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greasemonk's Feedback

  1. Roy left Positive feedback   

    Always a pleasure.

    greasemonk was The Buyer

  2. PC-Magician left Positive feedback   

    Top man to sell to no problems at all and a gentleman.

    greasemonk was The Buyer

  3. PC-Magician left Positive feedback   

    top of the range buyer no issues at all a very prompt payer.

    greasemonk was The Buyer

  4. Allthingsmustpass left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Merging Pictures
    Excellent guy to deal with, thank you Kevin.

    greasemonk was The Seller

  5. pauluspaolo left Positive feedback for a topic   

    caligraph duneshore automatic
    Excellent to deal with - watch is better than described & Kevin was a pleasure to deal with :)

    greasemonk was The Seller

  6. marley left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Hamilton King Khaki automatic PRICE DROP
    great guy to deal with many thanks.fast delivery, lovely watch, good price well wrapped...whats not to like!!

    greasemonk was The Seller

  7. bridgeman left Positive feedback   

    Smooth as silk, brilliant seller

    greasemonk was The Seller

  8. Ptgrav left Positive feedback   

    Bought a lovely Accurist watch from Kevin. Watch exactly as described. Posted promptly, and well packaged.

    greasemonk was The Seller

  9. smithswatches left Positive feedback   

    nice watch very quick delivery thanks again

    greasemonk was The Seller

  10. chocko left Positive feedback   

    Would recommend Greasemonk paid Friday recived Saturday .Watch better than expected .

    greasemonk was The Seller

  11. Robden left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for an easy transaction K. Any time.

    greasemonk was The Buyer

  12. scottswatches left Positive feedback   

    very happy, pleasure to deal with. Many thanks

    greasemonk was The Seller

  13. mcb2007 left Positive feedback   

    Another smooth transaction with Kevin .

    greasemonk was The Buyer

  14. mcb2007 left Positive feedback   

    Another trouble free transaction with Kevin .

    greasemonk was The Buyer

  15. badgersdad left Positive feedback   

    Another great and easy deal.

    greasemonk was The Seller

  16. badgersdad left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Eichmuller pilot
    Great communication and quick delivery. Gent.

    greasemonk was The Seller

  17. Krispy left Positive feedback   

    Very easy to deal with - top man!

    greasemonk was The Seller

  18. martinzx left Positive feedback   

    Just received the lovely Orient King Diver, a pleasure to deal with you Kevin, you are a total gentleman, thanks very much!

    greasemonk was The Seller

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