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  1. it is indeed,came to me on another watch,google vario watch straps ,they have a good range
  2. speedy on harris tweed strap this morning.
  3. Hi ,can only speak from personal experience here,the ,with the DG2813,the dial, hands and movement holders all interchange with the miyota 8125.the miyota is my go to movement when building a watch,they are bulletproof,reliable and very reasonably priced.the DG2813 can give good reliable service but i find it does not like being messed with.i have had two of these break off the second hand mounting staff when removing hands with the correct tools.i have 5 watches with miyota 8125 and i have never seen the second hands stutter,but i know they are known for it,something to do with the way the se
  4. i really like that,bronze and beautiful brown dial go together very well,its a historically classy piece.enjoy in good health sir. i have a 40mm big crown pointer in stainless,its a keeper.
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