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  1. thank you for those kind words Sir,i love the old beast
  2. i think its a great looking watch,the dial is very distinctive in a good way.enjoy it in good health Sir.
  3. seamaster from 1959,18ct gold denison case on Omega BOR bracelet
  4. big ol'lump of diver today HAGWEE.
  5. agree with chas on this ,i have several "prestige" watches but get a real buzz out of assembling a miyota powered homebuild or buying a second hand micro brand watch.the ones out of the safe get a lot more wear than those in it.
  6. willard again today,machined the bezel yesterday so i can fit rolex style ceramic inserts properly.HAGWEE.
  7. great post and the looks watch really nice Jon, but it will need friends ,take it from one so addicted,its not such a bad rabbit hole to disappear down, cheers kevin
  8. trench watch from 1917,browning M1903 pistol from 1914.
  9. homebuilt diver today HAGWEE.
  10. hi all,bought this sterile 6105 homage from our forums sponser and all round good bloke Roy .i had only only had it for a couple of ours before starting to mod it .fitted an orange tuna dial.this gave problems as when fitted to the case there was too much orange showing on the outer edge of the dial.i overcame this by machining up a custom aluminium chapter ring with a smaller inside diameter covering up the offending space at the edge of the dial.the watch had silver hands which can be hard to see at certain angles against a light coloured dial.i overcame this by spraying them satin black then reluming them with superluminova C3.the bezel insert is one i had around.i think i like it as it is now but that can change ....
  11. big ol' lump of bronze, homebuilt tuna today..
  12. seamaster from 1958 in 18ct gold Denison case..
  13. still with the modded mechaquartz HAGWEE.
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