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  1. Hi all, Another arrived here up north. Smashing thing, too good to wear? now there is a familiar heard quandary. Thanks Paul D
  2. I've had one got it as part of 25yrs on the Railway, a colleague got one at exactly the same presentation. They both stopped and refused to go again within a week of each other after 4 years. A great watch while they worked. Paul
  3. This is mine, harsh ride though, that is because of those damned low profile tyres, keep clear of those. They are solidly built start easy and willing puller once you've got some revs in it. The space is great especially on the long wheelbase. The rear legroom is unmatched in any other car of its class. My only quibble is the lack of cruise control.
  4. Interesting! Would you know if it's for the Winter Games (Innsbrück) or the Summer Games (Montreal)? That's what Bill ( and myself for that matter :) ) is trying to research. Great watch - looks to be in minty condition! My guess is the summer games, the winter games where in February, the watch was made in 1976, i would think if they had been for the winter ones the date would have been a 75? It is in superb condition - unmarked except for the battery cover, it still has the original sealant around the case back, it does not run, i am unsure of the correct battery. Paul D
  5. 4 years earlier they did this one, it is a ladies and in top condition
  6. This is mine, put together with bits, all XT all 2nd hand off the bay. There are bargains to be had. Paul D
  7. As with any family history, never take anything as seen, the Edwardians loved a posed photo with props. It could well have been his but things need to be in context, look at the 1901 and 1911 census, was he upwardly mobile, what servants did he have where was he living? Was there a studio name on the back of the photo? Family history is great. Paul D
  8. It looks a fine movement, hope you get the other photos up. There are some experts on pocket watches here so information should be forthcoming. Welcome Paul D
  9. Edited - thought better of it Paul D
  10. Same article robbed by the Times but with other Presidents taste. Times online Paul D
  11. Watches are superb but display backs and skeleton apart we do not really appreciate the beauty of the movement. This on the other hand, and as lovely as the box is, would look great in glass. I could be hooked. In fact i'm going to eb*y clocks now!
  12. Learnt to drive in a Datsun 120Y, first car I owned was a Vauxhall FD Victor, bench seat and huge space.
  13. Looks like an honest sale, doesn't mention it as a ploprof. The cynic says maybe a clever ploy? Paul
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