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    Mafws Game

    PARTY Pears and raspberries turn yellow. JUICE
  2. AVO

    Two Plus

  3. @Daveyboyz I am of a similar mind. I used to have a lot of very similar, slightly dressy watches but have been trying to downsize and re-organise the collection, particularly with a view to creating greater diversity. I still keep a few vintages which are, in the way of vintage watches, fairly similar. However, what you see below is my so-called Modern Box. The front row contains the four watches I wear most frequently. I am pleased with the balance and diversity here. The CW Trident diver is a nice simple watch to wear at any time and it’s particularly good on the bracelet in summe
  4. I will go for the Parmigiani, again because it’s relatively normal and legible. But I do so under a flag of protest. I’ve got the ‘ump. How can you have an astronomical collection without the wonderful watches of Christiaan van der Klaauw?? As someone said yesterday...muppets!
  5. We had this exact machine when I was a lad. HMV Stereomaster. I remember being dead jealous of my cousin because they had a Sony Music Centre!
  6. First question: there is no photo of the back plate. Is this gold or steel in colour? If it’s steel then the case itself is likely to be gold plated. If it is gold then the backplate will be hallmarked inside. Obviously again, you will need to have the back taken off. Have a camera ready on macro setting and photograph the movement, especially the numbers and writing. The calibre number (e.g. 186, 605 or whatever) will tell you the actual movement used. There will also be a serial number which can be used via Omega’s database to trace the year of manufacture. Also photograph the hallmark
  7. @scottswatches I’ve seen a couple of your videos and they are just fine. Alex at Black Bough does them in a similar way.
  8. I am totally nonmathematical Honour, so I’m struggling to see where this is leading. For most of this year it wouldn’t have worked for me, my birthday being in late August. I was born in 1957 and until my birthday if I added 62 onto that it came to 2019. That I see is completely logical. I was 63 last month. Now, let’s take it back a while. I add 14 onto 1957 and I come up with 1971. Sure enough, in August 1971 I celebrated my 14th birthday. Surely that is the case every year, isn’t it? Or am I just being thick? Please be honest.
  9. Fascinating question and an interesting topic. Looking at some of the polls published in the last day or two by @scottswatches I find myself experiencing exactly that. It’s all incredibly clever, and often very beautiful, but does it answer the fundamental question of whether or not I could strap it to my wrist, find appropriate places and occasions to wear it, and actually tell the bloody time at a glance! Good post. You are not alone.
  10. I really don’t think there are any rules about those things anyway.
  11. I have just read up on it and discovered that it has a fusée movement. How very 18th century.
  12. AVO

    Two Plus

  13. AVO

    Mafws Game

    SLEEP Snorting loudly exercises elephants’ probosces. TRUMP
  14. I would agree with that, Scott, mainly because it’s difficult to know what bits of chronometric magic the watch is actually boasting. So I will go purely on looks, and the only one I would be remotely tempted to wear is the Ferdinand Berthoud because it looks like a normal watch. No idea what else it does... The Eccentricity one is well named. I couldn’t cope with a watch that I have to stare at in puzzlement to work out the time. Yes, I know I wear a Meistersinger but that’s easy! The others at least have some form of legible dial, though telling the time seems to be of secondary signifi
  15. Piaget. No question. Though as @Caller. says the GP in blue is lovely.
  16. AVO

    Mafws Game

    CRAZY Cartographer renders all Zambia yellow. ATLAS
  17. @JoT Congratulations to you both!
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