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  1. Certainly could and it’s a lovely watch. I was on my annual Christmas singles jaunt to Cyprus a couple of years ago, and one of the guys in the group had a very simple and quite small bracelet watch. Once I got to know him I asked, “Vintage Air-King?” ”I thought I saw you eyeing it up,“ he replied. “You’re the first person who has ever identified it!” He had bought it years earlier from a secondhand dealer for £600. Nice catch. QED.
  2. The one in the picture, I guess. NAIAD, as Alan has pointed out, is the patented locking system on some Omega case backs. In ancient Greek mythology it was a female sprite or water nymph – there were hundreds of them! And it is also one of the moons of Neptune.
  3. Some vintage-inspired designs are worth an update and a refresh, others are not. This one is.
  4. The 36 mm Explorer is probably the best example of a Rolex that goes under the radar. Equally, I suspect that not too many people (unless in the know) would spot a simple, black dialled Submariner. Before I really got into watches I automatically thought of every Rolex as a Datejust. Some watches lend themselves to wider perception more easily than others. My friends all know that I’m into watches, and if I wear the Tank someone will probably say – nice Cartier...they’re pretty easy to spot! The Moonwatch is not so recognisable outside watchie and space-nerd circles, and concerning m
  5. Kon-Tiki 20 (c. early 70s.) Beautiful, Alan!
  6. I’m not a fan myself, but your diatribe is magnificent!
  7. You rang, m’lord? Rolex make some fine watches, to be sure, but as far as ivory towers and castles in the air go they are just a step on the ladder. The problem is that many people think they are the top step on the ladder, so they appeal to the arriviste.
  8. Most aspects of the Black Bay are fine. The hands are completely gross, however, and given that I would have to look at them every time I wanted to see what time it was, it’s a nonstarter.
  9. Sorry, no. Not a Tudor fan. The only one that really struck a chord with me was the Ranger, which was so nice they decided to stop making it.
  10. I like it about as much as any other Tudor I have seen. I’m trying to think what I like most: the pointless bezel; the Roman numerals could have been done by a prep school boy at the back of the Latin lesson; the excrescence at the top of the watch to remind the mentally incontinent what day of the week it is; or the complete absence of anything resembling lugs. I’ll get back to you.
  11. Basically, whatever the watch comes with. It’s part of the package and, as a standalone element, wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me. If it works for me as part of the overall look of the watch then I might be interested. If it doesn’t work for me, I’m out. I haven’t any sandwich dials AFAIK, but I have both applied and painted/printed indices.
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