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  1. pretty much sold everything as i had too much money sitting about. but thinking about looking at something new very soon.
  2. Docta13

    Song Titles Game

    crazy little thing called love. queen
  3. Moncler and stone island at the minute for me, can't get enough!!
  4. Are you on drugs! Why would you want to do it to yourself? New lexus v's shitty old roller imho there is no argument
  5. I wouldn't say that, I have one also and apart from the functions mentioned above it is also a dedicatited sports watch. Then couple that up with garmin connect and you have one rugged yet durable peice of tech that I believe tops them all. There really is no better for what what it is intended. Any other other smart watch to me is just an exit on of a phone but this can excel all by itself. Don't forget the golf setting, lol (although I do no play golf)
  6. At 750k that's one expensive sponsor
  7. Richard Mille, i believe it's his own model
  8. I've been looking at those c63s for a while now
  9. Why do all these threads go the same way? No one here has to justify anything to anyone else.it's just a watch forum not a proving ground Anyway back on topic. Money aside the tudor is a far superior watch to the steiny. Just holding them together you will feel it.
  10. I would imagine that most company's do that, I'm sure 2 mil is nothing to the overall picture.
  11. Could you imagine how boring life would be if we all liked the same stuff
  12. I wanted something different that's why I bought mine, build quality is spot on and I wear mine all the time. Very rare that I come across anyone else with one
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