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  1. seagull 2903 powered alpha chronograph today,a recent aquisition.alpha's fit and finish have improved dramatically since the last one i had.
  2. the second of my two 18ct gold seamasters today,this ones from 1960.how did i end up with two watches nearly the same? dont ask.
  3. i bought a watch from Aliexpress,it was cr@p,very different watch to the one in the item description..i opened a dispute process with Aliexpress.they sent me a prepaid postage label which i used to send the watch back.in two weeks i had a complete refund.i have found them to to be very buyer orientated when it comes to disputes,the seller does not get any money untill the item is delivered and the customer is happy..take a couple of photos and start a dispute process,dont bother with the seller,hope you get it sorted..
  4. picked this up unexpectively yesterday. runs well and keeps good time
  5. 18ct gold seamaster from 1958 today.
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