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  1. 14ct gold movado museum watch with zenith handwinding movement from obout 1973 i think..
  2. 9ct gold MuDu extra flat today. That sir,is a thing of beauty,absolutely superb.
  3. homebuilt bronze today.HAGWEE.
  4. 9ct gold omega geneve from 1962 today..
  5. Benrus from the 1930's..not worn this for years,its a bit small for my great wrist.the velour case its in is the original.
  6. hi,thanks for the kind words. the bracelet is not the original,its a Montal rolled gold bracelet of the same era.they were/are very good quality and mostly have a racheting clasp for an exact fit.
  7. thats a beatifull watch,the dial is stunning,enjoy in good health sir!
  8. swop the hands for something more legible Roy then you can enjoy your watch.you can always swop them back when you sell it.not in the same price bracket but i changed the hands on this for the very same reason.not as elegant as the originals but at least i can tell the time at a glance..
  9. 18ct gold Denison cased seamaster today.
  10. fancied a bit of vintage bling today, Longines ultronic hummer on Montal rolled gold bracelet with racheting clasp...
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