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  1. Si - Great watches, straps not so. Hirsch do a cracking carbon top that really makes the watch. Can be bought at www.timefactors.com Rex
  2. My Seiko is like my ex-girlfriend... If I had paid more attention she would still be my girlfriend. It would seem that the watch needs a good charge and then just needs regular top ups. Rex
  3. Hi Garry - Me, I am a red wine man myself. Had a wee look on Google and there is nothing much on the Broadarrow. Though that doesn't put me off. I do love all this watch stuff... Rex
  4. Garry/Roy I cannot disagree on CWC prices, having sold my own G10 Naval Issue... The Broadarrow is certainly better looking and spec'd than the CWC. Are there any reviews on the Net? Next question would be is PVD over SS ? Rex
  5. Garry - I must admit it is on my wishlist. I'd love to know what the differences are, apart from price, between the Broadarrow and CWC equivalent. My only concerns with a quartz are the problems with batteries etc. I do like the G10 type straps but I am currently drawn to Hirsch Carbon Sports, much better fit. Though Rhino are better than the Waterbourne, G10 don't seem quite up to the job by comparison. Thanks, Rex
  6. Hi All I am about to hit my mid-thirties crisis and am in desperate need of advise... With my family's permission, and a long pass, I intend to go for a bicycle tour across/around North Africa/Middle East. Yes, before you say, picked a great time! To use an old Naval expression, I am going to go schooner rigged. I.e. as light weight as possible, but I do want a watch that is up to the job. My current suspects are a Seiko Divers SKX173, Traser S3100 and a Poljot Aviator. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... Rex
  7. Hi Andy - Wore watch all evening and night and it faded at 2pm today. Maybe I just need to be more active! Thanks, Rex
  8. Dear All I have had a Seiko Divers 200m, SKX173 US Model, for 18 months. I cannot fault the watch but for one thing... When I leave it for a day it stops! I don't have the same problem with any of my other autos, Omega, Tissot etc I don't believe it to be a fault, but rather, a 'feature'...do I need to give it a good charge first, I always wind the others. Cannot be done on the 7S26 mvmt. Any advise or guidance much appreciated. Best Regards, Rex
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