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  1. Move to Spain...or France, or come to think of it practically any country that doesn’t speak English.
  2. That’s the way to go. I used to agonise about giving them all a turn, matching the watch with what I was wearing, where I was going etc. ad nauseam. I used to get as far as the front door and change my mind. These days I just pick one and if some get more time than others so be it. Did that for about 17 years with my Omega Polaris. I just kept a beater with a loaded battery in the drawer, ready to go
  3. Speedmaster is spot-on IMHO, or if you like a diver there's plenty in the Seamaster / PO range.
  4. Tell the maid to look for it when she’s cleaning.
  5. Great to see you back. Congratulations on the family augmentation.
  6. Christopher Ward C5 Mk1 on choc alligator Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Burlington Arcade has several, including: The “Vintage Rolex” store; Somlo (Omega); Armour Winston (Cartier); David Duggan (various high end), plus a couple of others. Prices can be eye-watering! Don’t expect any bargains. And they can be a bit uppity if they don’t think you’re a genuine potential buyer. Not far away in Grays Market is Second Time Round. Worth a look.
  8. R&J, Macbeth, Julius Caesar, Henry V, Richard III, Midsummer Night's Dream, As You Like It, Twelfth Night, The Tempest
  9. Gold Cartier Tank Solo watches have 18ct cases and steel backs.
  10. The Buddha taught that it may take many cycles of death and rebirth to attain Nirvana. I have known people who broke free of the cycle and were happy with “the One”. But they were weird. Nice to see this old thread again. I did enjoy writing the OP.
  11. Luck, chérie? I can cope with that but there are two terms that rile me... 1. Exclusive. Makes me cross. Exclusive resort, exclusive offer. Whom do you wish to exclude? No, I think we know... 2. Executive. Makes me vomit. Executive cars, homes, toys and I guess even watches? How far up your own fundament do you need to be to fall for that crap?
  12. It was all going so well until the last sentence.
  13. Ay-men to that. Puts our first-world problems into perspective.
  14. We sure do. To develop an earlier theme, as a working-class lad I grew up envying those with detached houses, estate cars and holidays abroad. My amazing parents supported me into and through a fabulous university, where I immediately discovered that the only thing that "mattered" was where you went to school. So eventually I ended up with a decent house, nice car and holidays abroad, but by then I was envying those who grew up on country estates, went to Eton and had villas in St. Lucia. Such is life, my friends. But I've still got my Cartier.
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