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  1. seamaster from 1958 today,18ct Denison case 501 movement.
  2. homebuilt lefty again today HAGWEE.
  3. hi all,had a rummage through my bits and pieces yesterday evening and came up with enough parts to build this.case is an ebay explorer type which i brush finished,movement is a DG2813.not my favorite movement but i already had it.just to make it a little different i assembled it with the crown on the left,cheers GM..
  4. post deleted ,imgur messing me about,happy new year every body..
  5. hi,i had the same problem with an Avenger 2 .breitling say the crown tube cannot be replaced and a whole new case is required,not so.Simon 2 did an excellent job of fitting a generic crown and tube for a fraction of the price of replacing the case..
  6. hi all ,decided to make myself a watch for the festive season,miyota 8215 auto movement,hands [relumed with C3] and dial and perlon from ebay.dont think i will have it for long mrs GM has taken a shine to it,cheers GM.
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