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  1. This article on the watches is well worth a read. OK, they are not for the likes of us and will probably end up in the safes of wealthy collectors. Beautiful things, though
  2. Beautiful watch. Don’t forget to join the Forum Cartier Owners’ Club. It’s where all the stylish people hang out – they do a very good G&T. I’m drinking one right now. Link to Cartier Owners’ Club
  3. Having said that, the TF Expedition is a really nice looking watch. Predicated on an absolute classic, the A454 developed for the Antarctic expedition led by Vivian Fuchs.
  4. No no no no no no yes. I personally am not the vicar, but I do know her and she’s got a lovely a……!
  5. They use Miyota movements. If you want a Smiths with an English movement, this guy has some superb examples. Smiths Watches (James Merrens) It’s not an Everest, but it a classic 15.12 English movement. It’s why I never wanted a TF “Smiths”. Good hunting!
  6. If you’re worried, let me know when you’re going on holiday and I’ll look after it for you. Dibley isn’t too far from you.
  7. Sometimes one forgets how nice it is to wear a lovely vintage watch when relaxing at home. My 1961 Omega 286 is a dear friend. I should wear it more.
  8. Ah, a perennial WIS question. I used to agonise over this. What to travel in? Diver/beater for the pool? Something smart for the evenings? I have, in the past, taken up to about 4 watches with me and rarely worn some of them. Rethink! Extra watches are a risk. In some resort towns your Rolex/Omega or whatever will be spotted. (@Roxyben - you might be OK on Mull!) Do you trust the hotel safe? How do you carry them? Not in checked baggage for sure. Carry on bag, then. Yes, but they take up space, are separated from you in security (briefly) and may come into contact with phone/iPad in a bag...etc....etc. Solution. One watch. On the wrist at all times. I went on five holidays with the CW Trident GMT. Great all-rounder, performed brilliantly, but in the end I had to admit it was just a bit too big and heavy, so I sold it. I haven't travelled since Christmas and New Year 2019/20 in Cyprus, but next time I go away (hopefully Greece in Sept/Oct) I will take the MeisterSinger Metris. Cool, blue, 200m WR, strap-adaptable. Perfect for a chillax holiday. After all, I only need a vague idea of the time. Breakfast time, beer time, lunch time, siesta time, gin time, dinner time, stagger home time... I'm hoping to go to Cyprus for my usual Xmas/NY jaunt, having missed it last time. In which case it will be very likely to be the UN. Proper travelling watch. Job done!
  9. Good morning, world. It all begins with coffee.
  10. 1. Yes. Last watch I bought. 2. Not necessarily. 3. Not necessarily. 4. Absolutely. Buy the seller.* *Explanation: the purchase was made from a respected and trusted member of this very forum who is in the watch business. I had no worries.
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