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  1. C65 Trident Diver, favourite summer watch complete with fingerprints!
  2. My own thinking on this matter is diametrically opposed to yours in some ways. My best watches (best looking or most valuable) are the ones I wear most because they are the ones that give me the most pleasure. So if I were doing a reduction, which I’m sort of in the process of thinking about doing one day, maybe, in the fullness of time, all things being equal, so to speak, I would be looking to sell off the ones I don’t wear so much initially.
  3. I hope everything is working out well for you. I think the desire to downsize and sell off what is you don’t wear is getting quite common, for whatever reason. It is certainly something I have been thinking of.
  4. Loads of times. Forget to wind it in the morning and it stops by afternoon. I never remember my grandfather’s watch stopping. Every day he would sit by the radio and wait for the 1 pm Greenwich pips. He would wind and set his watch and on the final pip would say “Clon o’wock”. He was a prolific Spoonerist and generally annoying old bloke...I have never met anyone so wedded to routine. Among his favourite foods were chish and fips, acon and beg, pottage kie and boast reef. Oh, and he loved Pistmas Crudding!
  5. Was the clock running? My best guess would be a power reserve indicator for a 40 hour movement.
  6. And eventually, with prospective customers like me, they will reach a tipping point where the prospective customer shrugs his shoulders and says “WTF. I like your watches, especially that one, but if you won’t sell me one, forget it. Bye.” Or maybe not all prospective customers are like me?
  7. All of which, in this “egalitarian” world of ours, serves only to reinforce the old saying: “It ain’t what you know...”
  8. There are five people where I work who wear very good watches. The other four are women. The difference is that whereas I wear several different ones, they wear the same watch every day. Still good though: a couple of Cartiers, a Rolex and an Omega.
  9. Interesting! Thanks for the heads up – might be worth a look next time I’m in London.
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