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  1. thats really beautiful.. seamaster chronostop from 1967 ..
  2. homebrewed bronze fliegher with Browning M1903..
  3. 16610 today,bought this a few months back,but have hardly worn it,giving it a go today....
  4. thanks for those kind words,i enjoy making them and its an reasonably affordable pleasure...
  5. home brewed fliegher today,39mm CUSN8 bronze case,dial and hands[relumed C3] from ebay sellers,NH35 movement from Cousins,have a good Easter everbody..
  6. another homebuild today,case and dial from chinese ebay sellers,hands also but i relumed them with C3.rubber strap with glidelock clasp from aliexpress,miyota 8125 from cousins.wasn't sure about an all black sub but i am liking it at the moment.
  7. Melbourne Portsea today HAGWEE
  8. another blingy home build today..
  9. latest homebuild today,miyota 8215 powered,bit blingy but i like that.case is 40mm and hands have been relumed with C3..
  10. not my favorite dial but certainly the most interesting.dual time zones ,calender and power reserve.coming to a sales corner near you soon ..
  11. a rehashed nh36 powered homebuild this morning.looks like i have scratched the plexiglass already .
  12. sorry ,i like it,shes got no taste ,she married me
  13. hummer today,definately a 70's child...
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