks for sharing!
  7. I have exactly the same hummer like that one, it is one of my favourite watches, I love listening to it hum and telling people of a time period after mechanical but before quartz, I did once give a watch as a present to someone a CWC g10 Birthyear watch (1982 so in demand as it was the Falklands war that year) the recipient managed to smash the face within a week and 3 years on it still hasn't seen the light of day again, would it be rude to ask for it back? Other than that I dont really let watches go!
  8. Afternoon Gang Little Oris love for me today, its a little small by modern standards but I think it looks great!
  9. Afternoon All Seiko 1978 for me today, it really doesn't feel or look like a 40 year old watch to me!
  10. Lovely watch, reminds me I need to get mine going again! It has sat in the to do box for too long! For me today we have a nice Swatch chrono I don't think this has seen the light of day since last year so due a day in the sun
  11. Been out of the loop for a week or two since I left my phone on top of my car and drove off! after a screen change amazingly it still worked but I was locked out and lost everything as my laptop chose that week to crash too! so no back up re logging into things left right and center! But I am back! Casio today impulse purchase after seeing @Tazmo61's on here! still love it and it has replaced the Tag 1000 as the daily driver!
  12. Ha Ha I was actually quite impressed that you got a sensible answer to start with! I like all technology, Smart watches are the Pocket watches of their day, Technology advances and I have an admiration for old and new! I wear a smart watch and I wear a 1947 Hamilton wrist watch and on smart occasions I get my 1910 silver pocket watch out. Can't help you on the watches in the states, but enjoy your purchase.
  13. I really like the yacht timer my seiko yacht timer broke :-( looking around for a replacement
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