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  1. thank you for those kind words Sir,the quality of parts from the Far East has improved greatly in the time i have been making watches.the glidelock action on this watch is as smooth as my sub C..
  2. home built KMK GMT today,movement is DG3804 .i got the nice man from aliexpress to put my initials on the dial..HAGWEE.
  3. built this about 18 months back.movement is a hand winding Asian 6947.the dial i had to trim down to fit the case..
  4. hi Honour ,i enjoyed reading that,a very interesting article .well done
  5. i have a couple of watches that i have fitted with the chinese DG3804 ,the movement that these GMT homages use i iam most impressed with their timekeeping.the pagani design brand has a good reputation .i have seen some of their watches and the fit and finish is excellent for the price
  6. wear in good health Sir,great choice,i have that model too.
  7. still with the homebuilt KMK GMT today..
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