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  1. home build today based on a royal oak homage case,this wears big although its only a 42mm case see how it looks on my 8" wrist.. .
  2. philip 7750 chrono.......................................some will wake up this morning feeling bad....s
  3. ebay 203028284016 cheap as chips but seem strongly made and when broken in ,very comfy..i have bought these in several lug widths,at that price it would be rude not to..
  4. i have a toolroom lathe in my workshop,not really dinky enough to make movement parts[not that i am capable] but handy enough to machine up a bezel,modify a case and make movement holders etc.i have used my mill to modify bracelet links .handy things to have...
  5. lovely,wear in good health sir,i have the no date model,hope you enjoy it as much as i have mine.
  6. nice mechaquartz beater for me today.
  7. i had it two or 3 years,bought it on impuse from the sales forum over on the darkside , i am by no means an expert on these but as far as i can gather they were only made for a couple of years and for the JDM only,other dial colours were metallic red and metalillic blue.wears nice but a bit on the high on the wrist due to the shape of the case.being JDM it came with a short bracelet so i have to use a clasp extender to get it on my 8"wrist.all in all a nice pleasing thing to have in a collection,
  8. seiko SUS from 1998 today..
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