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  1. I keep them pinned to the inside of my beige mackintosh.
  2. Idée fixe. @bdalg1 i’m not a fan of green watches, but the one you showed us would look very good in blue.
  3. I have a feeling that, since you are asking the question, you are unsure in your own mind. I also have a feeling that you wanted everyone to say No, It Looks Fine. Well, you did ask for opinions so...too big.
  4. Didn’t Sigourney Weaver have a run in with that thing in Alien? Perfect example of Ars Gratia Artis.
  5. Brilliant, @Roy. The forum has become much more fun to use and navigate recently. Great work, and thank you.
  6. How much would I spend given unlimited funds? Probably not as much as some might imagine. I would want a beautiful looking, beautifully made and finished watch with a superb movement that did the job really well in terms of precision and accuracy. I am not interested in: Precious metals and jewels. I don't mind yellow gold, but I'm much happier with steel these days. Too many complications. Keep it simple. Perhaps a date, or a chronograph or GMT for the right watch. I don't want one of these things that has 25 complications of which I wouldn't use 20 and wouldn't understand 10. "Ars Gratia Artis". Some of the really high-end watches are an amazing tour-de-force ("because we CAN"), but a lot of them look hideous and often it takes some time to work our how to actually tell what time it is. I'll spend under £20k and have one of these. Or I'll spend less than £10k on one of these:
  7. Two very nice straps, the black and yellow ray is fabulous.
  8. All was going well until French secret agent Raymond Weil (Kad Mérad) and the new head of MI6 Sir Christopher Ward (Benedict Cumberbatch) got involved. That’s a nice profile!
  9. Someone is having a pretty good day. I do like the Orient and the Dreyfuss. I wonder whether Dreyfus ate gâteau St-Honoré on Devils Island? Somehow I doubt it.
  10. My fault. I referenced it in @Bricey ‘s “Busy Week SOTC” Thread.
  11. One of these. Vintage Tissot Navigator World Timer.
  12. We have had a number of threads recently that focus on people’s buying habits. Recognising that we are all at different stages in this journey, and that many of us have different aspirations and budgets, I thought I would pose this question. Supposing you were given a reasonably substantial sum of money (let’s say £6000 as a ballpark figure) with the condition that you had to spend it on a watch or watches. How would you go about it? Would you buy half a dozen reasonably good, midpriced watches, would you spend half of it on one watch and the rest on two or three others, or would you put it all on one special watch? Equally, you could of course buy 30 watches for £200 each. It’s up to you. At the stage I find myself in at the moment, I would definitely be looking at Option Three. I have in the past received a couple of bequests and have bought special memento watches out of the funds, but there were obviously never any conditions attached. And I think I would probably be looking at the pre-owned market nowadays for something of really extraordinary quality. If I’m going to buy a watch at all from here on in, it will need to be something pretty special. As I said, completely theoretical. What do you think?
  13. I think many people bounce around between stages 3-5. I did so for years. I somehow seem to have got past that and I’m now bouncing between 5 and 6, though heading quite determinedly towards 6.
  14. The bracelet on this is superb for warm summer days like today, especially if it’s a bit humid in the morning. Five position ratchet, open it up a notch, swill it under the cold tap, and away you go.
  15. Some people are definitely on Stage Four of the Journey. The Seven Ages of WIS
  16. Much of this is very similar to what I was going to write. I haven’t bought a quartz watch for a long time and I don’t envisage buying another. As to automatic or manual wind, it depends entirely on the watch itself. Again, I would have a slight preference for manual but it doesn’t matter all that much. Regarding the price, I could never be sure that I would put a ceiling on it, and equally I would be aware that at certain price levels I should start to feel uncomfortable. I have on a couple of occasions come close to buying something only to stop myself in my tracks and consider whether I was really prepared to pay that kind of sum for that watch, or indeed any watch. That said, my habits have changed. A few years ago I used to spend a lot of time buying relatively cheap, mainly vintage, watches. I was very much into quantity over quality, if truth be known. However, over the last five years or so I have averaged one purchase per year, and in one case I went for almost two years without buying a watch. Going forward, I’m very happy with my collection, I need to sell a few rather than buy any more, and I think I’m only likely to be interested in superb watches from superb brands. But I’ll keep my own counsel over price limits because you never know what might turn up.
  17. @yokel i’m not a Rolex owner and never have been, but they are not alone in this kind of shenanigans. My Cartier (coming up for 5 years) is definitely in need of a new strap. No doubt they would gladly fit it were I to send my watch to Cartier for a service. As it is a fairly standard movement I intend, when I judge the time right, to send it to a local BHI watchmaker. I have indicated to them that I am perfectly capable of fitting a strap for myself, but they would still prefer that I send my watch away for between six and eight weeks to get a strap fitted. You would not believe the hoops they are trying to make me jump through just to get a bloody strap. Some of these companies are well and truly inserted into their own fundament.
  18. Always good to see a collection that’s “starting out”. Where do you see it ending up?
  19. You don't need an excuse. I have a Cartier Tank Solo (auto, not solar) and it wears just as well with t-shirt and jeans as with a suit. Oh, and it averages under +2 s/d and has done for 5 years.
  20. Final day of the successful experiment.
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