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  1. Well, I wouldn’t but then I’m not you. If it floats your boat, lights your candle and generally stirs your horological loins, then you should bite the bullet, pull the trigger, and generally jump all over that bad boy, then hope you bond with it and don’t have to flip it as a catch and release after the honeymoon period. (I tried to get as many stupid watchie type clichés into that sentence as I could think of) PS. Don’t try to bite the bullet and pull the trigger at the same time. The results are generally quite predictable and rather unfortunate.
  2. @Bricey When I was posting about Ulysse Nardin in your other thread it occurred to me that your Redentore shares its name with a famous church in Venice, and so does my San Marco.
  3. Bravo, sir. It probably won’t last, but at least we are making a good early showing. I used to have exactly that model, but I moved it on after a couple of years as I found it rather big and heavy.
  4. @Pete wilding Looks like CW GMTs and Seiko divers are level for the moment!
  5. Probably too strong a term. Dislike, sure, but despise, hate, loathe are probably not terms I would use either to describe watches. However, I can think of a brand that polarises my reactions: Ulysse Nardin. (My opinion only, but) Sublime… Not sublime… This (my watch) Current version now looks like this… The Dual Time is not BAD, and it’s certainly a more modern iteration. But I definitely prefer my San Marco. The current watches are all rather large, as well.
  6. Lovely dial, though I would have to agree with you chaps that the case looks poorly finished. Interesting name for a watch…”Redeemer” I suspect that as it’s Meccaniche Veneziane it’s named after the Santissimo Redentore (Most Holy Redeemer) which is a well-known and rather beautiful church in Venice. My (rather lapsed) inner Catholic would like it for that reason, but I shall refrain.
  7. Skagen is something you should see a Danish GP about.
  8. I wouldn’t take you down Prince of Wales Road in Norwich on a Friday night, then.
  9. The C5 Malvern 595 was 5.95 mm The earlier C5 Malvern Slimline was 8.65 mm. Both hand wound. Both no longer in production, sadly so second-hand only.
  10. I like that! Lovely dial and cool bracelet trick!
  11. As one of our members once put it in his signature: Life Is Too Short to Wear a Crap Watch.
  12. Bites yer bum then its offspring explodes out of your stomach and goes chasing Sigourney Weaver (like I wouldnt do!)
  13. Well, as with all of these threads I suppose I could, as an exercise in web trawling, but why would I want to?
  14. Exquisite! Your mother certainly has taste. Clearly in the genes.
  15. Good point. Just go to the Caribbean and lie on a sun lounger from November to February. That’s pretty uncomplicated.
  16. Well I only bought mine in the summer, but I reckon a south facing bedroom window will keep it charged even in December. It also picks up the radio signal there.
  17. If it can march, salute, shoot straight and whistle Colonel Bogey I’m in! Do you have any for sale? Will I find them if I click that cunningly disguised little link?
  18. Of course, most of us on here are not looking to start a collection. If anything, we have the opposite problem.
  19. Strictly speaking, British Royal Marines slang for a long distance march with a load on your back. Not really what I do obviously, but when I was on pilgrimage I walked over the Pyrenees and other mountains with 10 or 11 kg on my back. A couple of us on the walk used the term “yomping” and it has kind of stuck with me ever since for any kind of hike. Apologies to any former or present serving personnel. My version is definitely “yomping lite”.
  20. Purely for gym, golf, yomping, camping, barbecuing and other rufty-tufty stuff, you understand.
  21. Skeleton hands, snowflake hands, crown and date at 4 o’clock. All things would put me off, but I would probably go for the GS because otherwise it’s a nice looking watch and I like GMTs. But like others, I’d probably be looking elsewhere. Not quite sure where in that price range though.
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