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  1. @scottswatches I’ve seen a couple of your videos and they are just fine. Alex at Black Bough does them in a similar way.
  2. I am totally nonmathematical Honour, so I’m struggling to see where this is leading. For most of this year it wouldn’t have worked for me, my birthday being in late August. I was born in 1957 and until my birthday if I added 62 onto that it came to 2019. That I see is completely logical. I was 63 last month. Now, let’s take it back a while. I add 14 onto 1957 and I come up with 1971. Sure enough, in August 1971 I celebrated my 14th birthday. Surely that is the case every year, isn’t it? Or am I just being thick? Please be honest.
  3. Fascinating question and an interesting topic. Looking at some of the polls published in the last day or two by @scottswatches I find myself experiencing exactly that. It’s all incredibly clever, and often very beautiful, but does it answer the fundamental question of whether or not I could strap it to my wrist, find appropriate places and occasions to wear it, and actually tell the bloody time at a glance! Good post. You are not alone.
  4. I really don’t think there are any rules about those things anyway.
  5. I have just read up on it and discovered that it has a fusée movement. How very 18th century.
  6. AVO

    Two Plus

  7. AVO

    Mafws Game

    SLEEP Snorting loudly exercises elephants’ probosces. TRUMP
  8. I would agree with that, Scott, mainly because it’s difficult to know what bits of chronometric magic the watch is actually boasting. So I will go purely on looks, and the only one I would be remotely tempted to wear is the Ferdinand Berthoud because it looks like a normal watch. No idea what else it does... The Eccentricity one is well named. I couldn’t cope with a watch that I have to stare at in puzzlement to work out the time. Yes, I know I wear a Meistersinger but that’s easy! The others at least have some form of legible dial, though telling the time seems to be of secondary signifi
  9. Piaget. No question. Though as @Caller. says the GP in blue is lovely.
  10. AVO

    Mafws Game

    CRAZY Cartographer renders all Zambia yellow. ATLAS
  11. AVO

    Two Plus

  12. @JoT Congratulations to you both!
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