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  1. Try a gold Rolex really classy and won't age.
  2. For those of you reading, my Tissot had box and paperwork. These are being faked as well. It is not a guarantee of authenticity.
  3. The one I just got was lower quality in finish, looked ok but much rougher feel on the bracelet. Lower quality movement as well. The dial was fine.
  4. What really irritates me about Tissot (and I hope they're reading this post one day), is that they validated the serial number of my fake watch. Now yes it could have been a genuine one copied onto a fake (personally I doubt it) but where's the effort from this manufacturer to help us check? Tissot's UK shop in London has no official validation procedure, even Rolex who don't like you buying second hand have this. Yes I know the old "buy from an authorised dealer" but I may want to buy second hand, so if that's their only answer they've lost another customer. If it does help others, if you're using Ebay look out for a seller who has Tissot and Seven Friday at low prices. This would suggest fakes are being sold.
  5. Just had to send a very convincing fake automatic back to an eBay seller. Market seems to be flooded with them. Anyone else had a bad experience? I have another one that I now want to get verified, not sure who to take it to. Any ideas? This was new boxed with papers it was well done. Thanks, Tim
  6. Happy to get your opinions! Bracelet I already have, this is basically to save it getting beaten up. What sort of blue would you think? Leather, plain leather, rubber....
  7. Hey all, Just playing with some straps. What do you think? Obviously the original is amazing but it scratches easily. Swaying towards the black one.
  8. I was expecting it to be light but it's not, the metal is obviously solid so there's still weight there. The clasp mechanism isn't as nice as the glide lock but again it's still quality. My understanding is that the gold links can stretch over time, which is the main drawback.
  9. Thanks all, it's a 2003. Has the gold through the bottom of the bracelet. Yeah I chose it, the sunburst dial in real life looks really good. I won't wear it too often as the gold is pretty soft.
  10. Hey all, Well I asked for some advice a few weeks back as to what to buy. Then I saw one of these in the window and knew I had to have one This one has box and paperwork and a Rolex service from a few years back. Lugs are perfect as is the aluminium blue insert. So pretty happy! What do you think?
  11. Not well know but seem very good to me. Saw some in the flesh they're impressive. Anyone own one ?
  12. eBay is full of overpriced items that are not selling. Happens a lot since they don't charge to list. New £5 notes were up for £20k! Ignore the advert the seller is wasting their time.
  13. I have no words for that machine lol Love the Brietling will read up a bit on those.
  14. Haha all good cars are a pain! Not that rich
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