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  1. hummer today,definately a 70's child...
  2. built this yesterday,dial was trimmed down to suit the case,40mm case has a thick plexiglass,hands were relumed with superluminava C3,movement for a change is a seiko NH36, had a rummage and came up with the jubilee bracelet.HAGWEE.
  3. home brewed beastie today,have a good one everybody..
  4. built this yesterday,case is chinese with internal rotating bezel,all metal including bezel mechanism and brass movement spacer/holder.chinese hands which i relumed with superluminova C3.the movement is my usual miyota 8215..just for once everything fitted together nicely no trimming or fettling required..
  5. Melbourne Watch Co "Portsea" fresh in from our esteemed host Roy.
  6. put this together from leftover bits yesterday.. wow,that looks like a child of the seventies,superb
  7. you are very welcome Davey,looks good on that strap,wear in good health Sir
  8. excellent choice,cant beat a speedy moon.wont be parting with mine anytime soon.wear in good health sir
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