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  1. hi,since i made that post i have become the owner of a seiko bullhead and although thats a big lump its quite comfy on leather.enjoy your new watch, its a lovely looking beast.
  2. jubilee looks really nice,much better than the plainer oyster..its a lovely watch on either.
  3. modified bronze precista showing an interesting patina..HAGWEE..
  4. here you go Jon ebay item no 182777349545.have to say though i had to press the crystal out and put the case up in the lathe to machine it so the movement sat deeper in the case before the stem would fit.i have found although these chinese cases are superb for the money there is always something that needs modifying or fettlling in some way or another,cheers kevin
  5. still with the latest homebuild today..
  6. latest home build today,this one is an obvious homage .i built it because i liked the colour of the dial,movement is a hand winding swiss 6497.HAGWEE..
  7. this is my view also,got scammed on a mobile phone site, my negative review including order no etc dissapeared within a week but phony positive reviews were still being posted.luckily i had paid by credit card and got a full refund.
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