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  1. Right then, Im going to have a day off work next week and go to the london dealers you guy's suggest. I need to get a "feel" for asking prices and conditions then go from there. In truth Id need to see the watch in the flesh from a dealer with a reputation before Id be happy parting with my cash ! Apploigies for posting up the link :unsure:
  2. Bump. Any thoughts chaps on my last post ? Thanks
  3. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270664668791&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT Seen this little one on the bay. Dont know anything about the seller (or the watch) Im new to vintage watches so I could be easily fooled. Any thoughts chaps ? Theres lots of old Omega's about, even Seamasters of various types. What makes this one special, or not so special do you think ? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the help chaps :thumbsup:
  5. Hi all, Been a while since I last posted and I can see the forums had a bit of an update (Wheres the Swiss watch section gone !!!) Anyway, been thinking of getting myself a "birthday" watch for some time, 1965 seamaster might fit the bill. Im up the smoke soon, so does anyone know of any vintage watch dealers I can drop in and have a "relaxing" look at their inventory ? Thanks
  6. I remember buying my Seamaster 5 years ago. The sales guy in Goldsmiths offered 15% discount without me even asking. I eventually bought mine from our host at a slightly better discount ! :good:
  7. Thanks for the replys. Its knowing who to trust that is the problem. My only concern is I have used the watch for regular swimming, so am thinking it could do with new seals and a pressure test at least. But if you go that far should it be serviced as well ????
  8. My SMP auto bought from our host is coming up to 5 years old soon and works just fine. Should I bother getting it serviced or not, and by who? Thanks
  9. Roy, Trying to send you a PM but I get an error message your in-box is full :huh:
  10. Nice to see we all agree then ! I guess what ever you spend it on, it will buy you more than this time last year (apart from Dollars or Euro's :( if your going on holiday)
  11. Hi to all, Just thinking out loud here, but if you had a £1K to invest right now, would you go bottom fishing in the stock market or buy a classic watch :huh:
  12. Hi Chaps, Been a while since i last posted I know. Thing is Ive been thinking about a classic Omega Seamaster from 1965 if possible to go with my SMP of 2005 I bought from Mr RLT. Thing is I dont know anything about buying old watches, whats was made back then, who to trust to buy from etc. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Am I right in thinking they are all about 36/7mm dia in those days? Id like a white face if possible as well. Thanks
  13. pcn1

    Seiko Diver

    Worked a treat. Thanks guy's.
  14. The rotating bezel on my pepsi diver is really stiff to turn. How do you pop it off to clean it out ? Would you put any lubricant there ? Thanks
  15. pcn1

    Cwc G10

    Thanks for the replys. I phoned Silvermans and they told me not to cut it but tuck it back on itself as you suggest. I'll ask Roy how wide his 18mm Nato's are (i.e. are they wider than the 17mm Ive got !) The only funny thing is after a few years of wearing Divers watches and a 40mm dial I bought from Roy, having a smaller watch on the wrist felt a little strange at first. But now its natural and the reason I bought the watch was for a smaller hard wearing Quartz watch to use when out on the motorbike. I think this watch is going to be just fine ! Thanks
  16. pcn1

    Cwc G10

    Well its arrived from Silvermans. First impression is good. The second hand lands exactly on the second marker on the dial !I really went for it as its the "real deal" so to speak and comments on these forums that the MWC was not as good. I find the strap a little strange (my first nylon), its only 17mm wide and can slide on the pins which are 18mm. Ive got small wrists and its very long, are you supposed to cut to the required lengh ? Also instaed of the buckle sitting half way around its more like 3/4 way round ? Any thoughts ? Thanks
  17. Only £5.00 ? Thats good, you dont have a link to the seller do you ? Will I need any tools from Roy to do this job ? Thanks
  18. I guess I should get it re-tested to 200M like new. I can imagine the costs going up on this to the extent It might be wiser just to buy a new watch !
  19. My 4 year old Seiko pepsi diver has had a fair amount of swiming use over the years and Id like to get the seals changed and a new original rubber strap. Can I buy the parts and instructions online ? Should this be done by a watch repair man ? Thanks
  20. Im looking at the Silvermans web site and can't decide between the standard G10 at £79.99 or the 2000 RAF model with date at £99.99 and a free batery change !! Apart from the date window and no battery hatch it says the RAF model has no "TRITIUM" for lume ? What does this mean in the real world ? What would you spend your money on ? Thanks
  21. Bought my seamaster thru Roy, excellent transaction. Drop him a mail.
  22. I do tend to go for clean lines and "under-stated" on many of my possesions in life. Bling just ain't my thing !!!
  23. After a long time of looking for a reasonably priced white dial watch I finally asked Roy to make me a RLT 12 with no pattern on the dial, arabic numerals and a brown chrono deployment clasp strap. It arrived this morning and Im very happy with it. As I work as a maintenance engineer this procludes wearing expensive watches, like my Omega, and I didnt want another £1000 watch I couldn't get to wear very often. As I cant seem to attach a pic from my local pic folder perhaps Roy if your reading you could attach the pic you sent me ? Thanks
  24. Im not a subscriber over there. This is the only watch site Ive ever mailed on cause youre all such a friendly bunch !
  25. From what Ive read on the TF forum the Speedbird 111 is only going to be availible as a black dial ? Its a white dial Im after. Pity as I like the "clean" lines of the watch.
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