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  1. Thanks for replies. What got me worried is the fact that when I got the watch (~8 months ago) I was able to wind ~30-40 times quite easily. It's hard to explain but the crown would twist fairly freely (it maybe would start to get stiff towards the 30-40 turn). Now, after only few months, when watch is stopped and I want to wind it ... on 15th turn of the crown it starts to go really stiff. Crown twists are also not smooth, it's very hard to explain this. Really what got me worried is the fact that at beginning I could wind 40 times and it felt OK, now after only 15th times, crown turns are quite stiff. I'm leaning towards sending it back to TAG and let them look at it, while it's still in warranty.
  2. I was advised on the purchase of the watch that I should be manually winding it by turning the crown approx 40 times. It seemed a lot but that is what I've been doing. Recently by the time I get to the 15th turn, it seems very very stiff. So took it back to the shop and was adviced that 40 times is way too many and it should be only wound 15-20 times max. Now, this is both automatic and manual wind. So what I do is to wind it 15 times on Saturday and then wear it for most of the day, on next day I just use automatic spring to wind it. By the end of the week (Friday) I noticed that watch stopped overnight. It kind of feels that it shouldn't. Basically, the automatic spring should keep the watch ticking for at least 24 hrs (manual says power reserve 38 hours). So what am I missing? Could I somehow damage the watch by overwinding it in the first place? (mind you it should have the over-wind protection, right?) When I purchased the watch I was able to do 40 turns of the crown, now it only seems I can make 15-20 max... Obviously, I do not want to try more in fear of breaking something. Movement is a Selita SW200-1 and watch is still on the warranty so I wonder if I should return it to the shop?
  3. Make sure you install some form of antivirus software too. Anything free nowadays is good enough (free Avast or free AVG is fine). On top of that install software called: Malwarebytes (again you can install free version for home use). It is easy to use and IMHO the best remover of all sorts of nasty things (viruses, trojans, nasty cookies, go go search engines and such). It doesn't work like real-time antivirus (hence you need one in first place) but you can scan your system (let's say once a month) to get rid of any potential infections.
  4. If this is Android phone you should be able to go to: Settings -> Data Usage and there should be a list of all your apps and how much data they use.
  5. It was meh which is a shame! Could be made so much better. Get rid of Evans - he maybe is funny on the radio but on that Top Gear he came over as over enthusiastic teenage girl who overdose on amphetamine! In that place employ Guy Martin - a genuine petrol head, and a funny lad Keep LeBlanck as the on set dummy - he actually was the best of all the cast Put guests in reasonable cars who at least have minimal idea why they are there. Jessie Eisenberg felt like he simply didn't even know why he is there in first place?! Overall, it wasn't all that gloomy but with combination of utter boring Reliant challenge, clueless guests and Chris Evans being terrible ... it just ruined the show completely. .. ahd and one more thing. If we all watched old Top gear to see the old cast and less cars.. make new Top Gear with more emphasis on the cars.
  6. Hah my skx007 have only blobs, no numbers at all, so I'm safe
  7. Since time is represented by 24 hours in a day it is only logical to have a 24 hour dial on a watch. Yes, good part of the world is using AM/PM system (mainly UK/US/Australia and former UK colonies) but rest is using 24 hour way of telling time. There is a cool image from Windows localisation about number of countries using am/pm setting in their windows settings: I have to say it took me quite a while to get used to AM/PM way of telling time. Thought, even after 10 years of living in UK I'm still unsure which one is AM and which one is PM when describing midnight or noon! :p
  8. Well it's been awhile since I've looked at Thunderbird but sometime in 2015 there was a Devs decision to redirect Mozilla resources into Firefox project, meaning end of life to Thunderbird. Not sure what the story is now, but with the offspring of "cloud" based systems and smartphones. Old desktop email clients are slowly dying. Things like Thunderbird and even Outlook were designed ages ago.. and truth is they should stay there. Well that is the geeks/nerds opinion... obviously your friendly accountant or HR lady will disagree! Anyhow if you are after a modern Thunderbird equivalent (and not Microsoft Outlook) look no further than "EM Client"... amazing product! Thought, as a techy I would recommend everyone to just get familiar with web browser access to your emails (and access through smartphone).
  9. Could this link help with your issue: http://www.oxfordsbsguy.com/2013/01/15/how-to-open-internet-explorer-10-in-desktop-mode-on-windows-8/ Unless you refer to web browser called Edge which is the latest offering from Microsoft and shares a very similar logo - which confused a lot of people. Thought I am not sure if that's available on Windows 8 (it should be Windows 10 featured web browser) - thought who knows Microsoft! Internet Explorer used to be really bad, yes. Especially version 6 and 7 was terrible. But the recent stuff is half decent. I wouldn't go as far as saying it's "highly unsafe security-safe" but it has it's share in compatibility field. You can (or even should) install Google Chrome instead or Mozilla Firefox - you will not have any issues with these browsers. Other browser are fine too, like Opera. In fact I am testing a new web browser called Vivaldi, which came out today in it's first stable version. Thought stick to Chrome or Firefox for now.
  10. New look of classifieds is amazing! Well done!
  11. What about the Creative GigaWorks T40 Series II ? These are similar price to the Bose ones but I would say much better sound overall. I have both T20 and T40 and for what you pay they deliver quite a lot.
  12. Something suggested many years ago but I believe Roy knocked it on the head. I for one would be more than happy to pay a membership fee. I kind of disagree with that, if you introduce paid membership how are you going to get new members? In the end of the day it is a forum and people should be able to browse for information (regardless if they contribute or not). If cost of running a forum is an issue maybe introduce a "DONATE " button, where members will be able to make a one off donation or signup for a monthly subscription. I have seen such things on few forums... It also gives sellers/buyers opportunity to introduce special offers (If you donate XY to forum you can get this item at a reduced price, etc...)
  13. It is so much quicker now! .. I too was getting withdrawal symptoms! It's glad to have the forum back :)
  14. Off course it is magic, it stops vampires almost as good as a wooden stake...
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